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Women’s fitness or how to start productive to do?

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Proper training always have several fundamental goals. This includes system weight loss, and beautiful pumped up muscles, and improving health through training of the heart muscle, and development of breathing. Read the article and learn how to deal with them.

Want a beautiful body? Do not focus only on certain areas of your body. Training programs for women are always individual, each woman need to pick up a new one, based on her personal characteristics. But there is an important rule! Whatever you wanted to fix in your body, you need to engage in a complex, carefully pumping the whole body.

Important rules flow body in the hall

What are the nuances of your body you need to consider to build a perfect program?

  • In this place the muscles a bit? Do not overdo it with pumping. In other words, legs and buttocks should be doing more active than the upper part of the body to maintain a more feminine shape. In this case sharing exercise between the upper and lower part in the ratio of 3 to 1. Remember, it’s not worth doing just the hardware or just aerobics. In all need a “happy medium” to keep the femininity and sophistication.
  • During ovulation stop rock press. And in General in this period, it is good to reduce the load on the entire body, limiting all exercise to a minimum – 3 sets, 3 repetitions.
  • General indicators of training for women. They must consider many factors, ranging from time spent in the hall, and ending with the number of repetitions. Any exercise must include not more than 25-30 repetitions. Between sets must rest for about a minute. Throughout women’s workout you need to drink water.

Kill fat in our body. Best exercise for women

So, you’ve already begun to lose weight, but the exercises are still undecided? Workout plans for women are very different. If you are just starting out, this program is for you. It combines both power and cardio exercise that will make weight loss far more effective:

  • Squats – 5 sets of 20 repetitions.
  • The area on the bar – in other words, the lifting leg raises – 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Romanian deadlifts – 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • California bench – 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Attacks. You can do with the weights.

Practice this plan at least every other day and will soon see significant changes in your body.

What is functional training and “what it eats”?

In our time, functional training is a popular thing used by many people. But even more than those who have not yet heard about this concept. So what is it? Very simple! This is a simple casual man’s occupation, repeated everywhere. Carrying heavy bags from the store or climb the stairs because the Elevator disconnected? Functional training. Can replace any exercise or do it in addition to the main classes.

Program functional training – an ordinary life, which has turned out to be a lot of positive nuances.

Not only will you find more opportunity to train, but will her muscles to move in new ways.

Surprised, but for productive pumping you don’t have to run packages to the fourth floor and back. There are special simulators, which create a complete sense of natural everyday movements. But they have the advantage over household activities. They are aimed at comprehensive and integrated pumping throughout the body. In his trainings is to evenly distribute the load, and a few weeks you’ll see the beginning to change your figure.

How to become the owner of the beautiful body?

You just joined the gym? Then you just need to draw up a programme of training. For every trip to the gym you have to work out all muscle groups. That’s why you need to resort to the system of training, fullbody. Split-training is not suitable in the initial stages. Resorted to them experienced athletes, with the already developed muscles, if you want to focus on a particular part of your body.

Another advantage of fullbody is recovery is possible if you are unable to work out early and missed class. So your attention provided a basic plan, fullbody affecting all muscle groups:

  • Strap. The miracle exercise that is not only masterfully pumping straight and lateral abdominal muscles but also back muscles.
  • Deadlifts. Pumping almost all muscle groups in the body. But it needs to perform 2 times a week (usually not necessary). Go with a bare neck, over time increasing the weight.
  • Attacks. It is advisable to conduct this exercise using the weights in the form of dumbbells or barbells on your shoulders.
  • Squats. The exercise also requires weights in the form of barbells or dumbbells on the shoulders. When properly executed 2 times a week nice legs and ass is guaranteed.
  • The bench press barbell on the bench, breeding hands with dumbbells or push-UPS. Optimal study of the biceps and pectoral muscles. Not to overdo it, better not to exceed the exercise more than 1 time a week.

If you just started, do each exercise 15-20 times, and for the strap will be enough for half a minute in three approaches. Work, and work will be rewarded.

Choose for yourself: functional training, training programs from the Internet, fullbody or all together. The main thing – desire of the Transfiguration. If once to take and to overcome all the difficulties, the result will not keep itself waiting. Good luck!

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