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Workout at home: rules for exercises

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Workout at home: rules for exercises
The contents

  • Than helpful regular exercise?
  • Home exercises: rules for the implementation of fitness
  • Choose a set of exercises correctly

Physical exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, which sometimes lack forever busy modern man. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people regularly involved in sports, but the majority of the population still pays little of your free time and attention to sports. So, for example, of the five women, only one goes to the gym or practicing at home. In men, this figure slightly better — every third man in sports. What to do if there is no possibility to go to the gym, but to maintain a good physical shape you want? In this case, properly organised home workout. Maybe you don’t get clearly depicted by the relief of muscles after workouts in the gym, but to keep your body in good shape, normal weight using home exercises you definitely will.

Than helpful regular exercise?

Quality of training, conducted regularly, will help you save both physical and mental health, will have a positive influence on muscular, respiratory and skeletal system. In addition, trained people live longer, get sick less and spend their free time more actively. They are much less likely to have problems in the respiratory and vascular systems.

First, the exercises have to “wedge” in your schedule and they feel like a burden, stupid exercise, consuming a lot of free time. However, after some time home exercises become part of your daily life, like cleaning, taking a shower or going to the store, and training is much more fun.

In addition, over time you will see the results of your efforts! It is not long to wait, provided regular and proper exercise. Strengthening muscles through exercise will give you the ability to perform normal tasks much easier and faster. Even climbing the stairs in the entrance, work in the garden, long shopping or walk in the fresh air will give you a lot easier.

Home exercises: rules for the implementation of fitness

You don’t have time to visit the fitness classes or gym? Don’t worry, because home exercises can be as effective workout, which also has a lot of advantages. One of them is a floating schedule. You can find the time for exercise before work in the morning or on returning home.

So the lessons were effective and efficient, you need only your desire, fighting spirit, motivation and well-organized space for training. The room in which you will bring his body to the ideal, should be well ventilated. It should be sufficient free space to ensure that the training was safe. Not an extra piece of furniture in the room will be the full-length mirror, with which you will be able to control the correct execution of the exercises.

In addition is not excessive and sport equipment — skipping rope, a Hoop, a pair of dumbbells, an expander, a Mat for your workouts. The clothes in which you will engage, should be comfortable, not inhibit movement. If you absolutely can not imagine, how and in what order you need to perform certain exercises, you can purchase a video course or training to find a suitable complexity and load of exercises on the Internet.

Before you start training, you need to soberly assess their health, their level of training and motor abilities. If you have never trained, do not “threaten” on complex video courses from top coaches, as this requires a certain experience and level of fitness.

Any physical exercises performed correctly and regularly, improve metabolism, provide that our muscles necessary load, help to lose weight and keep fit. But they will all be a waste of time without another important component of proper domestic training — compliance with the rules of healthy eating. Therefore, choosing a suitable set of exercises, you need to think about compiling the right diet.

Choose a set of exercises correctly

What kind of load should I choose? It will depend on what goals you are pursuing, intending to introduce into your daily routine home exercises:

  • if you need to adjust your posture and get rid of back problems, you just ideal for Pilates;
  • increase your overall energy level and strengthen arms and shoulders without excessive pumping of the muscles will help you exercise with dumbbells;
  • for getting rid of insomnia and normalize mental state, practice yoga. Meditation and breathing exercises to return your body flexibility, muscle tone, and the consciousness of tranquility and peace;
  • for the effective study of muscles and maintain perfect form, the right exercises, which usually runs during the morning exercise, plus a few specific exercises, for example on the elaboration of the buttocks, pectoral muscles, etc.

Beginners need a balanced approach will help achieve results. Excellent option of home fitness workout developed in 1953. Despite her age she enjoys great popularity, which proves its effectiveness.

This training system is characterized by its simplicity. All the exercises are basic, familiar even to inexperienced athletes. It crunches, pushups, dips, squats, swings, etc. to Master the technique of performance of exercises of this complex, even a completely untrained beginner. Circuit training will strengthen and develop muscle groups, will help to lose weight and improve mood.

This set of exercises consists of eight simple elements that need to be repeated 20 times each in a circle:

  • squats — doing them at a moderate pace, with the rise of stop the toes;
  • lunges forward, backward and presses with hands;
  • pushups from the wall, table or floor — how can physical training;
  • reverse push-UPS — must be performed slowly and carefully to prevent muscle strain;
  • Curling is familiar to all exercises in varying interpretations;
  • reverse crunches are an important part of training, without the usual twisting will not be as effective;
  • bending forward, sideways, backward, in combination with the Mahi hands and feet;
  • strap — allows you to train the abdominal muscles, back and legs.
  • After one lap you need a few minutes to relax and start the next round, all circles can be from three to five. Exercises should be completed in a specific order. It is important to work all of the training at the same pace, to monitor the pulse and his health.

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