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Women’s fitness: the best exercises to increase leg

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Women’s fitness: the best exercises to increase leg
The contents

  • The importance of conducting warm-up before power fitness training
  • The main set of exercises to pump the muscles of the legs
  • Recommendations for strengthening the effectiveness of the fitness

Skinny legs is the same lack of female figures as their excessive obesity. Of course, it is much rarer, but its elimination becomes easy and quick. Girls with thin legs need to put a lot of effort to make this part of the body more attractive. Moreover, the consumption of large quantities of high-calorie foods in the hope to increase the amount of feet due to the growth of adipose tissue is not an option, since fat can focus not where we would like. Only physical exercises which will increase muscle mass, can solve the problem of thin legs.

The importance of conducting warm-up before power fitness training

Favor warm-up conducted before any exercise fitness or high-intensity physical activity cannot be overemphasized. Warm-up load had a positive effect on the body:

  • increases blood circulation and slightly raises the body temperature;
  • smoothly accelerates the rhythm of the breath, prevent shortness of breath during fitness training;
  • helps produce synovial fluid, which minimizes the risk of premature abrasion of the joints;
  • increases blood flow to the muscle and connective tissues.

All of these processes efficiently prepare the body to stress and thus to improve the efficiency of fitness training and to minimize the risk of injury during their conduct.

In the warm-up before exercise for muscle building lean of the feet can include the following easy to carry out a training movement:

  • Jumping on the spot.
  • Lifting on socks.
  • Rolls from heel to toe and toe to heel.
  • Walking on the sides of the feet.
  • Alternately stop rotation left and right.
  • Mahi lower limbs in different directions.
  • Jumping rope.
  • The main set of exercises to pump the muscles of the legs

    After completing the warm-up, it is necessary to immediately move to the main part of fitness classes, which should include strength training the following motion:

    • Squats with weights.

    Additional weight you can hold along the body, near the chest or shoulders. In case if the fitness training at home, but at home no required sports equipment you can use at hand heavy objects to enhance the load. To perform classic squats, you should stand up straight, place feet at a distance corresponding to the width of the shoulders, and then take the pelvis back and lower it to the level parallel with the floor. To fix the pelvis in the bottom position for a second, controlling that the patella was facing forward and parallel to each other and were not on socks. Exhaling and pushing your heels into the floor to straighten up. This exercise should be repeated 10 times, the weight of the weights must be such that the last repetition was given almost on the limit.

    • Exercise The Pistol.

    For his performance, standing with a flat back to put a straight lower limb forward and bend the knee of the supporting leg, squatting as low as possible. This element of the fitness workout should be repeated 10 times on each leg. Beginners can squat without additional weights, and physically developed women should use weights to increase the load on the muscles of the lower extremities.

    • Lunges with the weights.

    Stand up straight, picking up the weights. Straining press for a more positive balance, complete step forward with one leg and Crouch by bending both the knee joint at an angle of 90 degrees. Without changing straight body position, push off the heel of the supporting leg and rise up from the squat. Repeat the exercise 15 times on each lower limb. Lunges can be done alternating with the left and right legs or stick diagram, which implies the execution of all repetitions, first with one foot and then the other.

    • Abduction of the lower limb to the side.

    Fulfilling this element of fitness is recommended to use special cuff-weighting, worn on the ankle, or work with a shock-absorbing tape, fixing one end of the base leg and the other foot working the lower limbs. The immediate technique of doing an exercise involves a slow retraction of the straight leg to the side and lifting it as high as possible. The optimal number of repetitions to 15 times on each lower limb.

    • Leg swings back.

    To kneel and rest against the floor with his hands. Back, while maintaining the natural bend should be parallel to the floor. The chin should be lifted and to direct the gaze forward. Further, the exercise should strain the press and push out one lower limb back and up. Feeling the tension in the buttocks and thighs, smoothly lower the leg. Mahi repeat 15 times each leg.

    • Do leg lifts lying on your side.

    To take a predetermined starting position, stretch your hands to the floor and slowly raise your lower limb as high as possible. For a second, fixing the leg in a position perpendicular to the body, slowly lower it. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times, over on the other side and perform the same number of ascents.

    Recommendations for strengthening the effectiveness of the fitness

    In order to achieve fast and effective result of the increase of the muscles of the feet during fitness activities, girls need to consider a number of important nuances and to comply with such recommendations:

    • it is impossible to ignore the warm-up because it significantly affects the performance;
    • all the elements of a set of exercises, even leg swings, you need to perform with additional weight to stimulate muscle development. Otherwise, especially if you work in mnogopoliarnosti, you can achieve the opposite effect – greater weight loss in the lower extremities;
    • in daily menu should include protein foods, including prepared sports protein to provide the body with sufficient nutrients to build new muscle tissue cells;
    • you must train regularly, making a break between sessions of 1-2 days. It is necessary for high-quality regeneration of muscle fibers, received minor injuries as a result of heavy load. Without proper recovery of the muscles can be effectively strengthened and developed.

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