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Workout of Bruce Lee: fitness training and nutrition tips

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Workout of Bruce Lee: fitness training and nutrition tips

The contents

  • Fitness program Bruce Lee to develop strength
  • Fitness exercise to increase endurance
  • Fitness press: the technique of the great masters
  • Advice on the preparation of the diet

The legendary Bruce Lee had an incredible impact force and speed of movements. To reach the top, once conquered by the great master, the dream of many modern athletes, fitness enthusiasts popular program of classes is developed based on the training of Bruce Lee. Their distinctive feature is a harmonious Union of elements from various martial arts, sports and bodybuilding. This combination provides a maximum load and comprehensive work on the muscles, but requires complete dedication. If you are willing to work hard, choose the right fitness program and start your way to success.

Fitness program Bruce Lee to develop strength

Early in your career If daily practiced basic techniques. Three times a week, he coached six different punches, devoting the study of the foot for another three days. However, he did not commit traffic automatically and continually evaded and dodged working with a punching bag the same quality as with a live partner. An ideal machine has opened for him the world of sports and cinema, but for real success he lacked muscle mass and physical strength.

A fitness program for the development of power indicators were developed before the battle with Won Jae man and started with the normal flexion of arms reverse grip, which gradually added other exercises. The power bar was for Bruce the key to victory, unique lesson plan to this day is used by thousands of athletes around the world. The program is based on the alternation of two training facilities at classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:

training includes 1 bench dumbbells to shoulder pullover on a flat surface, a fitness exercise called “good morning,” and lifting the double-headed muscle of the arm (all in 2 sets of 8 times) squat with a bar (2 for 12) and the bench press bar in a lying position (2 to 6);
the training included 2 press the kettlebell to shoulder, squat with a barbell good morning with straight limbs and the lifting rod (all 4 sets of 6 times) and bench press in the lying position (4 to 5).
To doubt the efficacy of this program is not necessary, because everyone knows what successes have been achieved Bruce Lee. Working hard on himself, he became a dangerous opponent with the incredible force of the blow and continued to develop throughout his career. The study plan is based on years of experimentation athlete will be useful to everyone who dreams of high power terms.

Fitness exercise to increase endurance

In the martial arts of particular importance are the functionality of the body, so Bruce Lee has spent a lot of time to develop endurance.Fitness was the basis of the philosophy of life of a great athlete, and even running he used as a kind of meditation. Regular Jogging helped him not only improve physical performance but also to achieve harmony with yourself.

The method by which we ran the wizard, similar to modern interval training of high intensity. Ran a little distance at a moderate pace, Whether the short-term accelerated, then again switched to a slow run. The total distance was at least 6 miles, and the training duration was equal to 20-25 minutes. Such runs occurred three times per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Bruce Lee was dedicated to a different kind of fitness jumping rope. This simple sports equipment helped the actor to develop the speed of movements and force of the legs, in parallel increasing the endurance of the body. The duration of each lesson was about half an hour.

Fitness program Bruce Lee, directed on development of endurance, also included Cycling that the athlete has sometimes been replaced with training on a stationary bike. To increase the load on the muscles of the legs, If preferred to rotate the pedal immediately after jumping rope. Classes took place at a high pace and took 45 minutes.

Fitness press: the technique of the great masters

Nowadays, the fitness exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, often used for aesthetic purposes, whereas Bruce Lee’s abdominals were a real shield. The abdomen of the athlete to easily withstand the blows of opponents, because Bruce was tempered it with a special training program. Sometimes he lay on the floor and asked for helpers to fill the ball on his belly, but the lesson plan included the classic exercises.

If you dream about the perfect press exercise on the program of Bruce Lee, assuming a daily workout with a high load. It includes the following exercise:

  • bending in different directions of the post;
  • lifting legs in vis on the crossbar;
  • the rise of the torso in a lying position.

Each exercise do 5 approaches. The number of repetitions should be the maximum for your current level of fitness.

Advice on the preparation of the diet

As you know, hard training allowed Bruce Lee to gain 15 pounds of muscle. The power bar would not have led to such a result if the athlete does not comply with a strict diet. The basis of his diet was protein shakes homemade. As the basis for a drink, the actor used powdered milk, which is mixed with vitamin supplements, ginseng and Royal jelly. On the shelves of modern shops you can find ready-made mixtures, with not less useful composition.

Striving for the ideal physical form, the master of single combats excluded from the diet not only harmful, but also useless products. First of all, he gave up coffee, replacing it with tea. Being a big fan of Chinese food, Bruce Lee made the staple diet of fresh vegetables and rice, which are an excellent source of carbohydrates. This ration proved to be more advantageous than traditional Western dishes with high fat content. Realizing that his body needs a huge amount of energy, Whether focused on the carbs, taking care to evenly distribute daily rate of between 4-5 meals. The above-described approach to nutrition can be used by any athlete.

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