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Zumba fitness: dance workout for weight loss

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Zumba fitness: dance workout for weight loss
The contents

  • Features dance fitness
  • The benefits of training on the methodology Zumba
  • Disadvantages and contraindications
  • The main directions of Zumba-fitness
  • The scheme of the dance training
  • Methods of effective training for intensive weight loss

Moderate exercise not only allow you to maintain good physical form and give a charge of vivacity and good mood. Fitness classes have long ceased to be the monotonous repetition of the same exercises. Modern fitness industry is growing rapidly and offers a wide range of diverse activities. Most classes do not require special training and will suit the contractor of any age. One of these is Zumba fitness.

Zumba or Dance Fitness is a new sport that is rapidly gaining universal popularity. It is a symbiosis of incendiary dances and the most effective exercises for the body, so it provides a comprehensive load on all muscle groups. Classes are held in the energetic Latin music. This kind of fitness is especially effective for weight loss: during a single workout you can burn on average 700-900 calories.

The idea of dance fitness belongs to a Colombian choreographer Roberto Perez. He has put into her life 17 years ago, in 2001. Today, Zumba has truly conquered the world: dance fitness classes have been held in over 180 countries. The rhythms of Zumba training around the globe.

Features dance fitness

Rhythmic, vigorous motion under dynamic music activates all muscle groups and bring them in tone. During classes at the same time working almost all body parts: from head to toe. So the workout program Zumba provide tangible aerobic exercise to the entire body.

Classes last about one hour and take place in a continuous intense pace. During this time the body is actively start the process of burning fat and efficiently worked out a muscular corset. The body becomes fit, flexible, and skin more elastic.

With this training program you can get rid of excess weight, eliminate problem areas, and visible skin flaws: sagging, cellulite, visibly tighten the body.

The benefits of training on the methodology Zumba

Systematic training dance fitness allows you to:

  • strengthen the muscular corset;
  • to accelerate weight loss and lose weight;
  • to bring the body in shape;
  • to increase the flexibility and coordination to make the movements of plasticity;
  • to organize the work of the heart and blood vessels;
  • to simulate the surface topography of the body;
  • to increase the mobility of joints and ligaments;
  • stabilize metabolic processes in the body, accelerate metabolism;
  • to normalize the psycho-emotional background, increase resistance to stress.

Zumba is not like the usual fitness training at the gym. This energetic dances, giving positive emotions — pleasant way of doing sports. Exercises can be performed independently at home under video lessons, and group classes in the fitness club.

Disadvantages and contraindications

On the downside, the technique can be attributed only increased the intensity of workouts. Not every rookie can withstand the frantic pace of Latin dances. And for some people this rhythm is generally contraindicated. To refrain from such loads should pregnant women, people with cardiovascular diseases, and injuries of musculoskeletal system, disorders of the respiratory system. Severe stage of venous disease and hypertension also becomes a barrier to such intense training.

The main directions of Zumba-fitness

To learn Zumba, everyone can. There are several varieties of dance fitness programs designed for different age and fitness levels of trainees. The most popular areas include:

  • Basic.

Specially prepared course for beginners. With its help it is easy to understand the specifics of direction to learn the basic exercises and basic steps. It seamlessly prepares the body to heavy loads, and after mastering you can move to more advanced training programs.

  • Gold.

The course is for people the “Golden” age of 50+ who want to continue to enjoy life, be cheerful and fun.

  • Zumbini and Zumba Kids.

Programs for young athletes: from 1 to 3 years, and from 4 to 8 years, respectively. Classes are held in a slot format for a fun music and help kids vent excess energy during active movements, learn to control your body, to breathe, to feel the rhythm.

  • Zumbatomic.

The program is designed for family training parents and their teenage children.

  • Step.

Powerful interval training, max engages all groups of muscle fibers. The load is focused on the lower body: hips, buttocks, legs.

  • Aqua.

The complex dance elements performed in the pool.

  • Zumba Toning.

Energy-intensive dance program focusing on the study of specific problem areas. Training is complicated by the presence in the hands of the weighting in the form of small dumbbells, to stimulate more intensive weight loss.

Each direction has its own specific features and benefits. Pick the program that’s right for your goals, but look at the level of their physical training.

The scheme of the dance training

The training program builds on the basic Zumba dance movements and specific exercises aimed at the elaboration of those or other target muscle groups.

The lesson consists of several stages:

  • warm-up unit;
  • repetition of previously learned movements;
  • the development of new items.
  • a mix of old combinations and just learned movements in a single dance;
  • a full-fledged dance number.

Methods of effective training for intensive weight loss

During class it is extremely important to control your breathing. It should be deep and uniform. Try to breathe out your mouth, and inhale through the nose. Follow your own body during the execution of dance elements. The back must remain straight, and press in suspense.

Pick up training is fun, energetic music, giving a bright, positive mood. Clothing for fitness should be comfortable and comfortable, not constrain movements and not to distract from the dance practice.

Ideally, Zumba workout should be without stops and interruptions. In order not to lose the rhythm, follow all the movements on the account.

There is nothing to worry, if at first some combinations will fail to execute properly or will not be able to learn the entire sequence of elements. The important thing in Arabic — good mood and uncontrollable desire to dance.

Regular Zumba will allow you to maintain the body in an optimum form, and attitude at the highest level. Thanks to this fitness trend dream to lose weight easily and with pleasure became a reality.

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