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Women’s fitness: push-UPS and use of exercises for chest muscles

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Women’s fitness: push-UPS and use of exercises for chest muscles
The contents

  • The execution scheme of the classic push-UPS
  • Options exercises using hills
  • Varieties of push UPS with a change of hand position
  • Rules of performance of exercises for chest muscles
  • A sample fitness program

Women often perceive pushups as a purely masculine activity, causing active growth of muscle mass. It really is basic and effectively engages many muscle groups of the body, allows us to develop General strength and endurance.

Pushups are equally useful for both men and women. They will not spoil the slim figure of a girl, but on the contrary will help to tighten the breast and give her a nice shape. If you can perform other exercises for the chest muscles with weights, the type of butterfly or bench press, the pectoral muscles will increase in volume, their upper part are ugly bulge and thus distort the female figure.

The execution scheme of the classic push-UPS

Classic push UPS are the basis of the training of the chest muscles and base to run other variants of this exercise. It is with these push-UPS, women should start pumping those muscles and then get to know other, more complicated exercises.


  • Accept the position in the rest position fixed to the floor with palms and toes of the feet.
  • Your palms should be directly under the shoulder joints, and hands to be straight.
  • Straighten your back, push the buttocks, achieving smooth torso.
  • Tighten all the muscles of the body, and the eyes were fixed on the forward.
  • Slowly bend your elbows, lowering the torso down and holding it in a static posture.
  • Try to descend to a position where the elbows are bent at a right angle, then straighten them up.
  • In the highest position of the arm should remain slightly bent, to chest muscles were in constant tension.
  • Options exercises using hills

    To complicate the exercise and provide a greater load on the muscles of the chest can be elevated:

  • In the first embodiment, on the hill, which can be an exercise ball, chair or bench, should have put his feet. The higher you place your limbs, the more load the target muscles, and also arms and shoulders. After mastering the classic push-UPS place your feet on a small elevation, after the sudden increase in load there is a risk of damaging the elbow joints.
  • Also on hills can hold and hands, that will help us more efficiently work on the lower part of the chest muscles, in contrast to previous exercises that focuses on upper chest. This exercise is not difficult and to make it possible even for beginners to athletes.
  • Varieties of push UPS with a change of hand position

    During fitness training it is important to load the same muscles at different angles, thus shifting the focus fiznagruzki from one area to another. Performing pushups from a horizontal surface, and changing the position of the hands can be thoroughly work the target muscle:

  • Pushups with wide hand positioning allow to use of the chest muscles, especially the middle part. This requires positioning hands about 25 cm wider than the usual and perform pushups in accordance with the above algorithm.
  • To shift the emphasis of the load on the triceps, you can perform the pushups with a narrow hand position with elbows ought to have ago. This exercise is quite complex, and what are already your hands, the harder it is to perform, so absolute beginners it is not recommended.
  • One of the embodiments of the previous exercises for chest muscles are pushups with hands turned inward and palms should be placed so that the thumbs touch each other. This exercise also helps to work the triceps.
  • Bringing the cotton are quite an intense exercise for the muscles of the chest, which is available only to experienced athletes. It is performed by analogy with the classical push-UPS, but instead of extension of elbows here to do a push up so high to be able to slap hands and then fall down. The land on the flat of the hand absolutely impossible, otherwise you can get injured elbows. Should fall on bent arms and then bend them more until the next breakthrough.
  • Rules of performance of exercises for chest muscles

    The following rules for the conduct of fitness training, based on the push-UPS are very important for safety and maximum effect:

  • Any activity should always begin with a warm-up, even if it is short and easy. It can include running in place and jumping, leg swings and arms, sit-UPS and tilts.
  • Do push-UPS slowly, only in this case your muscles will work with maximum efficiency. Performing exercises at a fast pace, you’re moving on inertia, and because the result of such training is quite small.
  • Start with a small number of repetitions (often 10 times), and increase it as growth stamina.
  • Before the start of the push-up tighten your whole body and in this state perform a whole approach that will allow you to better feel the muscle work.
  • Try to focus on training without being distracted by extraneous sounds and actions.
  • If you are a novice athlete, pick a comfortable range of motion, allowing to avoid discomfort during the training.
  • Start the acquaintance with the push-UPS with their classic version.
  • In the course of performing push-UPS shouldn’t strain your neck and shoulders. To avoid this, hang the head down.
  • A sample fitness program

    Use the following fitness program you will be able in a short time strengthen chest muscles and arms.

    In the first training day should do 5 sets, making between them a break in 1 minute:

  • 4-11 times;
  • 6-15 times;
  • 8-19 times;
  • 7-16 times;
  • 8-11 times.
  • Second day of push-UPS performed in the same way, but the number of repetitions this time a few changes:

  • 6-11 times;
  • 8-17 times;
  • 10-21 times;
  • 9-19 times;
  • 6-13 time.
  • In the third day of training should be wrung out of such a scheme:

  • 5-13 times;
  • 8-17 times;
  • 9-19 times;
  • 8-17 times;
  • 5-13 time.
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