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Women’s fitness-training for the development of the biceps

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Women’s fitness-training for the development of the biceps

The contents

  • The mode of training for strengthening the biceps
  • Best women’s exercises for biceps
  • Important nuances of fitness training
  • Program of physical activity

Biceps two — headed muscle of a shoulder, clearly visible from the front side of the arm. It worked relief allows you to define beauty and aesthetics of the hands. The girls train biceps just as important as men. A particularly useful exercise for biceps muscles will be women who are in the stage of getting rid of excess weight. Hands lose sagging and acquire attractive shape. Exercises for the biceps traditionally include the load with free-weights or using additional equipment. The systematic implementation of training to achieve beautiful hands possible already after 4-5 weeks of classes.

The mode of training for strengthening the biceps

Women’s strength training for biceps is often combined with a back strain and upper shoulder girdle. Thus it is possible to efficiently and evenly develop all the necessary groups of muscles.

Mode of physical activity for girls should be based on the physical fitness of the athletes on the target muscle, which it plans to strengthen, in addition to biceps.

Basic are the following three modes of execution of loads:

  • back muscles + biceps;
  • triceps + biceps;
  • triceps + upper body + biceps.

For the effective development of the biceps, you need to choose the most appropriate complex of these three. It is also recommended to distribute these programs for 3 days. For example, on Monday to complete the first complex. On Wednesday, the second, and Friday should complete the exercises of the third complex. In this case, the entire upper part of the body will develop evenly, and biceps (the target muscle) to pump more effective.

If the primary task is to female fat loss in the region of the biceps muscle, the isolated complexes will not fit. In this case, you should contact either the circular physical exercise that combines aerobic and anaerobic steps, or complex security programs for weight-loss.

Best women’s exercises for biceps

The most effective weight for women for bicep presents different variations of the flexion-extension of the arms and presses.

  • Bending of hands with dumbbells for biceps.

Effective exercise that causes the muscles of the hands in the tone. Take the dumbbells, extend hands along the body, stand up straight, keep your posture straight. The elbow position as close as possible to the body. On the exhale, bend your elbows, leaving your shoulders still. The resulting movement of the brush pull up the dumbbells to the shoulder joints, exhale straighten your arms to the starting position.

  • Flexion of the hands with paired shells in the slope of sitting.

Sit comfortably on a chair or bench. A little give the body forward. Pick up a ball (dumbbell or kettlebell). Free hand position on the thigh of the bottom leg for additional support of the body. Hold upper body still. The hand with the shell down so that the elbow of the active hand rested on the thigh legs. On the inhale bend your arm at the elbow and pull the projectile to the bicep. On the exhale, lower your arm to the starting point. Repeat with the other hand.

  • Flexion Of Zottman.

Versatile exercise, allowing you to use powerful biceps and muscles-stabilizers. Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width position of the pelvis. Take the dumbbells reverse grip (wrists should be rotated away from the torso). On the inhale bend both legs to the level of the biceps, and then expand the palm of your hand with the back facing you. Next, follow the straightening of the arms to their original positions.

  • Stretching expander, fitness bands or sport tape.

Stand in the middle of the sports tape. Grab the ends and place the hands along the body in such a way that the fingers were turned in the direction from the body. On the inhale stretch arms expander to the level of the biceps muscle, overcoming the resistance of rubber bands.

  • Push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands.

In normal push-UPS with an average production of hands actively working in the Delta and the muscles of the upper back. Than closer together the hands are placed during the pushup, the less committed the voltage, moving the biceps. For a balanced development of the biceps muscle to lower the body slowly and rise quickly. If the girl to carry out such exercise does not allow the level of training, perform the action from any convenient support (on bench, chair or wall). Most importantly, a narrow formulation of the hands, straight back, straight shoulders, and balance.

Important nuances of fitness training

For successful strength training for the biceps, girls need to consider some features of training.

The weight of the dumbbells should be matched to your level of physical training. Too much weight of shells can lead to tearing of muscle fibers and other injuries. A large mass of dumbbells and weights is also fraught with the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness the next day after a workout.

The ideal load for the first classes to improve the relief of the biceps — 4-5 kg. For home training specialists recommend to buy collapsible dumbbells, weight which are convenient to change, adjusting it for your personal athletic progress.

If the girl is actively working on the biceps only to tighten loose skin after weight loss will be quite small dumbbells 2-3 kg.

Program of physical activity

A well-planned system of physical exercise will be the best companion for girls who want to work the biceps shoulders. Each training is designed to achieve a specific purpose, so when clear and regular execution, you can achieve excellent results in a short time.

First, define the main goal and do the exercises according to the prescribed training regime.

  • Mode to increase the volume of the biceps.

Each physical exercise is repeated in 5-7 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Between visits it is necessary to arrange a pause in 30-35 seconds. The recovery time between species activity — 2-3 minutes. The pace is moderate, closer to slow.

  • Mode to bring the muscles in tone.

Each exercise is performed in 3-4 sets, 12-14 repetitions. Between sets rest for the muscles 30-45 seconds. Pause between varieties of physical activity — 2 minutes. The tempo is fast: with this actively start the process of weight reduction.

Study of the biceps is an important element of women’s power training. Developed biceps muscles not only make the hands of the girls are strong and hardy, but also give them aesthetic appearance.

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