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Workout for weight loss: how to make a fitness program

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Workout for weight loss: how to make a fitness program

The contents

  • Principal fitness
  • What to do if you reducing the effectiveness of fitness
  • What should be the diet for weight loss

Imperfect diet, a sedentary lifestyle, constant stress — all these attributes of modern man inevitably lead to weight gain. Fat deposits tend to accumulate in problem areas: abdomen, inner thigh and buttocks. Fitness will help to get rid of unattractive layer, but it will burn evenly throughout the body. Any kind of physical activity is not able to destroy the fat in a specific location, so you’ll need patience and a comprehensive approach to training.

Principal fitness

There are two weight loss programs that you can use even beginners. The first — fat burning fitness is of a General nature. It is based on a simple rule: so that the body began to actively break down fat cells, it must obtain a significant load. Programme of fitness classes is structured in such a way that the work involved all muscle groups. Weight loss is always complex, so training should be equally exhausting for different parts of the body.

If you prefer power fitness, try to do with the weights. This kind of load is extremely energy intensive and allows you to burn huge amount of fat. To achieve maximum effect, include in the program more exercises in a standing position. It is desirable that you have not had the chance to sit, lie down or lean on anything, so give up equipment in favor of sports equipment. Free weights (dumbbells, barbells, multi-function units) engaging more muscles, providing uniform load distribution.

What to do if you reducing the effectiveness of fitness

In the fight against unwanted weight your main enemy — the addiction to the current load level. Over time, each training program ceases to be a stress to the muscle and loses its effectiveness in weight loss. At the biochemical level this is reflected in the decrease of cortisol (called the stress hormone) in the blood. To give the body a good shake it is necessary to drastically change the plan of the gym, adding new items or increasing the total load level. You can use some proven techniques, combining them freely among themselves.

The first way to return to fitness efficiency and to increase the number of repetitions. To start the breakdown of fat cells, the need to exhaust the reserves of glycogen in muscle tissue. To do this, you should do the exercises in 5-6 approaches, 8-20 times. Sooner or later your body will get used to this scheme of training, but do not rush to increase the number of repetitions. It is much wiser to increase the intensity of classes due to the power load, which is measured in kilograms lifted for a certain period of time. The heavier the projectile you use when performing exercises, the greater the stress the organism experiences.

A good result shows the reduction of rest intervals between repetitions. This prevents the body to start the recovery process after exercise and causes it to draw energy from fat reserves. Remember that stress should be positive, therefore, complicate fitness gradually. Finished a long work approach? Proceed to the next without resting, but take a short break between exercises. Over time, you will be able to fully get rid of the pauses, turning occupation into high-intensity training in a round-Robin. After a visit to the gym do not rush to fill the energy in carbohydrates, then the body will continue to extract resources from undesirable deposits.

Combined with strength you can use cardio high intensity. It is advisable to conduct them on an interval method, for which you need a special timer. Fitness classes aerobic type can occur in the gym, at home or on the street, it all depends on your abilities and preferences. If you want to increase power consumption and reduce the likelihood of injury, try to train on special equipment. As you know, the cardio machines have evolved from devices for rehabilitation after serious illnesses. Doing them, you will protect musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system overload.

To make changes to the fat burning program it is necessary every 3-4 weeks. This will allow you to save the results and ensure further progress. Put the cardiorespiratory training immediately after strength, increase the frequency of training, feel free to experiment with the increased load. It is desirable that the duration of each lesson, regardless of its nature, amounted to 90-120 minutes. This is enough time to burn off the glycogen and start the breakdown of fat cells and to increase the overall level of catalytic hormones.

What should be the diet for weight loss

The effectiveness of fitness will increase significantly if you follow the principles of healthy eating. Reduce diet calorie therefore, to consume less energy than you spend during the day. This will force the body to burn fat cells in search of the necessary resources.

Your goal is a metabolic boost, so forget about extreme diets. Because of them, the body goes into a mode of rigid economy of energy that leads to a significant slowing of the metabolism. Much more effective fractional power, wherein the daily amount of calories divided into several portions. The day you have to make at least 6 meals a day, including small snacks.

Ditch unhealthy food: sweets, pastries, fast food, pickles. Your healthy diet must constitute of protein rich foods and complex carbohydrates. If you want to not only lose weight but to gain muscle mass, use special sports supplements: protein shakes, weight gainers, creatine, arginine, amino acid complexes and BCAA. These drugs are completely safe, so they can be used by both beginners and experienced athletes.

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