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Zumba fitness for weight loss: use and benefits of exercises

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Zumba fitness for weight loss: use and benefits of exercises
The contents

  • The history of Zumba and features fitness activities
  • The benefits of Zumba and its benefits for weight loss
  • Tips for exercise / dance

Women who decided to fight with excess weight, are often faced with the problem of choosing appropriate exercise. Often individual preferences are contrary to or not suitable for medical reasons. In this situation, you can pay attention to Zumba — a new dance fitness trend, which has virtually no contraindications, does not require special physical training and actively encourages effective weight loss.

The history of Zumba and features fitness activities

Zumba, as a fitness trend has recently appeared. Its founder is a Colombian choreographer Beto Perez, working with many world celebrities. Its innovation lies in the use as a high-intensity cardio dance moves borrowed from Latin American and some other areas of dance.

The main feature of Zumba is that her dance moves well combined with exercise. In the used interval training and other high intensity techniques. Such combined load allows to achieve fast and effective results in the process of building a leaner, slimmer physique.

Duration of Zumba class is usually 45-60 minutes. This is enough time to stimulate the process of weight loss. However, after training does not occur so very tired, like after an hour run. This effect is achieved by alternating the intensity and nature of loads that allows the body to slightly recover during fitness classes.

The benefits of Zumba and its benefits for weight loss

In doing Zumba dominated by cardio, therefore they have the following common to all aerobic physical exercises benefit to the body:

  • strengthening the muscles of the heart and blood vessels, which leads to the improvement of the circulatory system;
  • increases lung capacity and develops the entire breathing apparatus;
  • the body is saturated with oxygen and accelerates the metabolism, resulting in an improvement of all systems and organs, including the Central nervous system and brain;
  • consumed a large amount of calories (600 to 1000 depending on the intensity of the load and individual characteristics of the organism), so there is a quick and healthy weight loss;
  • the musculature of the whole body comes to tone;
  • improving the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.
  • a proper posture;
  • increases the stamina and flexibility of the body;
  • improves hormonal balance and emotional state;
  • occurs prevention of many diseases and, primarily, those that develop due to a lack of physical activity.

Zumba as a way of providing effective physical stress on the body has a number of competitive advantages over fitness classes that use other techniques and sports direction:

  • dance Zumba can people of both sexes regardless of age. This kind of physical activity available to all who want to heal the body, improve shape and get pleasant emotions;
  • fitness classes have virtually no medical contraindications. An exception may be only severe health problems, for example, acute cardiac, pulmonary or renal failure, diabetes at later stages, and others. Ailments associated with exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute inflammation and infection of the organism by viruses or infections are also temporary contraindications;
  • to perform a dance and exercise Zumba can as a group and independently at home, using videotapes. The effectiveness of the work hasn’t reduced;
  • to start doing Zumba, you don’t need to have a high level of physical development, any special sporting skills or extensive experience in the fitness;
  • unlike many cardio exercises, providing the load on the muscles of certain parts of the body, the physical exercises performed during the classes Zumba, can evenly work all the major muscle groups of the body.

Tips for exercise / dance

To extract the maximum benefit from the classes and to speed up the process of weight loss, beginners in this fitness trend should make use of the advice of more experienced Zumba lovers:

  • you must train regularly, doing 2-3 times a week. The only way to achieve a visible result of weight loss and to feel the positive impact of exercise on the body;
  • dress for a workout so you need to have an unforgettable experience. The form of dance should not restrict movement or to deliver any other discomfort. In addition, the sports clothing should absorb sweat abundantly released during classes, Zumba, and print it out;
  • drinking water during exercise is possible and necessary, without waiting for an acute sense of thirst. But the throat should be small so that the stomach filled with water did not hinder the work;
  • performing exercises necessary to work all parts of the body. All movements should be done with maximum amplitude, to spend more calories and therefore faster to achieve weight loss;
  • to start with Zumba with mastering the simple movements, performing the function of a base. Gradually, after gaining base, it is possible to complicate the work, including training more complex bundles of movement;
  • doing Zumba to lose weight, you should make adjustments to eating habits, reducing its calories to a daily value and subordinating it to the principles of healthy eating. In such circumstances, the body will be forced to actively use your fat cells as a backup energy source;
  • hesitate and kompleksuya, it is impossible to achieve the maximum slimming effect, so you need to be liberated and to work with utmost dedication without thinking about calories, and enjoy the training process.

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