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You go! If you need 10,000 steps a day and how they affect the figure

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Expert opinion

Alexander Golovanov
certified instructor of Nordic walking fitness instructor at Studio fitness, Fit Yeezy

“There’s a theory about 10,000 steps, which is that to maintain muscle tone and normal operation of the cardiovascular system per day should be 10 to 12 thousand steps. It is about 5-8 km depending on the length of the step.

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that is necessary to pass such distance, as we are all individual and for those who are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle, this amount of distance traveled will seem a real achievement, and those who lead an active lifestyle, 10,000 steps will not even notice.

The first mention of the need to overcome the 10 000 steps a day appeared in Japanese advertising pedometers in the 60-ies. So this figure is just another successful marketing ploy. But, of course, it is better to seek to take such a distance, rather than to reduce physical activity to a minimum. You can stroll through the Park and pass the required distance on the treadmill — both kinds of activity are useful.

If you have decided to radically change your life and start to move more, do not chase the big numbers. Start small and gradually increase it by 500-1000 steps per day until you achieve the desired numbers. Track your scores as you can with a pedometer, and with the help of a variety of mobile applications. Of course, you need to choose the right shoes for long walks: it must be first and foremost comfortable, not to deter foot traffic and never grate. The flats are ideal (sneakers, flat shoes, boots and so on).

It all depends on your free time and lifestyle. If you do not like to spend their free time in the gym, then a walk in the Park or from work to home is ideal. Besides Hiking in the fresh air is good not only for the health (help increase the size of the lungs, and train the cardiovascular system, reduce the development of varicose veins), but for emotional relief. But if you want to lose weight, then just try to pass the desired distance at a speed of 6 — 6.5 km/h.

In today’s world we spend more time sitting in front of a computer, in the subway, in the car, and almost not moving, which leads to great health risks: obesity, heart disease and blood vessels, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diabetes, cancer, and other unpleasant things. So look for any opportunity to spend time actively! For example, instead of having to stand on the escalator, climb on it on foot, go one stop longer than planned, go down and up the stairs, completely abandoning the Elevator. Besides, there are many gadgets and apps with which you can monitor how many steps you make per day. In General, the activity in the 10,000 steps a day really helps to maintain health. But to be killed for the sake of this figure is not worth it. In my experience I can say, no matter how many steps You do, the main thing — that it was all in fun.”

Personal experience:

Arina Bayburtyan and CEO Laboratuar Expansions (Mustela); the mother of two sons (18 and 8)

“As a child I always went in for sports: figure skating, swimming and tennis in those distant Soviet times were my favorites. With the birth of children, the priorities changed: 18 I live the life of a working mother under my favorite motto is “Everything!”. Family, children, profession occupied all of my time in the day, but for some reason on sports almost never had time. At one point I finally realized that I want to get myself in order and take time for yourself. So I got on the mini-training to psychologist, who helped me not only change eating habits but to regain movement in my every day.
At working office schedule, I every day, walk at least 10 km (13-14 thousand steps), often 13-15 km. It has become a habit, help watch, considering my activity. Do not go to sleep until the goal is met. The eldest son sometimes laughs, but the result is clear: over 4 months left 7 kg, do not drink alcohol in any form, don’t eat sugar, feel better, never been sick for the entire winter. How do you manage? Very simple approach: often leave the car, walk, use the subway, took up Nordic walking on the weekends with justbefit, I go 2 times a week in the gym on the track, 1 time for yoga in the office always come to the colleagues is calls and SMS.
In the end, personally convinced that the question is not to have free time! If You want to live easy and fun to close saw a pleasant change in Your image and the mood, just accept the decision. And then the question of performance, in addition to gadgets helps personal focus on your feelings. Good luck! Walk more, it’s great fun.”

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