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Women’s fitness: useful exercises to strengthen the back

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Women’s fitness: useful exercises to strengthen the back

The contents

  • Effective exercises with free weights
  • Effective exercises weight loss
  • Fitness at the gym
  • Model program fitness workouts for girls
  • Warm-up and hitch — essential components of the training

Spin is involved in all daily human activities. Without a strong muscles the entire burden falls on the spine. Therefore, special attention should be paid to strengthening the muscle fibers of the back. To strengthen the most effective combinations of fitness training consisting of strength exercises with the own weight, as well as studies including the work in the gym and with weights.

This training with well dosed loads enables you to strengthen a muscular corset, to get rid of stagnation in the muscles, increase physical strength and endurance. To produce the desired result, sessions should be regular. Exercising on an individually designed program, it is extremely important to clearly observe the correct technique of performing elements and to control their breathing. It affects not only the result of fitness, but also General physical health of the performer.

Effective exercises with free weights

The combination in one practice exercises with different types of loads has a positive effect on its efficiency.

  • Pull the dumbbells to the chest of the inclined position.

Stand up straight, feet placed shoulder-width apart, hands with dumbbells pull along the trunk. Body tilted forward, not bending at the back. On the exhale, bending your elbows and bringing the shoulder blades, pull up hands with shells to the chest. On the inhale slowly lower your hands down.

  • The bends with dumbbells.

The exercise is performed from a stand with feet placed shoulder width apart. Shoulders and chest expanded, back straight. The hands lowered along the body. The shells are held neutral grip: palms face to the body. Exhaling, perform a deep forward bend, with each hand should touch the foot of the opposite leg.

  • Thrust dumbbells to his belt in the slope.

Tilt your body to the formation of parallel with the floor. The back remains straight without sagging in the lower back. The abdominal muscles are tense. On the exhale, pull the dumbbells to the belt, on the inhale straighten your arms. All movements are slow, smooth, without ragged pace and jerks.

  • Deadlifts.

Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart. Lean forward, slightly bending your knees. To take the bar medium straight grip. On the exhale, lift the ball and straighten up. Rod to hold in front of him. On the inhale lower the shell on the floor. Rod should move in a vertical path. Back throughout the exercise remained straight. Avoid backbends in the lumbar spine.

  • Bench press bar.

Lie on the horizontal bench: back straight, feet firmly pressed to the floor, a shell mounted on the head. To fix the hands on the barbell wide grip. Exhale to perform the lift of the projectile up until the end straightening the elbow joints. Then without delay, inhale, bending your elbows, return to starting position. The rise of the projectile at the expense of work of muscles of back and arms.

When working with sports equipment is very important to choose the right working weight. They should be commensurate with the level of physical readiness of the contractor. The best is that weight which allows you is technically correct to perform the exercises, taking in as much as possible the load in the target muscle.

Do not try from the first fitness training to take maximum weight. The load must be increased gradually with the growth of muscle strength.

Effective exercises weight loss

The fitness elements of the weight loss do not require any additional equipment except for a gym Mat. Their advantage also that they could be implemented in any convenient location.

  • “Boat”.

Lie on the floor belly down. The forehead rests on the floor. The arms are stretched forward. On the exhale, take your hands and feet off the floor and raise them as high as possible. In the extreme upper point to fix motionless for 7-10 seconds. Then return to the original position. The use of static load doubles the effectiveness of the training.

  • Strap.

Useful equipment, providing a comprehensive effect on the core muscles. The exercise is based on static load. Runs from the rack on the forearms: elbows located under the shoulder joints, feet together, stomach pulled in, pelvis falls downward, the lower back does not bend. The body forms a straight line from head to toe. It is necessary to keep the body as long as possible.

  • The sit-UPS.

Lie on stomach, hands to clean up behind your head, crossed the brush to the castle. The look is directed down. On the exhale, lift the torso up. At the top still have to lock for a few seconds and lower the body on the floor.

Fitness at the gym

Hyperextension is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening muscle fibers of the back. It is performed on a special simulator. Feet tightly fixed roller, the foot rests on the platform. Clean hands behind your head or crossed on his chest.

On the inhale you need to skew down on the exhalation effort of the muscles of the back slowly lift the body up to the formation of a straight line from head to toe. Avoid sudden, jerk movements: they increase the risk of injury.

To complicate sports item, using the weights. This can be a pancake from a bar or dumbbell.

In the gym for development of the back muscles can also perform:

  • the thrust of the upper block;
  • the thrust of the lower block to the belt;
  • pullups in gravitron;
  • vertical traction wide grip.

Model program fitness workouts for girls

Women’s fitness, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, may look like the following:

  • unit warm-up exercises;
  • ten minutes of cardio, which may consist of jumping rope, training on treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike;
  • thrust dumbbells to his belt;
  • the bends with dumbbells;
  • bench press bar;
  • deadlifts;
  • hyperextension;
  • sit-UPS;
  • exercise “boat”;
  • the static member “bar”;
  • hitch, consisting of several stretching exercises.

Exercises to strengthen the back can be alternated with elements aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles or the shoulder girdle. Shift the load allows the muscles time to recover and prevents over-training any one muscle group.

Warm-up and hitch — essential components of the training

Qualitatively, the warm up will gradually warm up muscles and ligaments, and prepare them for the upcoming load, thereby minimizing the risk of injury or sprains.

The hitch is held after the main training unit and consists of stretching exercises. Her main goal: to help the muscles to relax and recover after hard work.

Timely hitch will not allow the lactic acid produced during strenuous exercise, to settle in muscle tissues and relieve severe pain and delayed onset muscle soreness “the ultimate” energized.

Well-written program fitness workout will strengthen the muscle fibers of the back, will relieve pain in this area, will contribute to the adjustment of posture, will prevent the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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