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Workout based on supersets: use and a set of exercises for hands

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Workout based on supersets: use and a set of exercises for hands
The contents

  • Use gym with supersets
  • Features fitness workouts with supersets
  • Examples of supersets with exercises for hands

The effectiveness of strength training depends on many factors. These include the well-chosen exercises, and proper technique in their implementation, and the use of different techniques, one of which is supersets. It must master to achieve impressive results from the lessons in the power areas of fitness. Especially useful this technique will be those who during fitness activities is working to increase the muscle mass of the upper limbs.

Use gym with supersets

Supersets technique is a sequential execution of 2-3 exercises without rest intervals between them. But since this load may be too heavy for beginners, they are allowed to rest between reps no more than 15 seconds. This technique is applied to enhance blood flow to muscle tissue to achieve the effect definition – increase vascularity and relief of the muscles. The supersets often use professional bodybuilders in the preparatory fitness training before the competition.

Thus, we can conclude that the main benefit of supersets is pumping, or the saturation of the tissues with blood. In addition, applying this method in the gym, you can achieve such a positive effect:

  • muscle growth;
  • separation of muscles;
  • improving the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.
  • increase endurance.

An additional advantage of fitness training using the technique of supersets is a significant time savings. For some busy people who have the opportunity to visit the gym in strictly limited time frames, this advantage is fundamental. The almost complete absence of rest intervals allows to reduce the duration of fitness classes, but its efficiency is not only not diminished, but enhanced.

Features fitness workouts with supersets

Supersets technique has its own characteristics that must be taken into account when performing exercises. The only way to guarantee the high efficiency and safety, especially if it is conducted with more weight. When organizing the training process and during supersets you must follow these guidelines:

  • with supersets you can work out any muscle group, but the most impressive results can be achieved if to include exercises for the muscles-antagonists;
  • women in supersets should work with a weight that is much less used in the standard training in order to avoid injuries and overtraining;
  • in a bundle shall contain no more than 3 exercises. Otherwise, the physical stress exerted on the muscles and the entire body, it will be too heavy;
  • the rest period between supersets may be from 15 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the degree of training of the muscles, working the weight and complexity of the complex;
  • for one fitness workout you can perform no more than 4 supersets;
  • practicing this technique in strength training, it is especially important to eat correctly by eating large quantities of protein and slow carbs. This is necessary in order that the organism was able to maintain its activity at a sufficient level under stress caused by high intensity physical activity. Slow carbs give you energy, while protein promotes regeneration of muscle fibers that received minor injuries during fitness classes.

Examples of supersets with exercises for hands

As already mentioned, supersets can be used for the development of all muscle groups, but professional bodybuilders are especially recommended to use them when performing exercises for the upper limbs. This approach is explained by the fact that the muscles of the arms often require additional muscle definition and vascularity. Therefore, even if the trainee has no goal to compete, it still needs to master the technique of supersets to give the upper limbs more attractive and sporty due to the effect of the pump.

Superset to increase the volume of triceps may include the following workouts:

  • The bar press on the horizontal bench with the use of a narrow grip.

Technique clear about from the title, but it is necessary to consider it in more detail, to avoid errors that reduce the effectiveness of fitness training and increases the risk of injury. For making the starting pose must lie on a horizontal romovoy the bench, put your feet on the floor to secure the torso in the correct position, and then, holding the neck narrow grip, remove the bar from the racks and bring it closer to your chest. Fully to put the barbell on your chest should not. Later in the exercise, you must inhale and lift the shell at arm’s length. To linger at the point of greatest tension for the period of an exhalation and smoothly lower the rod. Repeat the bench press you need 6-8 times in each of the 3 approaches.

  • Pull down at the top.

This exercise should go immediately after fulfilling all the approaches of the presses. Stand up straight, take hold of the trainer and pull his arm downward, straightening your elbows. Exhaling, slowly take the starting position, avoiding the return of the arm due to the inertia. This pull down must be repeated in 3 sets of 12-15 times each.

To work out your biceps, you should do this superset:

  • Bending with a barbell.

In this exercise, you can use classic shell, and a rod with a curved fretboard. Bending your elbows, you should not allow the projectile close to the shoulders. In the top of the lift between the rod and the shoulder joints should be a distance equal to 10-15 cm recommended number of repetitions 6-8 times in each of the 3 approaches.

  • Spider flexion.

This can be done on the bench or Livestock resting his elbows on his hips, using a narrow grip. To repeat such bending need 10-12 times in each of the 3 approaches.

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