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Workout and exercise in the elderly

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Workout and exercise in the elderly

The contents

  • Myths about aging and physical activity
  • The benefits of exercise in old age
  • Safety rules for fitness
  • What types of activity are useful for older?

It is believed that older age alone is a contraindication to sports, but in old age physical activity is important not less than in his youth, and maybe even more. Regular exercise will support energy, muscle mass and advocate disease prevention. How to start training those who have already crossed the 60 year mark, and be sustained for years to come?

Myths about aging and physical activity

Start exercising in old age is hard both from a physical and psychological point of view. In addition, many of the obstacles created well-established concepts and beliefs, often having nothing to do with the truth. Here are some of them:

  • fitness makes no sense, because aging is inevitable

Scientists have not yet invented the elixir of immortality, but this does not mean that you do not need to monitor their health. The problems can begin at any age, but much here depends on what kind of lifestyle leads people it feeds and what is its motor activity. You can wait for old age, wandering from one doctor to another, and it is possible to lead a full life and enjoy every day;

  • too late to think about training, you need to save your strength and relax

Most people will be surprised, but exercise not only does not take away power, but also provide the body with energy. They normalize blood pressure and heart rate, gives muscle strength and body elasticity. Improves blood circulation, strengthens joints, even the brain feels the benefits of physical activity, and raises the mood! Because in the process of exercise the body increases the concentration of hormones of joy and happiness serotonin and endorphin. Scientists have found that physical activity improves health even those who first became acquainted with the sport in old age, so it’s never too late to start training;

  • physical activity at the age of leads to injury

Another common belief that prevent to increase their physical activity. Yes, with age bone mass is lost, reduced motor coordination, impaired joint function. People can not help but notice these changes and naturally is afraid that the increased activity will become even worse. It is actually exactly the opposite. Physical exercise strengthens the joints and bones, maintains muscle strength, improves functioning of the cerebellum. So involved in sports, older face the risk of injury is much less likely to gipodinamiya their peers.

The benefits of exercise in old age

Scientists from the American heart Association found that the life expectancy of the elderly increases, if they start to play sports. Regardless of whether they are familiar with it or have been doing for many years. Fitness helps to keep fit or lose weight because of age to do it gets harder the metabolic processes in the body slows down, therefore, subject to adjustments as nutrition and physical activity. Regular exercises improve flexibility and posture, reduce the risk of falls and injuries, and even prevent the development of many illnesses — cancer, cardiovascular pathologies, obesity, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s etc.

It is proven that physical activity favorably affects cognitive functions, improves concentration, memory and learning ability. Well, what’s more important — increases immunity and ability to withstand the attacks of viruses and bacteria. A special tempering has the effect of Jogging in the fresh air, Nordic walking, any exercise outdoors in cold weather. Exercise improves sleep, which many people have problems in old age, but its quality greatly determines the health and well-being. Last but not least, the sport improves your mood and self-confidence, raises self-esteem, helps to deal with obsessive thoughts about old age.

Safety rules for fitness

In old age as no other first of all you need to think about their own safety. Without observing this rule fitness will do more harm than good. Before you start training, you need to consult your doctor, and simultaneously look to the office of a cardiologist. The fact is that a large part of cardiovascular diseases reveal that when the increase in locomotor activity, and given the age the risk of dealing with them grows exponentially. In addition, at first, will not prevent consultation of an experienced coach who would be able to control the correct execution of the exercises, give hints, tips.

He will be able a personalized exercise program to be tailored to the indications and contra-indications, but they in old age a lot. In any case, you should start small, gradually increasing the load and increasing the duration of employment. Experts recommend 150 minutes of physical activity per week. You can split them into 5 days and do 30 minutes, but you can go to the gym three times a week and give fitness 50 minutes. However, the short interval physical activity has many advantages, so here are all individually.

Any discomfort, pain and other unpleasant feelings — a reason to think that you are doing wrong and change their own tactics. Training should not be accompanied by such problems, because it is fraught with traumas, sprains and other unpleasant consequences. The breathing should be a little faster than normal. To sing you just can not, but to have a phrase with “colleagues on shop” — quite. Perspiration must be present, but not too abundant, the feeling of heat is moderate. Older makes sense to buy a fitness bracelet to monitor the performance of your pressure and pulse.

What types of activity are useful for older?

Of course, not all types of physical activity useful for the elderly. And although there are many “grandmothers” and “grandfathers” engaged in the workout and jumping with a parachute, it’s the exception rather the rule. A great way to start to exercise — walking. Instead of travelling by public transport to reach the destination on foot or Bicycle. If you take up the stick, get Nordic walking, which takes the load off joints and could not be better suited to the elderly. The same have advantage of water sports — swimming, aerobics, aquacycling. By the way, they are ideal activities for people with excess weight.

You can pay attention to yoga, callanetics, stretching, where there are lots of exercises that can be adapted for athletes of all skill levels. In General, there are many ways to become more active, for example, to refuse to use the Elevator and go up and down stairs, twist hula hooping, watching TV shows, but you can get a dog and then there will be the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Even regular cleaning can burn certain number of calories, so cleanliness in the house there is a double benefit. In General, older age is not a reason to put on a cross. This is a great opportunity to see what else you can do besides building a house, planting a tree and having children.

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