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Your ideal figure with tips from a 5 “fitness bikini”

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Your ideal figure with tips from a 5 “fitness bikini”
The contents

  • Secrets of harmony from the champion for “fitness bikini” Ekaterina Krasavina
  • Improve your body Ekaterina Usmanova?
  • All about nutrition and training from Anna Starodubtseva
  • What rules adheres to Olga Kulinich?
  • Sasha brown about her long and arduous road to success

“Fitness bikini” individual sports discipline, designed specifically for women. In this program, participants demonstrate their excellent form and model looks in bikinis. In principle, a contestant of this competition will be open to any woman who is well groomed and keeps himself in good physical shape. What advice would the famous “fitness bikini” give everyone to look the same as they were?

Secrets of harmony from the champion for “fitness bikini” Ekaterina Krasavina

The current athlete and fitness trainer Ekaterina Krasavina recommends to start with nutrition. For building muscle essential protein, so it should not be a shortage. The girl tries to diversify its menu a variety of protein foods — fish, poultry, seafood, legumes. In the offseason, Catherine actively adds to the diet klonopindrug food — all kinds of cereals, among which prefers buckwheat, oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice.

As for training, the first thing they should be regular. Newcomers Catherine advises to accustom the body to the training, gradually increasing the load and complexity. Having excess weight need to rely on cardio exercises and then move on to the formation of muscle relief. Slender ladies should pay attention to strength training. In General, in my classes it is possible to combine various types of training and to observe the reaction of the body.

Improve your body Ekaterina Usmanova?

Champion of the Cup of Russia and Eastern Europe is also not spared nutrition. Time constraints, all kinds of diets — that’s not what works for the result. All amendments must remain in the menu on a permanent basis. Catherine believes that the key in the fight against excess weight should be balanced diet and active lifestyle. From “useless junk” like chips, sauces, sausages and semi-finished products is without regret to get rid of. You need to change the approach to cooking, replace cooking by stewing or steaming.

Passing on the sports theme, the girl recommends the first thing to define for themselves the priorities. If you do not want to run in the mornings, then do not. Sport should be fun, because only in this case he will be able to stay in my life forever. The Catherine likes to work out at the gym, forcing your body to work. All are attached to sports champion advises to do often, but gradually, than seldom, but to the point of exhaustion. The most important thing is to understand technology, to understand what muscles are working at a particular load. Often a large burden interferes with work weak, troubled muscles, so do not chase the big weights. The fruitfulness of training largely depends on a thoughtful and concentrated work.

All about nutrition and training from Anna Starodubtseva

Anna Starodubtseva has gone from “fitness bikini” at the peak of his form, and today the girl lives in USA and teaches at a private school for fitness. Speaking about his food, the champion says that he’s nothing special. Often it consumes the normal primitive foods, combining them with dishes of a delivery service of healthy food. School of Anna is located in a area surrounded by numerous cafes and restaurants that serve healthy food, so the girl is easier to come, order something suitable and not spend time in cooking your meals.

Once Anna count calories, but now works intuitively, feeling what is right for her body. Trains champion 5 times a week, performing functional and strength exercises, as well as doing Boxing. Once in the life of Anna was a period when she “bumped” into yoga and weakened your training regimen. The result was to lose shape and topography. She didn’t like it, and she returned to normal activities, though now she clearly sees that the load is not exceeded, otherwise begin to suffer her nervous and hormonal systems.

What rules adheres to Olga Kulinich?

Fitness model and fitness instructor, bodybuilding champion Olga Kulinich remembers that since childhood, she loved sports. In gym, she came at age 17, and stayed. Today, she is a private group of fitness girls, engaged in JIU-jitsu and power sports. All dreams of a slender body and pulled up Olga advises to give everything in training to complete, to go toward your goal and believe in yourself. Good motivation — the key to success. If his own reflection in the mirror is not happy, it is an excellent opportunity to take the first step and change yourself.

Nutrition during training Olga compares with filling an expensive car with gasoline. “If you pour it cheap fuel, how long will it travel?” And with the food. If you do not respect the rules, then the result will be. The abundance in the diet rolls, semi-finished products and carbonated drinks will not allow you to create the body of your dreams. “Personally, I don’t eat sweets, fried and flour. In my diet there is a place for meat and fish, cheese, cereals, fruits and vegetables,” says Olga. The girl gave up dairy from the store, and sausages. All she can afford — a little chocolate, and snacking used fruits and nuts.

Sasha brown about her long and arduous road to success

Famous fitness model and trainer Sasha brown lived for many years as a normal girl, until chance brought her to a trainer, Kim Oddo. And the mastermind behind girls, was another of the representatives of the “fitness bikini” — Monica Brant. Her work with these famous people and allowed Sasha to become who she is. The girl has more than 10 years engaged in coaching activities and helps everyone to achieve success in the modeling of your body. Main Board Sasha is not to stop halfway and go to your dream until the end.

As for the meal plan athletes, according to the girls before becoming a coach she’s tried all sorts of diets. But after working with Kim Oddo, she moved to a fractional power. Sasha admits that its menu is a lot of protein foods, presented eggs, cheese, tuna, chicken breast. If the girl can afford something extra, this is sure to be retribution in the form of intense workout.

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