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Zumba fitness: benefits and tips for physical activity

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Zumba fitness: benefits and tips for physical activity
The contents

  • The benefits and drawbacks of the dance physical exertion
  • The types and structure of the Zumba fitness workouts
  • Recommendations for the gym

Zumba — dance exercise, which includes elements of aerobics and energetic dancing. Is a fitness trend in recent time is gaining popularity among fans of active lifestyles and people who want to get rid of extra pounds. Due to its efficiency in reducing excess weight and strengthen the muscles of the whole body Zumba has become a tool with which you can vary the usual aerobic exercise or completely replace the standard fitness training with the cardio.

The benefits and drawbacks of the dance physical exertion

Regular fitness classes, which are based on training movements Zumba can have such positive effects on the body:

  • there is a rapid and effective weight loss, due to the fact that the body is a quality aerobic exercise, which activates the process of lipolysis — breakdown of fat cells. Moreover, this dance locomotor activity by itself is fairly energy intensive, so using classes Zumba you can lose weight in short time;
  • strengthens muscles of the entire body. Of course, most of the physical load falls on the lower part of the body, but Zumba is constructed in such a way that muscles and other parts of the body come in tone;
  • develop the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • increases endurance of the body;
  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, decreases swelling and congestion;
  • normal functioning of the nervous system, increases stress, decreases emotional stress;
  • through fitness classes based on the Zumba decrease the appearance of cellulite;
  • formed a beautiful posture, improved gait, all movements are smooth and graceful;
  • develops a sense of rhythm and coordination of movements.

Despite the benefits of fitness training in dance technique Zumba, gritty and intense physical activity has a number of disadvantages that you must consider before you register for classes Zumba:

  • it is not recommended to do Zumba people that have serious problems with heart and joints, and pregnant women;
  • physical loads exerted on the body during Zumba classes, are not able to stimulate an increase in muscle mass;
  • a ticket to visit the Zumba classes are usually more expensive than a gym membership with a standard set of services;
  • beginners can be difficult to learn the dance moves, so they can feel awkward during fitness workouts.

The types and structure of the Zumba fitness workouts

Fitness classes based on dance may differ by intensity of stress and wear as follows:

  • classic workouts.

Are a complex energetic training movements borrowed from different dance styles and performed in sequence;

  • Zumba-continental.

This kind of Zumba is practically no different from the classic version of this direction of fitness and is designed for multi-purpose audience of people who want with the help of such physical exertion to get rid of extra pounds, tone muscles and improve health;

  • tone-Zumba.

These sessions are intended to tone muscles of a particular body part or deliberately work out the problem area;

  • fitness classes on the basis of Zumba in a circular technique.

Such exercises represent a systematic alternation of aerobic dance and exercise movements;

  • Aqua Zumba®.

Which is held in the water;

  • interlocked and Zumba-kids.

Exercise, exercise which is specifically designed for toddlers up to 4 years and children aged 4 to 12 years, respectively;

  • step-Zumba.

This species is characterized by a combination of Zumba dance moves with elements of step aerobics, which are performed on special stable platforms with adjustable height;

  • Zumba-gold.

Physical activity in this direction Zumba meet the opportunities and needs of people in adulthood.

Zumba in organized groups lasted 45 to 60 minutes, have a standard structure and consists of the following training blocks:

  • Warm-up, which typically comprises a light fitness classes aimed at acceleration of heart rate, increased circulation, warm up muscle tissues, increase joint mobility and stretching of muscle fibers.
  • The repetition of the basic dance moves and dance previously learned.
  • Development of new exercise movements and equipment in their dance chords.
  • A main unit that includes the dance. This part
  • Hitch — the final block. It is intended to restore cardiac and respiratory rhythms, as well as stretching of the muscles to activate them in the recovery.
  • Recommendations for the gym

    To get all the benefits of Zumba anyway, to have on the body most effective exercise and make workouts as productive, they should take account of such advice experienced professionals:

    • have to do it regularly. The number of workouts per week should be at least three;
    • workout clothes should not restrict movement and interfere during the execution of dance elements;
    • beginners should be as close as possible to the instructor to have the opportunity to better examine the details of the dance moves and the instructor was able to notice the incorrect technique training elements and fix it;
    • first you need to learn the dance of the ligaments for the lower limbs and gradually add to them the movement of the top. This approach helps to consistently and easily learn the most difficult elements of Zumba that have the most intense physical stress on the body.

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