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Workout: principles and benefits of the youth sector of fitness

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Workout: principles and benefits of the youth sector of fitness
The contents

  • Workout is a special area of fitness
  • The advantages and disadvantages of such physical exertion
  • Core exercises workout

Lately especially popular among young people enjoys this direction of fitness as workout. It is part of training in crossfit and absolutely does not require the use of any weights, allowing you to make you strong and fit.

Workout is a special area of fitness

Workout is considered by many as the street set of exercises often because your workouts do not need special sports devices, and engaged them for the most part young people on the playgrounds and in the yards. It combines two fitness areas: gym and calisthenic. The latter is based on performing simple exercises on type, push-UPS, pull-UPS, running. Gymnastics also aims to improve the flexibility of muscles and ligaments.

The origin and development of street workout as a separate discipline started in the early 2000-ies, when the opportunity to engage in gyms were only in units, and the desire to work regularly on his body — many. Almost every household was equipped with everything necessary for this exercise: pull-up bars, parallel bars, stairs. Gradually began the selection of such independent subspecies:

  • Street workout — includes items calisthenic and gymnastics aimed at developing strength and flexibility.
  • Ghetto-workout — Cycling only exercises calisthenic, based on the development of indicators of power and speed without using any weights. Is also called classic or old school workout.

The principles of workout workouts

Classic workout includes a small number of simple exercises which, nonetheless, allow you to get some basic training to more complex work with shells. It is included in the set of exercises of crossfit, but because the basic principles of training they are very similar:

  • Constant progress. Although such physical activity and does not include the use of weights, the continuous progress is achieved by increasing the number of repetitions, sets and shorten the duration of breaks, the use of supersets.
  • Uniform development of the body. Usually, this fitness training is built on a circular principle, which is why one lesson worked out all the muscles of the body.
  • Conducting functional training through the use of basic elements.
  • The lack of periodization. Due to the fact that the exercises don’t use additional weight loads are not very extreme, reduces the risk of injury, and therefore to carry out the workout more than once per day.
  • Intensity. Often the lesson’s workout lasts more than an hour, which worked out all the muscles of the body. Longer workouts are used if any of the muscle groups of the body behind the rest.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of such physical exertion

    The most important advantage of this direction of fitness is the ability to obtain relief body with a minimal amount of subcutaneous fat. It is also possible to allocate the following advantages of training:

    • Low risk of injuries is achieved through the absence of encumbrances and completely natural range of motion.
    • Unlike other security areas, workout helps to develop endurance, flexibility and strength.
    • Fitness training does not require special training, a mandatory visit to the gym or purchasing equipment. They are accessible to everyone who wants to work on his body.
    • The ability to use all body muscles in just one workout.
    • No risk of overtraining because of their inability to exercise extreme loads.
    • Help to improve stretching, which contributes to the extension of youth and health, reduce the possibility of injury during classes and in everyday life.

    Disadvantages of workout too, but they are less significant than the benefits. It is a quite specialized area where there is a limit to progress, so sooner or later there will come the irresistible within workout training plateau. The people involved in this fitness, have a quite recognizable figure, that speaks about the impossibility of using it to develop the body evenly. Shoulders and arms are much more massive, while the upper part of the chest and the rhomboid muscles is not enough space. Such disharmony not only affects appearance, but also on health, in particular, there is a risk of spinal curvature due to uneven development of the muscles of the abdominals and lower back.

    In addition, training in the winter is traumatic enough, but to find a room with a similar set of tools is not always possible.

    Core exercises workout

    Fitness program workout is divided into four main stages:

  • Basic training — mastering the basic skills before more serious training.
  • The main physical activity designed to improve the basic characteristics and indicators of physical development.
  • Specialized training — are used in a lag of one muscle group from the others.
  • Gymnastics is aimed at mastering the complex elements of acrobatics and gymnastics on the parallel bars and horizontal bar.
  • The first period lasts about a month, and includes these exercises:

    • pullups reverse narrow grip;
    • pullups negative grip;
    • pullups jump;
    • dips;
    • squats sumo.

    The second stage is given over six months, during this time, you should perform these exercises:

    • pull-UPS wide grip;
    • push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands;
    • dips, standing broad;
    • squats with weights.

    In the third stage, if required, allocate 4-5 months to include a range of exercises to develop lagging muscles or muscle groups.

    Exercises should begin to do after first month of training, and perform various elements in the core workout (run special exercises on parallel bars and horizontal bar, characteristic only for the workout).

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