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Workout in a gym and at home: the nuances in programming exercises

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Workout in a gym and at home: the nuances in programming exercises
The contents

  • The pros and cons of fitness classes at the gym
  • The advantages and disadvantages of home fitness workouts
  • Estimated home exercises
  • The basic principles for the provision of physical activity

According to numerous polls, the majority of women are dissatisfied with their figure, and many would like to make it more slim and attractive. And since almost all the flaws of the body can be eliminated with sports, it is obvious that you need to regularly perform physical exercises to shape the perfect figure. The training plays a secondary role. The main conditions to achieve positive results — consistency and systematic work.

The pros and cons of fitness classes at the gym

The advantages of fitness workouts held in the gym include the following factors which women need to consider when choosing a location of classes:

  • sports atmosphere.

In this case, the whole situation and people who are close by, act as a strong motivator. Obvious positive results of performance of exercises at other people and motivated them to work;

  • environment of like-minded people.

In the gym are going to people who have one common desire — to get rid of flaws through physical activity and not to harm thus to their health. When visiting the gym, many women feel involved in a particular social group, making them more confident and helps to achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time;

  • coach.

It will help to make an individual programme and will monitor the correct execution of the exercises;

  • special equipment.

The availability of a large variety of sports equipment and exercise equipment allows you to work out even the smallest muscle group, and almost infinitely increase the load in the fitness training.

However, training in the gym and have a number of disadvantages, which can play a crucial role in deciding on the advisability of the purchase of a subscription to a fitness club. Significant disadvantages of work in the gym can be attributed to the following factors:

  • the high cost of fitness classes, as well as additional payment for services instructor;
  • the inconvenient location. Cases when suitable in all respects to the fitness room located within walking distance from home or work are the exception rather the rule. Most often, in addition to wasting money and time on the way to the club and back;
  • the need to adjust to the schedule of the gym. Even if the club is open around the clock, very often need to choose a special time for fitness, not to get in the period of peak attendance, when you can be busy all the trainers and shells;
  • the presence of such distractions, such as loud music or conversations of other visitors. Some people find it difficult to concentrate on the exercises in such conditions.

The advantages and disadvantages of home fitness workouts

Choosing the venue of the training, women who wish to adjust a shape, should consider the following benefits of physical loads exerted on the body at home:

  • budget. The only financial costs that can occur when practicing at home, is the purchase of additional sports equipment, e.g. skipping ropes and hula-Hoop if required intense aerobic physical activity, or buffer strips, bodybar and dumbbells for exercises strength training;
  • time-saving because you do not have access to the fitness room;
  • free schedule. Home fitness training can be carried out in any free time.

The disadvantages of home training include the following features:

  • the lack of diverse sports equipment and a large number of mirrors, which from different angles to control the correct execution of the exercises;
  • the lack of space and the impossibility of using such bulky missiles, as rod;
  • the need to acquire new shells, so the physical load on the muscles increased, and, consequently, to develop the muscles;
  • the absence of the coach who oversaw the work;
  • the lack of motivation. Doing at home, many people allow themselves to relax, which leads to work not at full strength when performing exercises or skipping workouts. Why home fitness is not very suitable for those who have difficulty with discipline and motivation.

Estimated home exercises

If the woman decided to do at home, it is the fitness workout should be based on the following complex, components of which can be alternate, delete or Supplement:

  • Various push-UPS, which depend on the degree of training of the muscles.
  • Hyperextension.
  • All kinds of trims, including its side option.
  • The Exercise “Bicycle”.
  • Twisting.
  • Squats with different production stop.
  • Attacks.
  • “Gluteal bridge”.
  • Mahi and abduction of the lower extremities in the standing position or in the emphasis on hands and knees.
  • Working with bodybare to strengthen the shoulder girdle.
  • Lifting on socks feet sitting and standing for the harmonious development of the muscles of the legs.
  • The pull-UPS.
  • IMovie and traction exercises with dumbbells.
  • The basic principles for the provision of physical activity

    To the fitness training done in the home environment, their productivity is not inferior to working out at the gym, and was extremely safe, women have in organizing and conducting classes to the following principles:

    • train regularly, at least 2 times a week;
    • the training program should include cardio and strength training;
    • to performing the basic exercises should be preceded by warm-up, during which it is necessary to examine the joints;
    • to conclude the session should hitch;
    • the intensity of the loads need to constantly strengthen. This can be done by increasing the number of repetitions, the use of projectiles of larger mass and the introduction of interval or circular techniques;
    • the optimal duration of training — 30-60 minutes;
    • maintaining a healthy lifestyle and compliance with dietary guidelines in several times increases the effectiveness of physical exercise.

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