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Women’s fitness: home workout for buttocks

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Women’s fitness: home workout for buttocks
The contents

  • The use of home fitness workouts for buttocks
  • The complex of exercises for developing the gluteal muscles
  • Recommendations for fitness at home

Beautiful rounded buttocks — the dignity of the female figure, which dreams of most women. Fortunately for women, to improve the condition and the shape of the buttocks can be quite quickly and easily by performing special exercises for developing the gluteal muscles. And it can be done at home and with no less success than at a professional gym.

The use of home fitness workouts for buttocks

In addition to solving the main task — improvement of the shape of the buttocks due to the strengthening and development of the muscle — home fitness training has a positive effect on the entire body and promotes the following positive changes:

  • come to tone all major muscle groups, including the muscular system and included in its structure the muscles of the press;
  • strengthens cardiac muscles, improves the function of the entire circulatory system;
  • increases physical endurance of the body;
  • occurs prevention of many diseases, including gynecological and those that are a consequence of an inactive or sedentary lifestyle.

The complex of exercises for developing the gluteal muscles

Home fitness training, which aims to strengthen the gluteal muscles should include effective training complex:

  • Cup squats.

Stand up straight. Feet should be spread shoulder-width apart and deploy socks out. Take two hands a dumbbell, kettlebell or any heavy object that can functionally replace the data of sports equipment when performing this exercise at home and record weighting near the chest. You then inhale deeply and sit down so that the knees were above the ankles. To stay in bottom position for 2 seconds and focusing on your heels, straighten up.

  • Attacks.

From a standing position you need to take a step forward. The step should be wide enough, to the subsequent lowering of the pelvis could be formed right angles in the knee joints of both legs. To perform the squat should be on the breath, locking his hands near his chest or holding them in weights. Making in the lower position 2-second pause, you need to start the heel of the supporting leg and straighten up. To repeat the item fitness classes, stepping forward with the other foot.

  • Pull weights, standing on one leg.

Stand up straight, leaning on one lower limb and bending it slightly in the knee joint. Take both hands dumbbells or other weights, lean forward, lowering the weights down and pushing newporno lower limb back and up. Repeat the exercise leaning to the other lower limb.

  • The abstraction bent legs at the side (the element “Fire hydrant”).

To take a horizontal position with the way to the floor with your palms and knees, the back should be kept straight. Head, neck and spine should form one straight line. Later in the exercise you need without straightening the knee joint to slowly retract the lower limb to the side. In the position in which the inner surface of the thigh will be in the same parallel with the floor, should linger, keeping the foot on the weight for 2 seconds. Smoothly return to the starting position and repeat the element fitness training, keeping the other bent leg.

  • Squats on one leg.

Standing smoothly, we need to pull the forward one lower limb and then on the inhale lower the pelvis, relying only on one leg. Squat to to the level in which the thigh is in the same horizontal with the floor surface. Pause in the bottom position with a duration of 2 seconds, trying to keep his balance. On the exhale, you need to straighten up, focusing on the heel, and then you should repeat the exercise leaning to the other lower limb.

  • The rise and abduction of the lower limb to the side, or kicks in a semicircle.

Stand up straight, hold fists near chin. To transfer the body weight on one lower limb and the other to lift up first and then take a side sweeps, resembling a semicircle. Repeat this element of the fitness training, working with the other leg.

  • Jumping toward diverting one lower limb ago.

Standing smoothly, you need to tilt your body forward at an angle of about 45 degrees, quickly take one lower limb to the side and transfer body weight, and newporno leg retract. Immediately jump in the opposite direction. This exercise from the side should resemble the movements specific to roller skating or ice skating.

  • Squats with jumping.

To accomplish this training movement home fitness strength, you need to descend into the squat for 2 seconds and abruptly jump out of it, returning to the starting position. The jump should be as high as possible and land should be bent on the lower limb to protect the joints from injury.

  • Squats “Sumo”.

Stand up straight, place feet as far as possible, take the weights, hold them between your legs in the groin area. Inhale and lower pelvis, spreading his knees apart. When the inner thighs will be in the same parallel with the floor, you need to pause for 2-3 seconds, Contracting the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen and thighs. Pushing off your heels, straighten up and repeat the exercise.

Recommendations for fitness at home

As to the effectiveness of home fitness workouts was the maximum, they should be guided by the following advice of professional instructors:

  • each exercise should be performed in 2-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each, resting between sets less than a minute;
  • before performing the main part of the session, consisting of the above training complex, it is imperative to perform warm-up to by increasing blood circulation to prepare the muscles and other body systems subsequent to intense resistance exercise. During a workout you can perform Jogging or jumping jacks, joint exercises for the lower limbs and a number of other exercises that stimulate blood flow to the muscle tissue;
  • to reduce the amount of fat on the buttocks is necessary to adhere to the principles of good nutrition, creating a small calorie deficit and should also be included in the programme of fitness classes cardio.

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