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Workout burn fat: 4 exercise

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Workout burn fat: 4 exercise

Home workouts for fat loss needs to be intense enough to accelerate the metabolism and force the body to burn calories for many hours after training. For maximum stimulation of metabolism does not need complex systems composed of a large number of exercises. Quite a few, but chosen so that to make full use of all muscle groups.

A highly effective exercise for burning fat

To perform the 4 exercises you will need dumbbells, a leather medicine ball, exercise bike, jump rope and rowing machine. Home workouts for fat loss need to spend not less than 3 times a week with a break of 1 day. Before the main compound exercises should go warm up.

  • Warming the muscles

The purpose of the warm-up, enable the muscles to disperse the blood and to ensure its flow to the muscles. Workout is a mandatory element of the training program. It increases the effectiveness of the training and maintains the health of the athlete, reducing the likelihood of sprains and strains.

Workouts that burn fat, best to start with warm-up exercises with a leather medicine balls (7 kg). Fitness medicine balls actively engages major muscles of the lower body, perfectly stimulating blood circulation.

Be in the push-up position with his hands on the ball. Strain the muscles of the chest and bark, draw right knee to the medicine balls. Trying not to take your pelvis up, changing legs. Repeat the exercise for thirty seconds, rest a minute and perform another approach. There should be four approaches.

  • Pushups on Ganesh

The exercise uses a dumbbell with wooden handles. Dumbbell set vertically, they rely on hands and perform push-UPS. The chest should be lowered three inches below the palms. These pushups increase the load on the pectoral muscles and actively involve the cor. Perform three sets of ten repetitions. Between sets rest one minute.

  • Bike

On the bike are training high intensity. First, warm up (5 minutes), then increase the load until you need to get out of the simulator to turn the pedals. Continue working with high intensity (2 minutes). Completely shed the load and continue to pedal (4 minutes). Make two of them approach. Exercise complete the 2-minute hitch.

  • Jumping rope

For interval training you will need a jump rope with weighted handles. You have to jump half a minute at maximum speed. It is desirable to do 50 jumps in 30 seconds. Then rest a minute and then jump at the same pace. Alternate jumping and rest for four minutes.

  • Rowing machine

Rich exercise for fat loss is completing the cardio medium intensity. The task of the athlete – to expend leftover energy that still remained after the previous exercise. Working at a continuous pace. Try as much as possible to straighten the legs. Exercise thirty minutes.

Exercise for weight loss and fast fat burning

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