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Yoga exercises for weight loss – is it possible?

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Yoga exercises for weight loss – is it possible?

You first need to clearly understand what is strength training and how is it different from the rest. Exercises in such activities, regardless of whether it is fitness for women or for men, aimed at progress in power terms. Thus, the number of repetitions in work approaches does not exceed 6, and the weight on the projectile is difficult for each individual athlete. From all this we can conclude that the total tonnage of strength training is considerably inferior to the same parameter in the case of speed or endurance.

But this does not mean that classes are easier or give a smaller result. Quite often, the fitness for men is built on the principles of developing strength and gives excellent performance for reducing weight. Why it happens: the work would be less, but the result is not only not worse, but better in some cases? All business in speed of a metabolism. When properly constructed diet for weight loss weight training allow you can burn more fat while maintaining muscle tissue than aerobic exercise (treadmills and bicycles).

The influence of strength exercises on the human body

Just look at the mechanism of the effect of strength training, so there were no more mysteries. Doing heavy work, the body requires large amounts of calories. In addition to the main consumers (muscles), the process involved in the nervous system. Lifting big weights requires extreme concentration from the entire body, and that means more energy. To compensate for all costs, the human body begins to “burn” its own fat that is under the skin. Moreover, with this type of loads the metabolism in the body is accelerating and continues at a high level for up to 15 hours. But qualitatively to lose weight from strength training is only possible with the proper diet, so it is important to remember about healthy lifestyle and its components even while being out of the room.

Selection of type of exercises for weight loss

Of course, not all so smoothly with strength training. Their main disadvantage is that they are quite traumatic and usually consist of basic exercises that should not be done without a coach. Also, this type of exercise creates a very serious stress to the body.

It is very important before going into the gym to determine their health status (pressure level, heart rate, etc.). After all, your well-being, not gender or body type and is a determining factor for the selection of the type of load and its duration. Remember, if beauty demands sacrifice, not only from the health.

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