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Women’s fitness: home exercises with dumbbells

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Women’s fitness: home exercises with dumbbells
The contents

  • The advantages of training with dumbbells
  • The correct choice of shells
  • The complex of exercises for the upper extremity
  • Exercise for pumping the shoulder Department and back
  • Exercises with weights for thighs and buttocks

Dumbbells are a versatile projectile, which you can use to vary and complicate your training, doing countless exercises for multiple muscle groups of the body. Exercises with dumbbells are suitable for both men and women allow how to achieve weight loss and build muscle.

The advantages of training with dumbbells

Often women practicing for quite a long time with the weight of your own body, you begin to notice the lack of progress. This suggests that the muscles are accustomed to constant load and require its extension. This can be achieved by increasing the number of repetitions, acceleration of the exercise program, but a more effective method is the use of weights. The most convenient in this sense are the dumbbells, the main advantages which are:

  • the ability to perform exercises with more range of motion, which is not true about the rod;
  • sufficient mobility of the projectile and convenient use at home;
  • relative safety in comparison with the use of the rod;
  • the ability to eliminate muscle asymmetry, using dumbbells of different weights;
  • improving the coordination of movements, because movements are required simultaneously;
  • the ability to perform a wide variety of exercises almost all muscles of the body.

Of course, the use of other weights and sports fixtures also helps to develop the body physically and to do more varied training, but dumbbells are the most convenient and indispensable projectile, especially at home workouts.

The correct choice of shells

If you are going to buy dumbbells for home training, preferably at least once to go to the gym. It is necessary to determine the level of your fitness. At low for you weight weights the effect of exercise will be negligible, and at high – training may be unsafe. The ideal option is to run with weights, same number of repetitions as well without them, but the last few repetitions should be given to you with difficulty.

To receive progress from training should continually increase the weight, it is recommended that approximately 5-10% at a time. So, the easiest option is to buy patterned dumbbell that cost more monolithic and not so common in the market. Otherwise, you will need to acquire the projectiles of different weight, to be able to change the load when working on a particular muscle.

When choosing dumbbells, pay attention to how you to comfortably keep them in hands that will ensure your training comfort and safety.

The complex of exercises for the upper extremity

In any exercise with weights involves the muscles of the arms and shoulders, but from time to time they should work in isolation:

  • Stand up, stretching the spine, take fitness equipment reverse grip. The elbows hug the body (but not too close) and do the flexion on the biceps.
  • Take the previous position, the palm of your hand, expand each other and similarly bend the elbow joint, locking the latter at the waist.
  • Being in the same position, perform climbs straight limb to a horizontal position, not moving with the shoulders and shoulder blades.
  • A similar technique to the previous exercise, lift the weights straight up.
  • Exercise for pumping the shoulder Department and back

    The following exercises can effectively develop the muscles of shoulders and back:

  • Lie on zhimovuyu bench, tightly pressed the feet to the floor. Holding fitness equipment, secure them to the shoulders. Then lift the limb upwards and spread them apart, then together again and continue the exercise.
  • Take the original position of the previous element, then raise your hands up, connected the palm of your hand, and then lower them to the shoulders.
  • Stand straight, slightly bend your knees and tilt your body so that he was under a 90 degree angle to your hips. Hands with dumbbells lower down freely. Fixing the position, pull the dumbbell to the belt, taking the elbows back, but not throwing them to the side. To do this exercise with one arm fixed with the elbow and hand in the gymnastics bench.
  • Exercises with weights for thighs and buttocks

    All the following exercises can be performed with the fitness weights and without them. The second option is more appropriate for those who are just beginning your training and mastering the correct technique.

    Exercises with dumbbells for lower body:

  • Stand up straight, spreading his feet shoulder-width hip joints. Keep the dumbbells in hands at the sides of the torso and start to slow down, as if sitting on a stool. Stay in a position where the thighs become parallel to the floor. Smoothly stand up. Throughout the exercise keep your back straight, eyes looking forward, and the pelvis pull back.
  • While in the initial position of the previous exercise, make a wide step forward with one leg and sit down so that both knees had formed right angles. Then stand up and return the foot back or step forward with the other, repeating the described movement.
  • Do the same first exercise, placing the feet about two times wider than your shoulders. The socks should be deployed to the sides so that they with the knees facing the same direction. Dumbbells also need to keep in the middle, directly between the legs, and perform deep squats, which help work the internal muscles of the thighs and buttocks. For convenience, it is best to use one dumbbell heavy weight.
  • For qualitative examination of the chest you can run the bar, relying on dumbbells and making a thrust to the chest. Elbow when performing thrust should get back, and the body to hold in a level position.

    When training the abdominal muscles will be enough to pick up one dumbbell and twisting in the usual way. The placement of the projectile in this case depends on your preferences – you can hold it behind your head or hold it to your chest. To work out the muscles of the lower press foot, hold a dumbbell and raise legs to vertical position.

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