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Zumba dance-fitness: features and benefits

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Zumba dance-fitness: features and benefits

The contents

  • Feature of Zumba fitness-directions
  • Zumba: benefits and contraindications
  • The main directions Zumba
  • The basic moves of Zumba
  • How is the training
  • Zumba for weight loss
  • Tips for beginners fans HLS

Physical activity is a Central component of a healthy lifestyle. Many can’t bring myself to do, because I think the gym is boring. But fitness is a set of directions for every taste. Lovers dance under incendiary music will certainly appreciate Zumba. Because it helps to train the heart, build muscle to lose weight. And all this is fun the rhythm of the dance.

Feature of Zumba fitness-directions

Compared to rumbas, salsa and other dances in Latino style, Zumba — the direction is quite young. She appeared in the 2000-ies, and it is now one of the most popular fitness trends. Training on this system occurs in fast paced, rhythmic music.

In Zumba combines movements from different dances from African to hip-hop. As a result, the load get all the muscle groups. It helps to strengthen muscles and active weight loss. Zumba is suitable for those who loves to dance, and prefers classes in the group.

This is a very energy-intensive form of fitness. The lesson lasts about an hour. If the purpose of training — losing weight, it is necessary to do 2-3 times a week. To strengthen the muscles quite a workout. The main requirement is regular employment.

Zumba: benefits and contraindications

Positive music, energy, support groups, constant movement during the training, doing Zumba one of the most effective types of dance fitness. She has a lot of advantages.

  • Zumba allows you to load all groups of muscles. Therefore, the body is tightened and losing weight fast enough.
  • The dance moves are not tired, but rather energized. Due to this, fatigue is felt only at the very end of the session and time in training flies by.
  • Like all dance styles, Zumba helps to form good posture, develops coordination and flexibility.
  • Due to the simplicity of movement direction is available even for beginners.
  • Dance to the fiery rhythms of mood, training increases the overall tone.
  • Compared to some other fitness trends, Zumba ® has a small number of contraindications. But to protect yourself from unwanted consequences, before training it is better to consult a specialist.

    Can’t do Zumba in the presence of the following diseases and conditions:

    • surgery and trauma that have been recently;
    • chronic diseases in exacerbation;
    • diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, or musculoskeletal systems;
    • a high degree of obesity.

    For Zumba workouts during pregnancy you must obtain permission from the observing doctor.

    The main directions Zumba

    There are many types of Zumba. For example, there are classes for kids — Zumba kids, for people in the older age group — Zumba gold. You can do with dumbbells to increase the effect of training. There are even Zumba in the water. Therefore, the most exacting lover of HLS will be able to find any kind of Zumba.

    The most popular destinations:

    • classic;
    • toning — by using a special dumbbell, makes a sound similar to maracas;
    • Pilates is performed in a slow tempo, great attention is paid to breathing techniques and smooth movements;
    • sentao — suitable for more experienced athletes;
    • circular Zumba combines dance moves and the usual physical exercises: squatting, bending, push-UPS;
    • Zumba tone — for those looking to lose weight training worked out all the problem areas, use a dumbbell.

    The basic moves of Zumba

    Zumba is a dance chords, which consist of simple movements. They can be mastered by any beginner HLS.

    • Side steps.

    Step to the right, clap your hands. Fasten the other leg to repeat the cotton. Repeat to the left.

    • Steps in the direction with the subsequent reversal on the heels and toes alternately.

    Put your feet at hip level. To turn on your heels right down to the socks. Turn left on tiptoe, to fall. To do the movement again. Repeat the same movement in the opposite direction and return to the starting point.

    • Steps transitions.

    Starting position — as in the previous exercise. Start right foot back and to the left it is your left ankle. To make a step in place with left foot. Return right foot to starting point. Repeat, changing legs.

    While the feet work, hands do different movements: flapping, clapping, circles. Master the basic cords can be quite fast. Even beginners feel more confident by the third lesson.

    How is the training

    The class usually consists of the following steps:

    • warm up — 10 minutes;
    • the implementation of ligaments from past lessons — 5 minutes;
    • testing of new movements — 5 minutes;
    • the unity of the movements in dance at a given pace and the music — about half an hour;
    • hitch (stretching and relaxation) -10 minutes.

    The duration of each stage depends on the level of preparation of group and type of Zumba.

    Zumba for weight loss

    Like all dance styles fitness, Zumba applies to aerobic training.

    Constant movement during the hour lesson, high tempo, work all muscle groups improve circulation, accelerate metabolism. Fatty deposits start to decline rapidly after a month of regular training. During an hour-long workout can burn 500 to 800 calories.

    Active exercise is really very important for getting rid of excess weight. But steady weight loss is impossible without power adjustments. To become slimmer, it is necessary to exclude from the diet of sweets, pastries, food containing TRANS fats, preservatives and other harmful additives. We should not “sit” on a strict diet. The diet should be balanced with enough protein, slow carbohydrates, and healthy fats. You must drink plenty of water.

    Tips for beginners fans HLS

    To Zumba brought joy, but also made it possible to achieve the desired results, you must observe the following rules.

  • You cannot drop the class if something did not work the first time. Dance chords require concentration and constant training. After 3-4 classes to perform basic movements will be easy for you.
  • You should train the mirror. If possible, get up close with the instructor. Doing in the front row, quickly to join the team and learn the movement.
  • First, you need to study the feet movement. You can then connect to active hands and upper body.
  • Clothing for class should be comfortable, not constraining movements, from “breathable” fabrics. Shoes — athletic. Hair should be removed in a bun or a tail.
  • To do Zumba and at home. There are many video courses in this field.
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