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Zumba-fitness slimming and strengthening muscles

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Zumba-fitness slimming and strengthening muscles
The contents

  • The pros and cons fitness training
  • The types of Zumba for weight loss
  • Features fitness activities

Zumba — a new and effective direction of fitness, which is based on dance moves. A few years ago, the choreographer from Colombia, Roberto Perez developed this system of training, which can be used to enhance weight loss, to tone the muscles of the whole body and make the figure slimmer and more attractive.

The pros and cons fitness training

Zumba provides a quality aerobic exercise on the human body, so with the help of these fitness activities can be achieved such positive results:

  • to normalize and strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • to train the respiratory system and lungs to develop;
  • to stimulate the efficient, safe and stable weight loss;
  • to improve the functioning of the musculoskeletal system;
  • to strengthen muscle tissue;
  • increase endurance;
  • to develop flexibility and plasticity;
  • to improve the coordination of movements;
  • to develop a sense of balance and rhythm;
  • to normalize the nervous system, relieve tension, improve stress resistance and performance.

Additional advantages of fitness training in the technique of Zumba are the following factors:

  • engage can people of any gender and all ages;
  • no need to purchase additional sports equipment for fitness;
  • Zumba requires no specific athletic skills and a high level of physical training;
  • conduct fitness training in organized groups under the guidance of an experienced instructor, and individually, as well as at home, independently studying the basic principles and movements of Zumba training’s video tutorials.

Of course, the benefits and advantages of fitness classes at Zumba technique are impressive and make you want to start training immediately. But in spite of this, before you buy a subscription to a Zumba class, you need to ensure that there are no contraindications to such intense physical activity for weight loss. People with at least one of the following contraindications should not engage in Zumba, and it is better to find another, more benign, direction of fitness:

  • serious irregularities in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • back pain, spinal column and joints caused by different diseases;
  • pregnancy and the period of menstruation in women;
  • the period of rehabilitation after abdominal surgery and other surgical interventions.

The types of Zumba for weight loss

Zumba has several areas, so anyone who wants to join this fashion mind fitness training may find a suitable class:

  • Zumba kids — a set of dance movements, designed for children aged 6 years.

This kind of Zumba helps to improve the child’s body, develop the muscles of a child, to increase the overall physical activity to burn off excess energy. Systematic fitness classes teach children to feel their own body and possess them develop a habit of compulsory physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Zumba Bazik.

This type of Zumba is designed for entry-level training consists of basic dance training movements and ligaments. People who want to achieve weight loss with Zumba, it is recommended to start with this species.

  • Zumba Gold.

Exercises this kind of Zumba is focused on elderly people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, caused by age-related stiffness. These fitness classes help seniors to improve health, increase physical activity and significantly improve the quality of life.

  • Zumbatomic.

The program loads this type of Zumba is designed for family training sessions, which may include parents and their teenage children.

  • Step-Zumba — high-intensity and energy-consuming.

Fitness training this program quickly and efficiently strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, hips and lower extremities, as well as several other major groups of muscles, develop endurance and help to lose excessive fat.

  • Aqua Zumba is the newest form of Zumba.

Trainings are conducted in water, which greatly increases the effectiveness of slimming and performance of muscle training.

Features fitness activities

In order to achieve quick weight loss and obtain the maximum benefit for the body from training, you should consider the following features:

  • each workout lasts less than an hour, so beginners may be difficult to sustain the intensive pace of classes during this time period. In this case, the duration of the exercise for weight loss can be reduced and complete it 20 minutes early. Doing the first time only for 30-40 minutes, you can very quickly improve your level of fitness and stamina, and after a few weeks to fully work together with the entire core group;
  • the scheme of each Zumba-training for weight loss is universal and is a sequence such training blocks: the warm-up part, repetition of movements, developed previously, the study of new material, the refinement and consolidation of new exercise movements, a complete repetition of the dance, a hitch;
  • proper breathing is an important condition for the effectiveness and safety of the fitness workouts. It is very important to maintain a uniform breathing rhythm, so the body had enough oxygen during intense physical activity, and there was no shortness of breath. You should breathe evenly, breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth;
  • if you experience feelings of thirst to drink water in small quantities and in small SIPS;
  • dance moves you need to perform the straining muscles and press your back tall, as well as to constantly monitor your own body, making every move consciously.
  • to do Zumba to lose weight need on a regular basis — 2-3 times a week, gradually increasing the intensity and complexity of dance movement.

Choosing the right direction and following the above simple guidelines, you will quickly lead your body shape and style.

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