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Women’s fitness: how to make exercise program?

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Women’s fitness: how to make exercise program?
The contents

  • Body shape: what kind of training to choose
  • Advice on the preparation of the training plan
  • The pros and cons of training at home and in the audience
  • Plan home fitness workouts
  • Exercises for workouts at the gym for a week
  • Nutrition tips

To create a slimmer, muscle relief, and the skin is more elastic, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to physical stress. Many people find it hard to force yourself to practice regularly. Regardless of whether he wants the girl to build muscle or lose weight, the reason for ignoring the sport is often the lack of any system. To avoid the messy attempts to introduce the sport in their lives will help formed training program. It is compiled based on the goals that stand before the girl, and depends on the level of physical training and lifestyle. If this is not enough some exercise. Exercise, diet, sleep and rest — it all works together.

Body shape: what kind of training to choose

All people are different. Therefore, the training plan should be prepared individually. It depends not only on what the girl wants sport. An important factor influencing the choice of the system of exercises is the body type.

Of the many female figures there are a few basic types.

  • “Pear”.

Larger volume, relative to the upper half of the body are the buttocks, thighs and legs. So girls should choose exercises for accent study lower body.

  • Rectangle.

These girls shoulders and hips are about the same size the waist is not expressed. Fat is stored usually in the abdomen. Here you can use a combination of cardiovascular activity and exercise with the load on the obliques.

  • “The Apple”.

In this way holders of large Breasts are pretty big belly but slim legs. They can use a cardio workout with basic exercises — to even out the proportions to burn fat and increase muscle mass in the lower body.

  • “Inverted triangle”.

These girls have a slender body with broad shoulders. Align the proportion of possible exercises for legs and buttocks.

  • “Hourglass”.

Holders of a pronounced waist with roughly the same volume at the chest and hips can reduce the weight and to tighten the muscles through dynamic loads. The most effective are circuit training.

Advice on the preparation of the training plan

To create an effective training plan, in addition to features of a Constitution, it is necessary to consider the following aspects.

  • The purpose of training.

For getting rid of subcutaneous fat with preservation of the proportions of the body choose cardio and circuit training. Build muscle and to remove excess can, combining strength exercises and cardio.

  • Health.

You need to choose the sorts of loads that would be safe with existing health problems.

  • Recovery.

Between workouts should be at least 1-2 days.

  • Biorhythms.

Assign training should be the most productive time for the person.

  • The duration of the classes.

Depending on the type of load, the workouts last from 30 to 90 minutes. The combination of short home training with longer in the hall will lead to the desired result even faster.

  • Alternating loads.

Select the days for working various muscle groups.

The pros and cons of training at home and in the audience

Before you make a plan, it is necessary to determine where trainings will take place: at home or in the gym. In some cases a combination of home exercises and trainings in the fitness center will be more effective.

The exercising at home has many advantages:

  • you can train at any convenient time;
  • to create the most comfortable conditions;
  • single training is ideal for those who are shy of their body;
  • no need to spend time on the road to the hall;
  • there is no financial cost;
  • the outcome of an intensive home training with comparable training in the fitness room.

Disadvantages of home training is the lack of coaching and the complexity of self-organization.

The pros of training in the hall:

  • the ability to ask your coach for help and advice;
  • a variety of equipment and tools for training;
  • the lack of distractions, ability to focus on the sport.

The disadvantages of such training can be considered time and money. Some also don’t like the gym because there we have to train with other people, to wait a turn to the right trainer and change into a common area.

Plan home fitness workouts

A rough plan of training designed for a small load, alternating with a day of relaxation — it will help to quickly achieve the desired results.

Monday: circuit training for the whole body.

All tasks are performed one after the other for 10-15 repetitions without a break. Resting between rounds no more than 2 minutes, you need to make 4-5 sets.

  • Squats.
  • Push-UPS.
  • Jumps breeding and cotton over his head.
  • Attacks.
  • Bar — 10 or more seconds.
  • Wednesday: exercise for legs and buttocks with elastic bands for fitness.

    Perform 2-3 sets of 20-25 times.

  • Abduction legs back.
  • Side steps. Legs bent, elastic bands located above the knees and in the legs.
  • Squats with elastic bands in the hips and legs.
  • Abduction feet to the side and back, elastic band located in the legs.
  • Lift the straight leg up lying on your back. The elastic band is held on the floor by the foot of the second leg.
  • The gluteal bridge, gum, positioned on the thighs.
  • Do leg lifts lying on your side.
  • Abduction feet to the side on all fours. The working leg is bent, the elastic stretched in the middle of the thighs.
  • Friday: workout on all body parts.

    Perform 2-3 sets. Lunges — 15-20 times for each leg.

  • Bending forward with simultaneous abduction legs back — 15 times each leg.
  • Simultaneously lift the opposite leg back and arms forward on all fours — 20-25 times on each side.
  • Pushups — 10-15 times.
  • Side twist side-lying — to 30 times in each direction.
  • Diagonal crunches — 20 times in each direction.
  • Sunday: exercise for the upper body.

    Every exercise performed in 3 sets of 10-15 times.

  • Squats with arms raised up straight arms.
  • Lunges with leap up. Hands have behind your head, elbows out to the sides.
  • Tilt lift back and arms forward.
  • Abbreviated burpee: starting position — standing.
  • The simultaneous rise of direct legs and arms up and to the side lying on his stomach.
  • Exercises for workouts at the gym for a week

    Circuit training is considered the most productive for weight loss and development of muscles. To perform each exercise should be 20 times. Do you need 3 circles. The breaks between the rounds do not exceed 2 minutes. You should train three times a week.

    Day 1: training for treatment of the entire body.

  • The leg extension in the simulator browsing.
  • Horizontal thrust.
  • Attacks.
  • The vertical thrust.
  • Bending of hands with dumbbells for triceps.
  • Traction on the biceps.
  • Twisting.
  • Sasakianime on the platform — 3 minutes each leg.
  • Day 2: training for the lower body.

  • Hyperextension.
  • The leg press.
  • The gluteal bridge.
  • Attacks.
  • Abduction legs back in the block.
  • Deadlifts sumo.
  • Cardio on stationary bike — 10 minutes.
  • Day 3: training for the upper body.

  • Bench press bar.
  • Thrust block in the simulator in the horizontal plane.
  • Vertical thrust block.
  • Breeding hands with dumbbells while lying.
  • Pull with one hand in the simulator browsing.
  • The bending of the arms at the biceps.
  • Push-UPS.
  • Cardio — 10-15 minutes.
  • Individual day for pumping press is not necessary. It is enough to add 2 exercises for the abdominal muscles at the end of each round.

    Nutrition tips

    To the process of losing weight to go faster, you need to listen to these recommendations.

  • Excluded from the diet of “fast” carbohydrates: sugar, pastries, sodas, juices in packages.
  • Consume sufficient amounts of “slow” carbohydrates, and proteins.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • To drink enough water.
  • Eat foods containing healthy fats: fish, nuts, avocados, olive oil.
  • To avoid big breaks between meals.
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