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Your own instructor: the consequences of fitness without rules

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Glazkov Yuri Konstantinovich — the traumatologist-orthopedist, candidate of medical Sciences, member of ESSKA, AAOS, ACTOR, ATOR. Awarded with the award “Crystal Lotus” in nomination “the Best sports trauma -2018”.

If you are your own instructor, be prepared for the fact that the workouts will become less effective and more dangerous. Better initially to use the services of a professional trainer. If you do not, here is what it can mean.

Insufficient training results

You must train correctly, pre-made program. It is necessary to perform exercises for all muscle groups, otherwise the body will develop unevenly.

Chaotic exercise without consistency, regularity, and cyclicity lead to inadequate results. It seems that you are doing everything right, but the muscles somehow do not grow, the fat deposits do not go away, the strength is not increased, the stamina remains the same.

The disappearance of motivation

Most beginners are focused on quick results. Men think that if today they come into the room, then after a month they hand-rope should zabudetsya powerful biceps. Women are convinced that after a few weeks of training all the fat from the abdomen and buttocks completely gone.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen instantly. The starting fuse is only enough for a couple of weeks. Then you have to overcome laziness, to show discipline and perseverance. Under the guidance of a coach is much easier to do.


In the pursuit of quick results beginners often have to drive yourself into a state of overtraining. They believe, if engaged in too frequently and for a very long time, the muscles will grow faster. In fact the opposite is true. After 1-2 months of intensive and frequent training may occur overtraining. This is a condition in which:

  • weakened muscles;
  • reduced muscle mass;
  • lose motivation;
  • increases the risk of injury.


The main danger of training without an instructor that you can be injured. This will inevitably happen if you:

  • not eating the perfect technique of the exercises;
  • trying to take more weight than can actually lift;
  • load yourself too much;
  • coming to training in a weakened state;
  • make a wrong training programme or doing chaotic;
  • working without a safety net.

Most beginners do not know how to perform certain exercises. They act intuitively, not paying attention to the many “little things”. For example, how much to bend your arms whether to straighten his back, in what position should be feet, etc. Improper technique of the exercise leads to the fact that you lift the weight not so much due to the strength of the muscles, how much overload the connective tissue. The burden falls on the ligaments, spine, joints. And not always the structure of connective tissue can withstand.

Trauma permanently knocks a person from the training process. And return not all, because for those few weeks until a high school athlete recovering, he lost motivation and lost the previously achieved results.

Not worth doing without an instructor. It is fraught with negative consequences, primarily injuries. If to avoid damage of ligaments or joints failed, speak to your doctor. There are ways to accelerate the healing tissues. For example, when joint damage is used astrotherapy — intra-articular injection of hyaluronate and platelet-rich plasma.

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