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Yes, I would be afraid too if I were you – Blessing Avodibu

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This season, more bodybuilding tournaments are expected in Jim Manion's IFBB professional league, and there will be more athletes participating in these competitions than last year. It is planned that athletes who missed last year will return to the podium, as well as a number of interesting professional debuts. On Saturday, March 21, at the Arnold Classic Australia multivale festival, Irish newcomer of Nigerian descent Blessing Awodibu will pose. It seems that Blessing is satisfied with what he now sees in the mirror or in photographs. He wrote the following words to a photo published yesterday, mainly addressed to his rivals:

“Yes, I would be afraid too if I were you. If I were you, I would do cardio five times a day. We will show volumes, readiness, symmetry. Neil Hill (Irish coach – approx. says that this year I will have a lot of emotions. Let's do that!"

Avodibu hopes to make a bright exit when he will participate in Arnold Classic Australia 2020. In anticipation of the competition, he looks massive and shows what kind of hand workout he is doing. The athlete has 1.5 million followers on social networks, as a result of which he became one of the most recognizable personalities in all bodybuilding. During the training, Blessing Avodibu explained how his work ethic distinguishes him from his contemporaries. He also eats protein-rich foods between morning cardio and afternoon workout. Then, between his second and third workouts, he eats a low-carb meal before heading back to his evening workout. All in all, this is a pretty crazy workout from Blessing Avodibu. However, this means that when he takes to the stage in Australia, he will be well prepared.
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