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Women’s fitness: training rules at home

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Women’s fitness: training rules at home

The contents

  • The rules of fitness at home
  • The pros and cons of physical activity at home
  • Features home exercise program

Regular fitness classes help women to maintain the harmony and beauty of the body, to take care of your health and prolong youth. The modern pace of life does not always give you the opportunity to visit the gym or fitness center, so many girls are forced to find other things to do. A good alternative to sports halls are home workouts that with proper selection of exercises and proper determination can easily be replaced.

The rules of fitness at home

In programming it is important to consider the individual characteristics of the athlete and not to forget the harmonious and comprehensive study of the muscles. To make the class really effective and healthy should follow some simple rules:

  • Correction of the diet. At first glance, this paragraph has little to do with physical activity, but in reality nutrition is the basic condition to reduce weight and maintain the harmony. Any exercise becomes meaningless if the person continues randomly and in large volumes to absorb food. To lose weight you can use a balanced diet or to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. The menu should be slow carbohydrates and protein.
  • Drinking regime. Not less important than the correct diet, is water balance. Daily is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water — it supports the proper operation of the systems of the body.
  • When performing fitness workouts is very important to breathe correctly. You should not hold your breath during the performance of sports elements, as oxygen enhances oxidation of fat cells and speeds up the process of weight loss.
  • For homework there is a need to find a quiet place where they will not interfere with other people, as well as a fresh air. Before training it is recommended to thoroughly ventilate.
  • When choosing clothes should be preferred breathable cotton fabrics, can absorb moisture. Things should not bother you or hamper movement. For aerobic training mandatory sneakers with cushioned soles that reduce stress on joints when jumping.
  • Before the main set of exercises sure to perform exercise. It will prepare the body for the activity and reduce the risk of injury or bruises. At the end of the workout perform some stretching elements in order to relieve tension and speed up muscle recovery.
  • Slimming is important not only physical activity but also proper rest, so training is recommended every two or three days that muscle was able to heal after power loads. Aerobic exercises may be performed more frequently, it is important to ensure that joints do not have any pain.
  • Home workouts require self-sufficiency and results-orientation. Physical activity should be increased gradually, to take just too much weight or do limit the number of repetitions should not.

    The pros and cons of physical activity at home

    Thinking about home occupations, many women pre-weigh all the advantages and disadvantages they have. The positive aspects the fitness training at home include:

    • the opportunity to pick their classes without reference to a chart for the gym;
    • cost-effectiveness of home training, because you do not have to buy a gym membership and pay a personal trainer;
    • time-saving necessary to get to the fitness center and back;
    • the lack of prying, which may confuse beginners;
    • comfort and hygienic water procedures carried out before and after class;
    • a variety of programs and areas of fitness, the opportunity to choose their favorite items on the mood.

    The negative aspects of self-exercise consider:

    • errors in the technique of beginners and the need for independent study of each exercise;
    • the lack of simulators that allow you to diversify program activities;
    • various distractions in the form of family members, Pets, calls or guests.

    Before you begin to house training, it is recommended to schedule lessons and develop a fitness program to minimize all the negative aspects.

    Features home exercise program

    Beginners are recommended to start exercising at home with circular programme that combines aerobic and power load. They are characterized by high intensity and the ability to quickly burn fat.

    The principle of constructing a fitness program is simple: during the training, carried out exercises on different muscle groups, each in one approach 10-20 repetitions. When all elements are executed, the set ends and after a pause repeats again. Rest between sets should not exceed 60 seconds. At home workout should include presses, pull-UPS, a variety of twisting, bending of hands with dumbbells, squats, lunges and push-UPS.

    The optimal number of workouts per week — 3. Programme of fitness classes can be individually or use a ready-made scheme, adapting it for themselves.

    Day 1:

    • attacks;
    • gluteal bridge;
    • lifting on socks;
    • direct twisting;
    • push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands.

    Day 2:

    • classic push-UPS;
    • direct twisting;
    • lunges forward;
    • Mahi leg back;
    • classic squats.

    Day 3:

    • squats in the technique of “Plie”;
    • attacks back;
    • lifts on tiptoe;
    • classic push-UPS;
    • direct twisting.

    Each exercise is repeated 10 to 20 times; the number of rounds select on their own. Physical activity should not be the limit for beginners in the first few sessions. An important condition for the success of home training is their systematic and proper execution.

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