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Women’s fitness workout: an effective exercise program

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Women’s fitness workout: an effective exercise program
The contents

  • Weight loss and metabolic processes of the female body
  • Tips on drawing female training programs
  • The program fitness workouts for beginners
  • Exercise program for experienced fans of fitness
  • Women’s fitness-training simplified

Women’s anatomical and physiological characteristics radically different from men, so powerful biceps bulging deltoid muscles and relief of chest muscle women boast can not. However, the ladies worked efficiently lower area of the body: buttocks, thighs, calf muscles. For this reason girls is extremely important to select such exercises that will allow you to achieve balance in the improvement of the body.

General training programs, including for weight loss, women are not suitable. Evenly pump all the muscles and start the process of weight reduction will allow special fitness training. They will help to work the deep muscles of the vertebral division, transverse spinous muscles, and it will keep the correct beautiful posture.

Weight loss and metabolic processes of the female body

In the female body fat usually prevails over muscle tissue. The rate of weight loss depends on various factors:

  • the total weight of the body;
  • level of physical training;
  • the degree of physical load;
  • hormonal background.

The energy cost per kilogram is much lower in women. In the female body every gram of muscle fiber accumulates glycogen, which creates energorezerv for future performance.

Weight loss in the female body is triggered only during intense physical activities. However, even after a grueling fitness workouts speed fat burning decreases immediately after the end of the training. In the men’s body slimming actively continues after the workout.

Women’s health and levels of energy consumption depend on the characteristics of the menstrual schedule. Immediately after the loop and in the period until ovulation occurs while the energy of the rise. This period is best used for sports and active weight loss.

After 10-11 days after ovulation muscle tone decreases. The female body accumulates energy resources carefully, and to resist this natural process is not possible. However, considering that female physiological characteristics, it can be up to a day to adjust the fiznagruzki, change and add different sports elements, referring to the cycle.

Experts recommend not to stop the exercise even during the critical days. Of course, if there is no obvious discomfort and soreness. As in these days decreases the amount of estrogen and progesterone, the female body metabolism is accelerated, making fitness training even more effective.

Tips on drawing female training programs

Range of sports workouts for women should be based on the integrated basic exercises. First load should be done small, and after a period of adaptation, you can increase the number of sets, the amplitude of the exercises, fiznagruzki. When drawing women’s fitness training, consider the following rules:

  • to reduce the weight of the weights by 10-15%, compared to the men’s training complex;
  • to reduce the amount of classes per week by 20-25%;
  • to avoid the limit load in the power fitness training;
  • to begin execution of the complex with warm-up and leveling of large groups of muscles;
  • be sure to add exercises for spinal health and good posture;
  • to exclude from its programme of movements with a strong curve in the lumbar (element affects the position of the uterus and pelvic organs);
  • to include in the training system anaerobic exercise (using equipment of moderate weight), which will allow you to develop endurance and sports performance;
  • cardio women’s fitness training should prevail over power.

The program fitness workouts for beginners

Inexperienced in the sport to the girl it is important to master the correct technique of the exercises. It is best to run them under the control of a verified trainer or a coach. To start fitness training should be 2 sessions per week. Before each class, a mandatory warm-up to warm up muscles to avoid sports injuries. Best option warm-up for the beginner running at a slow pace, jumping rope, or high knees.

  • Push-UPS from the support.

In the course of the exercise involves the triceps muscle, deltoid, biceps, straight muscle of the abdomen. Follow focus on hand position strictly under the shoulders, torso, pull parallel to the floor, focusing on the toes. On the inhale bend your arms, lower your upper body, then pull hands and thus return to the original position. Perform 2 sets of 6 repetitions.

  • Study of the biceps on the block.

A separate exercise to develop biceps on the sports block. Take the handle of the lower block, exhale, pull the brush to the shoulder joints. Elbows and upper torso keep in a static position. On the inhale, take your initial position. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps.

  • Lifting dumbbells while sitting.

Exercise helps to get rid of the asymmetry of the muscles, successfully trains the vestibular apparatus, stabilizes the small and large spinal muscles. Sit on a bench or hard chair, take a dumbbell. Flexing arms, hold the shells up to the chin level. Raise the dumbbells as you exhale. Make 2 sets of 9 repetitions.

  • The leg press.

Effective exercise for the glutes, quadriceps, muscles of the legs and the press. Sit on the exerciser, put the feet on the platform. Orient the position of the legs across the width of the hips or shoulders. Squeeze the platform to push up until between the tibia and the femur not forming straight angle. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise program for experienced fans of fitness

For advanced athletes into a system of fitness activities, in addition to the standard moves, adds complicated exercises on all groups of muscles. Treatment of such fitness training involves classes in a day. Rest time between repetitions is 30-35 seconds between sets is 1 minute.

Monday: biceps and triceps, shoulder girdle.

  • The cardio is 20 minutes.
  • Bench EZ-neck in the standing position (10х3).
  • Lifting dumbbells in a standing position (12х3).
  • Lifting barbells lying (10х3).
  • French press (12х3).
  • Breeding pair of shells in an inclined position (15х3).
  • Environment: calf, thigh, and gluteal muscles.

  • Wide squats — (25×2).
  • Lunges (12h4).
  • Lifting on socks with the weights (16х3).
  • Flexion of the limbs on the simulator (13х3).
  • Squats stamped (8×2).
  • Friday: the dorsal and thoracic muscles, abdominal muscles, muscles of the bark.

  • Cardio training (plank, push-UPS from the support) — 10 minutes.
  • Press the neck in lying position (12х3).
  • Mixing brush with paired shells (12х3).
  • Thrust dumbbells to his belt in an inclined position (12х3).
  • Bending forward with the shell (12х3).
  • Twisting of the body (20х3).
  • UPS bent knees feet (12х3).
  • Women’s fitness-training simplified

    If a woman is planning to continue fitness training even in the period of ovulation, you should seek a gentle complex of physical activity. For weight loss and maintaining muscle tone in a lightweight program can include:

  • Cardio (Jogging, walking) — 25-30 minutes.
  • The thrust of the upper block (12h4).
  • The rise of the neck narrow grip (18х3).
  • Press shell to the chest (15х3).
  • Women’s exercises differ from those of men. This is caused by the physiological characteristics of the organisms and the peculiar needs of each of them. Any women’s exercise you can build in such a way that it not only spurred the weight loss, but also greatly enhance the body immunity, improve athletic performance. The more the girl exercises, the better the body will distribute the energy in process of fitness training.

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