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All athletes that hit the gym, have their ideals of the beautiful body. Some people prefer the embossed and dried the body, and other three-dimensional and muscular. This article presents the workout of celebrities in the field of bodybuilding, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Phil Heath.

Program Frank Zane

Frank Zane – the world famous American bodybuilder who won the title of Mr. Olympia in the 70-ies of the 20th century. It strongly promotes an active lifestyle and proper nutrition today. Without a doubt, in my entire career bodybuilder experimented on himself a variety of sports programs and power schemes, choosing the most effective exercises for yourself. To do with the scheme Zane is recommended only for already-trained athletes because the exercises require maximum impact and exposure. He advises everyone to alternate scheme training as it gives the best result. Training program Frank focuses not only on weight, but on drying. In the beginning, the first three or four months, the training focused on the weight and lifting big weights, the next three or four months going high intensity training with working weights. This program is ideal for masonboro and drying of the muscles. The main thing is to stick to correctly sized power supply, based on the goal.


A set of exercises known bodybuilder divided into four days. Each workout attention should be paid to one big group of muscles.

  • The 1st day is dedicated to the dorsal muscles and biceps. Main exercises are the deadlift the exerciser (upper and lower block), pull rod standing, bending hands with a reverse grip, alternating flexion of the hands with a weighted trapezoid with a barbell standing up.
  • 2nd day working on leg muscles. To do this, use exercises such as a squat with a barbell extension and flexion of the legs in the simulator, Romanian deadlift and exercise on gastrocnemius muscle in Hakka or Smith.
  • The 3rd day is dedicated to the deltoid muscles, triceps and chest muscles. The most important exercises to develop these groups of muscles is to breed hands in the simulator, the layout of dumbbells lying down, pull in Smith, bar press on a bench, pushups and pullups.
  • 4th day with an emphasis on the abdominal muscles. The most effective exercises Zane believes lifting the legs on the bar, twisting turns of the body, functional exercises on the Roman bench.

It is important to note that the break between sets should be no more than one minute, and after each session it is important to make time for cardio or stretching.

A popular program Schwarzenegger

Everyone, even the most distant of the entire sports industry, heard the name Arnold Schwarzenegger – bodybuilding star. He became seven-time champion in the competition “Mr. Olympia” and has even created a private tournament “Arnold classic”. Training program bodybuilding star of the 20th century is not suitable for beginners in this field. To achieve such a body, which today is ideal for many people, he helped classical German training. At the core of his program is the study of one group of muscles during each session (legs, shoulders and chest, back). In more detail the essence of the scheme training and the basics of the bodybuilding contained in the book Schwarzenegger “the New encyclopedia of bodybuilding”.


There are two types of program Schwartz: 1 – a lightweight version and 2 with increased complexity.

In the Lite version of the training set of exercises is divided into three days. In the 1st day is done deadlifts, pullovers with dumbbells, inclined pull, press on the straight and incline benches, pull-UPS. First day working on the back muscles and chest. 2nd day working on arms and shoulders military press, dumbbell wiring, push rod chest, lifting a barbell on the biceps and work the triceps. The 3rd day is devoted to elaboration of muscles of the legs, to do this, perform a squat with a barbell, lunges with a barbell or dumbbells, climbing the socks in the simulator Smith or Hakke and Romanian deadlifts.

Training increased the level of difficulty is also calculated for three days on different muscle groups, but they need every week to alternate. 1 week work three muscle groups following exercise: the pullover with a barbell, lunges, bench press lying, deadlifts, pull-UPS, lifting on socks. Next week the workout is designed on the muscles of the back, arms and shoulders. For their study need the following exercises: wiring the dumbbells, lifting barbells or dumbbells on a biceps, military press exercise for triceps, French press sitting leg lifts on the bar.

Program Arnold, aimed at masonboro, is recognized as one of the most efficient in the world. It is based on careful study of the muscles of the lower and upper body separately. Bodybuilder gives the basic exercises preference in the classroom.

“Iron Arnie” recommends to do the work over the body every day, giving only one day off a week for recovery.

Program Phil Heath

Phil Heath is a famous American 21 century in the field of bodybuilding. He, like Schwarzenegger, became seven-time champion in the popular and today the competition “Mr. Olympia”. Phil is known to many for its well-developed shoulder muscles, due to which his body seems to be even more voluminous. A bodybuilder has identified several recommendations that will be useful not only for beginners but also experienced athletes.

Tips bodybuilder

Phil said the basic rules that helped him gain muscle mass and worthy to compete with the stars of bodybuilding. He is convinced that working with large weights is not a guarantee of efficiency, it is best not to engage to the point of exhaustion uncomfortable for you weight, but rather to do with maximum exercise with a small weighting. Never forget about warming up before exercise because the muscles and tendons very prone to injury. It is important to alternate exercises and not to dwell on one diagram. In addition to the basic exercises it is important to add insulation. Phil recommends to constantly increase the load and complicate training.

Certain critical point Phil Heath always allocates the power. His usual food is homemade, masanabo had left him without the use of chemical additives. He advises eating six times a day and only in one of meals to consume a protein shake.

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