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Workout for weight loss: fitness with metabolic effect

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Workout for weight loss: fitness with metabolic effect
The contents

  • The influence of metabolic effects on weight loss
  • Features of training and nutrition to reduce excess weight
  • Tips on using metabolic effect fitness classes

Safe weight loss is a complex process whose result depends on the correct approach, taking into account all the nuances of human physiology. Besides it is necessary to observe the principles of proper nutrition and regularly to provide the body an intensive exercise, in the fight against overweight must take into account the metabolic effect or response.

The influence of metabolic effects on weight loss

There are two basic approaches to lose weight, which are based on the following facts:

  • It is necessary to strictly control the total caloric diet, and to not only exceed individual daily calorie intake, but also to create their deficit. In such circumstances, the body is forced to use its own fat cells for generating energy to maintain the normal functioning of all systems and organs. The result of lipolysis — breakdown of fat cells is rapid weight loss.
  • To stimulate reduce body volume important percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet.

It is the combination of these two approaches, as well as the type of physical activity during gym, forms the so-called metabolic response, which, in turn, in practice, leads to the most efficient results reducing the number of fat cells while preserving muscle tissue.

Features of training and nutrition to reduce excess weight

Effective fitness classes that are organized taking into account the metabolic effect, have the following features:

  • workout are fat burning in nature. Do not confuse fat loss with weight loss. One concept different from another fact that losing weight is the actual weight loss achieved through both the splitting of fat cells and in the loss of water and glycogen from the muscles, which leads to the destruction of muscle tissue cells. Fat loss is only get rid of fat while preserving maximum muscle mass;
  • fitness classes are organised so that the effectiveness of a 45-minute strength training with more weight is not inferior to many hours of physical activity of moderate intensity, during which the body in fact spends much more calories. Due to the metabolic effect that occurs in the body through the release of the stress hormone when strength training high intensity, stimulated the high consumption of calories even at rest;
  • mnogoobraznye supersets, which are used to increase intensity in the gym with metabolic effects include a variety mnogocwetnye training movement.

Diet that activates the metabolic effect should be made with consideration of such features:

  • it is necessary to strictly observe the daily rate of calorie intake, but in the process of counting the number of calories consumed should take into account such factors as the thermic effect of food.

In practice, this factor manifests itself in the following way: if the diet for weight loss protein intake is 30-40% of daily caloric content, the body in its digestion will spend more calories, than if the protein was only 15-20%. However, a complete rejection of carbohydrates or reduce them to a minimum can lead to dysfunction of the endocrine system;

  • complete exclusion of fats from the diet is undesirable.

Fats are components of cell membranes and affect the glycemic index, as are digested longer than carbohydrates. For this reason, in order not to slow down the metabolism and to reduce excess weight, you should eat a small amount of useful vegetable fats;

  • to decrease the appetite to eat more lean meat, whole grains, sweet and sour and fibrous vegetables rich in fiber and also include in the diet foods rich in vegetable fats.

These products have moderate calorie content and long to digest, filling the entire volume of the stomach. Thus, reducing excess weight is not accompanied by stress to the body due to the constant feeling of hunger.

Tips on using metabolic effect fitness classes

To stimulate the metabolic response of the body and to achieve an effective reduction of excess weight, you must take into account the following recommendations of experienced specialists in the field of fitness and nutrition:

  • even the most intense exercise will not be productive and will not give a positive result of the reduction of body weight, if they are not combined with proper diet in which properly balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates within the daily recommended calories;
  • the difficulty of the workout for weight loss should correspond to the level of physical fitness, but the objective of the exercise should be of such intensity to cause the body stress. To understand whether there is enough intensity, you should focus on their own feelings and how much effort you need to exert to complete each training movement. In other words, during the fitness activity should be as complex as allow physical capabilities of the body without risk of injury. This approach to training provides the necessary metabolic effect;
  • in order to achieve the fastest weight loss should not get too carried away with cardio. The total duration aerobic training should not exceed 200 minutes a week;
  • exhausting long work in the gym and desire to work for a one-time surplus of carbohydrates, causing negative emotions and a sense of guilt — not the best assistants in the process of reducing excess weight. The human body is a highly organized structure, in which the psyche plays a very important role, so the fight against excess weight should be approached with the understanding of the endocrine system and a positive attitude.

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