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You better stretch full length: 6 undeniable advantages of stretching

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1. Energy after lunch

In the second half of the day, many feel weary and exhausted. Just 2-3 minutes of stretching — and you will come back to life! It’s faster (and cheaper) than to order and drink another coffee.

2. Improving balance

A small study involving 42 students showed that half an hour of stretching exercises improve coordination and sense of balance.

3. Easier to move

Regular stretching strengthens muscles, but it is important to do the right exercises. Experts advise to avoid exercise kind of “stretched and stood,” saying that it is more useful to keep moving (for example, to shake your shoulders and hands) and use massage rollers. With time you will feel unprecedented ease throughout the body.

4. Not sports, and with it

Stretching exercises useful to do before and after strength training. Improving coordination and mobility contributes to the fact that you’ll be able to bend lower and higher to jump. In addition, dynamic stretching (stretching in motion) increases the temperature and improves the work of muscles, and static, it is better to apply at the end of training to relax.

5. Reduced sugar levels

Exercises help to monitor glucose levels and reduce it, which is especially useful in patients with diabetes.

6. Less stress

Stretching helps to relax both physically and emotionally. Just do not do the exercises if it hurts — it means that something you are doing wrong.

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