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Women’s fitness: universal complex of strength exercises

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Women’s fitness: universal complex of strength exercises

The contents

  • Exercises for the lower body
  • The fitness complex for the upper body
  • The monotony of physical exercise

Newcomers came to the gym and working without a coach, face many challenges. They have to design their own training program, exercise selection, dose loading. Consider a collection of exercises, which can significantly facilitate the task to the beginner. It can be taken as a basis when drawing up the women’s program of training of initial level.

Exercises for the lower body

Key to fitness-exercise for legs and buttocks play squats. This exercise engages multiple large muscle groups: quadriceps, gluteal muscles, sciatic-tibial group of muscles. Also involves the muscles of the back and hips. Lack of exercise — high risk of injury. If you perform squats with errors that can appear pains in the knees and lower back, possible damage to the knee joints and spine. With increasing load, the risk of injury increases. So nepodvijnosti training it is better to perform squats without weights. If the classic squats are weight bearing already mastered and seem too light, you can squat on one leg.

Mastering the technique of squats on one leg, step by step:

  • Stand near an exercise ball, turning his back on him. Stretch your arms forward. Lift one leg off the floor. Slowly bend the supporting leg and lower your pelvis down as long as the buttocks do not touch the surface of the fitball. Item repeat 5-10 times each leg. Just do 3-4 approach.
  • After 3-4 weeks of training go on to squats with the ball of a smaller size. Technique does not change, but will have to squat deeper.
  • A week start to use a fitball instead of a sports bench.
  • When you’re ready, try squats without support. Deep squat, balancing on one foot and the other pulling in front of him.
  • The most common error in this exercise is tilting your head. Throughout the approach, your head should be upright, sending the gaze forward.

    Another effective exercise for development of the lower body — the pelvis rises. This is a training movement strengthens your glutes, legs, abs. Consider the kind of lifts that are performed with the exercise ball. In fact it is a combination of three exercises in one. Execution:

    • Part 1.

    “The bridge”. Lie on your back. Legs straighten, the foot and ankle put on the fitball. Hands extend to the sides at shoulder level. Press your palms into the floor. Straining the abdominal muscles, lift your pelvis. In the result, the torso and the lower extremities should form a straight line. Repeat the lifting several times. First, use a big exercise ball, but after some time, take a ball of smaller diameter.

    • Part 2.

    Flexion of the knees. Take the same starting position as in the first part. Lifting the pelvis, bend your legs and position the exercise ball to himself. Holding the pelvis lifted, roll the ball back. Repeat a few times. Roll the ball to himself, limited by his heels.

    • Part 3.

    The rise of the pelvis. The original situation remains the same. Lift the pelvis as high as possible and roll the ball to him, but now he did not rest against the heels and toes. Lower it, but not touch the floor. Do a few repetitions.

    Physical activity should be adequate to the abilities of the body. Beginners should start with 3 approaches for 5 reps. After each part you need to rest for a minute. In a week the number of repetitions in the approach should be increased to 7 and then continue to add each week by 2 repetitions. Starting from the seventh week exercise is performed one leg. Now the breaks are made. The number of repetitions increases according to the scheme previously applied.

    The fitness complex for the upper body

    To give a beautiful line of the shoulders will help you press the dumbbells over your head. Exercise is good pumps the deltoid muscle, and strengthens the triceps and chest muscles. It is performed standing or sitting. Common errors: sutullena and lifting dumbbells is not vertically, but with the deviation in direction. To perform the exercise correctly will be easier if you sit on the fitball. While keeping balance on an unstable support, the back is automatically aligned and dumbbells going straight up.

    Technique: sit on the ball, hands with dumbbells down at your sides. Spread the legs. Straighten shoulders, straighten the back. Lift the dumbbells to the shoulders and turn your hands so that your palms looking forward. Pull both hands up — this is the starting position. Perform alternating presses: lower one dumbbell to the shoulder and immediately crank it up, repeat with your other hand. Each limb make 8-10 presses, rest and repeat the approach. Just do 2-3 sets.

    For strengthening the biceps you need to perform the alternate bending of the hands with weighting. Possible errors: tilt body forward, lifting dumbbells jerk. Correct technique: bend your arms in front of him, moving weights towards the shoulders. The brush should be rotated with palms facing inward (toward the body). Gently straighten the arm, lower the dumbbell. Again bend. Do the same with the other hand. Optimal physical load in this exercise: 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions on each limb.

    In the fitness training are also encouraged to include a bench press with squats. This combined motion gives the load and the upper and lower body. The weights in it is the gymnastic stick (bodybar). Technique: lower the shell on the shoulders, straighten your back. Lift the stick straight up. Holding it above his head, slowly sit down. You can perform the bench press with the chest, but in this case, a beginner may start to hump back. When bodybar rests on the shoulders, the back is automatically aligned. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

    The monotony of physical exercise

    Training should not be monotonous and monotonous, otherwise their effectiveness will be reduced. Muscles eventually get used to the same type of physical exercise and no longer respond or respond poorly. The monotony of loads of exhausting the nervous system and reduces the motivation to work. To prevent this from happening, you need to periodically make changes to the training program.

    Fitness workouts are usually retains its effectiveness a month and a half. An experienced coach can help to extend its life for another month and a half, but then the old complex is necessary to update or completely change. To escape from the monotony of classes also helps micropterigidae alternating loads of different complexity. For novices it can be an alternating light and heavy workouts a week for advanced athletes — alternating two training weeks, heavy and light.

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