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Women’s fitness rules: exercise with dumbbells

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Women’s fitness rules: exercise with dumbbells
The contents

  • Rules for conducting fitness workouts
  • A set of exercises with dumbbells for women
  • Exercises by muscle groups

Strength training is a wonderful option for people wanting to lose weight and shape a beautiful body. While it is not necessary to visit a gym, as to create the right load for the muscles is possible and in house conditions. For girls the best option would be to perform exercises with small weights in the form of dumbbells, which can be purchased at any sporting goods store and convenient to store at home thanks to their compact size. Dumbbells are considered universal exercise equipment, they easily work the whole body, it is only important to draw up a programme of lessons.

Rules for conducting fitness workouts

Exercises with dumbbells allow the body hard to burn energy, encouraging weight loss. In the process, also strengthened as the load of the muscle, making the body more fit and shapely. For convenience, training is recommended to buy collapsible dumbbells — these will help to gradually increase physical activity to achieve better results.

For health safety when working with free weights you should exercise caution and adhere to the following rules:

  • Beginners, not previously involved with sports, enough dumbbell weight 0,5-1 kg. When the body gets used to the loads, the weights can be increased.
  • For weight loss exercise performed in mnogopotochnoy style; weight dumbbells — 2-3 kg. In the classroom to strengthen muscles and increase endurance using weights of 5 kg.
  • All movements are carried out smoothly, even if the workout involves fast paced: jerks and use the force of inertia must be avoided.
  • Each class begins with warm-up exercises without using dumbbells. The gradual warming up of muscles will help to tune in to productive work and reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • Lessons must be done regularly at least 3 times a week. Performing the basic exercise program, excluding warm-up and cool-down should take at least 20 minutes.
  • An important condition for training is proper breathing — exhale commit in a moment of stress.
  • High physical activity — a significant contribution to the maintenance of your health, but in the presence of certain diseases the load must be agreed with a doctor. Exercises with dumbbells not recommended for people suffering hypertension, heart disease and asthma. Caution should be exercise for women during pregnancy and lactation. In diseases of the thyroid gland and problems with the spine will also need expert advice.

    A set of exercises with dumbbells for women

    The start of every fitness training is the workout. Its main purpose is heating of the body, so all movements are performed in the active pace. You can use any of the easy exercises: Jogging in place, jumping rope or trampoline, rotation, and tilts of the body, waving the arms and legs. Then take a small dumbbell and continue the workout with them:

  • Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells pull in front of the body parallel to the floor. Tip the case downward while simultaneously turning it to touch the right dumbbell left leg. Straighten up, repeat the movement in the other direction.
  • Hands with dumbbells held bent in front of chest. On two accounts marching forward while alternately throw hands forward. Then take two steps backwards, hands making beats in hand.
  • After the warm-up start the basic set of exercises with dumbbells:

    • Presses with weights.

    You can perform both standing and lying; the main movement will push up the dumbbells from the shoulders or chest.

    • Squats with weights.

    Doing the classic squat, or hold dumbbells in front of chest or in the lowered hands.

    • Attacks.

    Represent a large step forward, where the standing knee behind the feet should touch the floor, and then go back to the initial position. Dumbbells can be kept in the lowered hands, or simultaneously with the downward movement, bend the elbows and raise them to the shoulders, to work out the biceps of the arms.

    • Twisting.

    In the lying position abut the foot to the floor, hold the dumbbell with two hands near the chest. Raise shoulders off the floor, twisting the spine forward.

    • Thrust in the slope.

    To perform the exercise with one hand and the corresponding knee rests on the support arm with the dumbbell kept drooping; on the exhale, pull the dumbbell to your stomach, then return down.

    • Breeding hands.

    For the element lie on the floor, pull dumbbell over chest. Widely spreads his arms to the side, slightly bending your elbows, then re-join the gym upstairs.

    Upon completion of the fitness training perform stretching, with an emphasis on the worked muscle groups.

    Exercises by muscle groups

    In programming you need to choose the exercises so that worked out all the major muscles of the body. Over time, sessions for specific groups can be divided into different days to increase the burden.

    To work out the owner use the following elements:

  • Lift the dumbbells standing or sitting. In the initial position the arms along the body and close to the body. Bend the elbows, bringing the dumbbells to the shoulders, then falls.
  • Raise your hands with dumbbells over head. Bending at the elbows, lower them behind your back, then straighten again.
  • Strengthening the back allows you to create a strong muscular corset and improves posture:
  • Stand straight, slightly bent legs, the pelvis serves forward. Hands with dumbbells omitted in the case. Pull the dumbbells upwards, bringing the blade, then return to starting position.
  • Standing straight bred hand in hand, then falls back. Elbows in the process should not be bent.
  • Strengthen leg muscles with the following exercises:

  • Squats sumo with the weights. In the starting position it is necessary to deploy socks to the side and widely spread his legs; holding a dumbbell between your knees.
  • Cross lunges with dumbbells. In their implementation, it is important not to fall to the side, in front of standing leg should rest on the floor throughout the sole.
  • Fitness classes should also include study of the abdominals:

  • The sit-UPS. Lie on the floor, the foot rests on the surface, hands with dumbbells over head. Raise the body, the forehead touch the knees back to the floor.
  • Lying on the floor, left hand with a dumbbell held near the head; the right is elongated in the direction across the floor. Twist trunk to the right, trying to touch the left elbow right knee. After completing the desired number of repetitions, do the exercise in the other direction.
  • Fitness training can complement aerobic exercise in the form of various sasahivi on the hill, running at a fast pace.

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