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Workouts for the O-type figure

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Appearance is of particular importance, they are met, as you know, by clothes. But at the same time, it is important to remember that often under a beautiful appearance is persistent and regular work on yourself. In working on the body, not only the fact of constant training is important, but also their correctness. To find the right system of exercises for yourself, you need to consider many factors, including the type of figure. This article will analyze the O-shaped type of figure. By analyzing the features of the O-shaped physique, it will be possible to achieve the main goal – to choose an individual nutrition and training system. This will help the owners of this type of figure to present the natural external data at the highest level.

Features of the physique type "apple"

This type of figure is characterized by the following distinguishing features:

approximately the same volume in the chest and hips;
weak waist;
rather slender legs.

It is noteworthy that the legs of the owners of this type of figure, as a rule, look slim at almost any weight category. The weakest point of this type of physique is the abdomen, therefore, with sudden weight gain, this area is subjected to the greatest distribution of volume. Accordingly, the waist area also suffers. The more the figure underwent negative changes, the closer it is to the confident O-shaped type. The big plus of this figure is that the hip area is the least vulnerable with a sharp weight gain. Its volumes can significantly increase only with significant weight gain. Chest, as a rule, with a small weight indicator of a confident average size. In any case, the chest with this type of figure looks quite harmonious.

The body of the owners of such a figure is rich in muscle and fat resources. They are also given natural stockiness, which is useless to eradicate. However, in the power of the owners of the O-shaped type to make the figure more elegant due to the competent impact on the muscle, as well as on the fat structure.

Workouts for the O-type figure

Work on reducing abdominal volume

As mentioned above, the abdomen is the most vulnerable, the main attention in the correction of the "apple" type of figure should be given to her. This can be achieved through constant and well-chosen physical activity, as well as proper nutrition.

The system of physical activity should include not only exercises for the press. Ideally, an individual set of exercises should be compiled. At the same time, you need to approach the complex of exercises for the waist with particular seriousness. It must be remembered that the main thing in the process of physical activity is not only regularity, but also intensity. It is these two key points that will help achieve the main cherished goal of the owners of the O-shaped body type – reducing waist sizes. Working with a hoop will have a very beneficial effect on the state of the waist. And finally, the main rule of effective sports training is to observe a strict sequence of exercises. Systems in such an important and responsible business must be adhered to.

Workouts for the O-type figure

The system of physical activity for the "apple" type of physique

The following types of physical activity are shown to girls of an O-shaped physique:

Cardio training. This is the most common and at the same time very effective type of training. It is aimed at a fairly quick and favorable change in the shape of the "apple" type. This type of training includes: running, with an average speed of 7-9 km / h, stepper exercises, as well as other physical activities of low and medium intensity;
Exercises affecting the oblique muscles of the abdomen. The most common of them are simple inclinations in different directions. In such a simple exercise, you need to observe one necessary rule: start small, so ten times in each direction is enough to start. Then, you need to resume the approach. There should be three such approaches. To start, such a load will be quite enough. After mastering this system, you can complicate your task a bit and go to a new level;
Loads on the press area. It is advisable to start them only when there is practically no fatty deposits in the abdomen. Only in this case, the exercises will bring tangible benefits. It is most reasonable to consult a trainer in such a situation; he will help to accurately assess the initial physical form. If the current form allows you to start training, then it remains only to choose the appropriate type of load. As a rule, the choice of classes for the press consists of two types: static, as well as dynamic. The basic list of exercises consists of standard twists, exercise "book", as well as work with legs raised in the supine position, performing physical activity in the opposite direction.

Proper eating behavior will be important. It has long been known that proper nutrition is an integral part to maintaining good physical shape. This is especially true for girls of the O-shaped type of figure. In addition, the effectiveness of training, without exaggeration, partly depends on a properly selected nutrition system.

All because sports and proper nutrition are interconnected. These are two key points that influence the overall result.

And in this case, it will also be worthwhile to turn to a fitness trainer to help him develop his own individual training plan, which will need to be combined with proper nutrition. The main task of the trainer is to choose individual exercises that affect all muscle groups, including slow fibers. To increase the effectiveness of training, it is necessary to observe a variable type of nutrition, which consists mainly of plant-based food with the addition of dairy products.

Securing a sports result

After the desired shape has been obtained, the main task of the owners of the O-shaped type of the figure becomes the preservation of the acquired physical condition.

Using the exercises below, you can keep fit:

Lunge with simultaneous bouncing. Has a beneficial effect on the lumbar region. Makes it stronger. It affects the elasticity of the thighs from the back, and also develops abdominal muscles. The technique of execution is as follows: you need to straighten your back and raise straight arms to shoulder level. In this position, a steady lunge forward on one knee is required. The thigh of the legs forward should be parallel to the floor, the knee of the second leg should be on the weight, but not in contact with the floor. It is worth remembering that when performing the exercise, the posture should be absolutely even all the time;
Exercise "star." The execution technique is as follows: being in a standing position and setting your feet at shoulder width level, you need to make a sharp jump. Legs should be widely spread at the moment of jumping, and arms should be raised in the upright position through the sides up. During landing, it is advisable to bend your knees a little to smoothly return to their original position;
Squats with weight. Beneficial effect on posture. However, for the safety of the lumbar and knees, it is necessary to monitor the correct implementation. Exercise should be performed with maximum stress, it is advisable to use additional tools as a weighting. Dumbbells will be a good solution, during the exercise they need to be kept right in front of you;
Climber exercise. Refers to one of the most intense types of exercises. Destroys a lot of kilocalories during class. This exercise is also good because it helps to strengthen the corps department. It is performed as follows: being in the position of the bar, you need to alternately bring your knees to your chest. The whole body from the heels to the crown at this time should be in the most straight position;
Exercise "heron". This exercise is a type of slope. Starting position: stand on one leg, the other at this time must be bent at the knee so that the ankle is parallel to the floor. In the arm, located on the side of the bent leg, you must place some weighting object (for example, a dumbbell). The second hand at this time must be held at the waist. During the exercise, you need to make the body tilts forward towards the arm in which the weight is placed. The bent leg must be lifted at this time. This exercise must be performed alternately interchanging the position of the arms and legs.

It should also be remembered that the "apple" type of figure is recommended to conduct splits, that is, classes on different parts of the body that alternate every day. For example, in one workout, combine the load on the chest and shoulders, in the other – on the triceps and back.


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