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Women’s fitness: weight training and proper nutrition

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Women’s fitness: weight training and proper nutrition
The contents

  • Fitness classes and carbohydrate intake
  • Women’s fitness requires more reps of exercises
  • The endurance of the female body
  • Female fitness and metabolic stress
  • Rest time
  • Frequency of training

Women who regularly engaged in fitness, always look fit and beautiful. Sports help them to cope with the extra weight, stress, improve mood, bring the body in tone. However, sometimes in pursuit of the result they forget that you need to go systematically, taking into account an important fact: women’s fitness has its own characteristics based on physiology.

Fitness classes and carbohydrate intake

Physiologists have proved that active exercise can women use more fat than men. Strong same gender during training restores energy through the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. This difference is caused by the peculiarities of the female hormonal system.

The woman’s body contains more fats that is deposited inside the muscle, surrounded by organs and tissues. So for them to replenish the energy you need to focus on fat intake too. This approach to nutrition will also help to improve hormonal balance: diet, based on minimal consumption of fats often become the cause of decrease production of sex hormones that will certainly affect the physiological health of women. As a result, the weight of the TES decreases, but not at the expense of fitness training and burning excess fat, but because of hormonal disruptions in the body.

Conclusion: women as physical activity chose fitness, it is recommended to adhere to low-carb diets. If the male body copes with carbohydrates, women have their excess leads to the formation of surplus fat. Physiologists attribute this to the fact that the fairer sex less muscle. That is where carbs are accumulated and subsequently synthesized to glycogen to be used as energy source during fitness activities.

Scientists conducted an experiment: studied the effect of dietary fat on the development of breast cancer. The result showed that women who are overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle, are more at risk of getting cancer than those who brought their weight to normal, active in sports and eats right.

This experiment also showed that if completely exclude from a diet fat, replacing it with high carbohydrate food, it can only harm women’s body. It has been proven that women are easier to get energy from fatty acids than carbohydrates. Accordingly, even enhanced training, when the wrong food will not give the desired slimming effect.

Women’s fitness requires more reps of exercises

Strength exercises are more suitable for men than for women. Men this activity physically is easier. Women to achieve lasting results, you have to do more repetitions. The physiological explanation for this lies in the structural features of muscle fibers. Men have more muscle fibres of 2nd type at a time, like the women in the muscle fibers is dominated by the 1st type. And as to increase muscle mass, the necessary transformation of fibres of 2nd type 1st type, women do it harder.

It is known that muscle growth is responsible hormone testosterone. In the female body it is 10 times less than men. This explains why girls can’t do with the same intensity as men. For them fitness classes you need to build on the exercises with many repetitions and not to get heavy dumbbells or a barbell.

The endurance of the female body

To perform repetitive physical work in training average weight women help not only the muscle fibers of the 1st type, but also estrogen – the hormone responsible for the restorative functions of the body and preventing protein breakdown. This feature gives women the opportunity to engage in power exercises longer than men. With a greater effect of women’s fitness will give in the case if you do more approaches, but with less stress. While men are encouraged to perform fewer repetitions of exercises but with more weight.

If you lift a barbell or dumbbell slowly, the woman will be able to do more repetitions. Intense motion will only take away energy from the muscles, but will not achieve the desired result. And fatigue will not allow you to perform the planned workout in the right amount. In women compared to men, less muscle mass, so they exercise power lifting should be done slowly, saving energy.

Female fitness and metabolic stress

Physiological characteristics of the female body are manifested at the level of metabolism. Women are faster and better adapt to changes in metabolic load during fitness activities. At the time of exercise blood pressure is at a lower level than men. As a result, muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients. A low level of lactate increases endurance. Raising large weights reduce these benefits to a minimum. Therefore, fitness classes women must not build on the exercises with large weights and increase repetitions.

Rest time

Because women are more resilient, to restore them in less time, and between sets too. To speed up fat loss, it is recommended to exercise in the aerobic mode continuously for a long time. It should be noted that fitness, organized in this way should not include work to the limit.

Frequency of training

Given the characteristics of female fitness, it can be concluded that during the execution of strength exercises in the fairer sex muscle dissolved less and nutrients they are getting better. Therefore, the female musculature is recovering faster than men. This characteristic directly affects the ability of women to exercise more often.

Women’s training should differ from men’s training. But often the weaker sex not want to give men and seek to prove it during strength training sessions. This is unnecessary: it is wiser to listen to your body and not be guided by subjective opinions. Use the advantages of his body, and then fitness will become an excellent tool to correct the shape, improve health and simply become happier.

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