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Workout: features lessons runners

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Workout: features lessons runners

Cross-country training, as well as the stress from these classes directly depend on the goals. However, the principles of training for runners should be respected, regardless of age, fitness level or physical shape. Perhaps the only obstacle before a young athlete can become health: before you start training, you should consult with your doctor to determine the maximum allowed load level.

The training process

The runner’s training should include fitness exercises that strengthen and increase flexibility in muscle groups and joints. In fact, the workout needs to get rid of stiffness and tension while driving.

Why the volume and mileage of the run should increase gradually?

The secret of a running session – a gradual increase in load. Increase increase in mileage should not exceed mastered during the previous week/month. The majority of athletes believes that it is better to save some energy than to work hard.

Thus, it is possible to understand that for the runner it is one of the most important components of training. That is why the plan is necessary to devote the lion’s share of time in programming classes. Balance exercise and recovery time will give the desired result after a few months.

Running is a passion!

The right motivation paired with high ambitions to strengthen the training effect several times! The right prioritization and resolution goals for work in the future will be a great motivation to work.

Regular Jogging enables us to adapt the muscle to different loads. The human body perceives light as a full stress, making already after the first lessons start rebuilding the action of system aimed at the establishment of reserves for expected loads in the future.


Diversity training helps to avoid psychological fatigue from the monotonous running. Professionals recommend to spend more time in nature, avoiding highways. In addition, it is recommended to make adjustments to the workout plan: run up the hill at short and medium distances, high-speed descent from the mountain, sprint, tempo running, Jogging, long marathon, and special exercises must become routine in training for beginners and experienced runners.

Don’t forget about the health

To avoid injury and pain, the load should be increased gradually. In professional sports runners rely on their health to achieve results. Amateur athletes, in turn, use running as a tool to improve their own health. That’s why experts recommended to combine a small load with the maximum calculated the rest.

How to start running

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