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Women’s fitness: exercises with weights for fast pumping hand

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Women’s fitness: exercises with weights for fast pumping hand
The contents

  • What you need for home exercises
  • Effective exercises for arms fitness
  • Exercises with dumbbells for arm muscles

Dreaming of a slim and toned figure, most of the girls pays much attention to the abdominal muscles and buttocks, but completely forget about the hands. But the muscles also need exercises with the least developed areas of the hands become flabby and begin to SAG, and betrays the age, even the most slender ladies. Moreover, the weaker sex do not have to build muscle mass like bodybuilders, it is simply enough to keep your hands healthy muscle tone.

What you need for home exercises

If you can not do in the gym, then this is not a reason to refuse sport activities. Work with the muscles of the arms does not require a large space and complicated equipment. You can engage in their own house or apartment, even using improvised materials.

So, missing dumbbells can be replaced with plastic bottles of water. As the simulator can perform ordinary chair: it will be a good support for the workout of the triceps. The basic is the desire to maintain health and to improve the shape. No need to look for excuses for failing to conduct classes or to postpone the exercise with dumbbells for later. Should just get together, tune in to result and start training.

For exercises to work with his hands will need:

  • Mat for fitness or yoga;
  • dumbbell small or average weight;
  • beam;
  • a regular chair.

Main thing is to follow the basic principle of all physical training — the training must be regular. In the first place, so it’s easier to get involved in the training process. And secondly, streamlined and integrated exercises is the so-called “rollback phenomenon” — the degradation of the muscles, when you have to start all over again.

To train the muscles frequently, but without using extreme operating weights. Girls should not use equipment weighing more than 1.5-2 kg: heavy dumbbells are better left to the stronger sex. These exercises with dumbbells will help you to find the beautiful, harmonious form hand, without an overly pronounced muscle mass.

Effective exercises for arms fitness

Here are effective, a complex of muscles in the arms, consisting of a few basic exercises. With regular practice it will allow any woman fast enough to pump up the arms, tighten the problem areas and to identify the relief.

  • Classic push-UPS.

This exercise in addition to the hands, perfectly working other muscles. So, a good load, get back and press. Also pushups significantly pump up pectoral muscles, allowing at the same time to take care of the shape of the breast.

The exercise is performed from the position — focus on your palms and toes, the arms are at chest level. The trunk is gradually lowered to touch the breast sex. It remains straight — the waist is not bent, the pelvis is not lifted up. To increase the static load can be slightly can’t reach the floor.

Those who have a bad physical form, it is possible to start classes with a “female” pushups. For them in the initial position of the focus of the feet not the socks, and on his knees. Thus, with the hands removed some of the load. It is worth noting that this option is not suitable for those who want a really quick result.

  • Reverse pushups or dips.

Initial position — sitting on edge of chair. Hands are slightly behind and on the sides rested in the chair. Legs extended forward, rested his heels on the floor.

During exercise, the basin moves forward, and the arms bend at the elbows until parallel to the floor. Then, you should return to the starting position. This exercise must be done carefully so as not to stretch the muscles of the limbs. Only made about 10-15 approaches.

  • Pull-up reverse grip.

One of the classic methods of working with the hands is considered a pull-up. Since they were in school standards, most girls remember these effective exercises.

The initial position is vis on the crossbar, hands deployed with palms to the body, medium grip, legs can bend at the knees. During flexion of the hands and lifting the body up, muscles much strain that trains not only your biceps but also triceps.

  • Vis on the crossbar.

Some believe that working out the muscles of the arms, the focus should be placed on the biceps. But this is absolutely not true, especially for girls: it is the triceps is considered one of the most problematic areas prone to sagging and sagging.

For the triceps and power exercises of the grip there is a simple but effective exercise — vis on the crossbar. It is well suited to those who are in poor physical shape are not yet able to master the classic pull-UPS. You need to take a position as for a normal pull, and stay in it as long as possible. In fact, due to gravity, the body acts as a weighting agent.

Exercises with dumbbells for arm muscles

Small weights will help to quickly bring the hands in sports uniforms and return them to the texture with an attractive landscape.

  • Extension arms with dumbbells.

Initial position — robust stand with straight back, feet on width of shoulders and down the arms with dumbbells. You should raise your arms parallel to the floor surface, then to deep breaths move them up, and the full-exhale take the starting position. To perform 10-12 approaches.

  • Study of the biceps.

It should be noted that the biceps have the female grows quite reluctantly, so do not be afraid to pump it. To achieve this, you need to put a lot of effort.

Initial position — stand with flat feet on width of shoulders and down the arms with dumbbells. To bring one hand to your chest, expanding the palm itself. To occupy the initial position, at the same time continue to perform the exercise with dumbbells on the other side. All you need to do 10-12 approaches for each side.

  • Study of shoulder joints and ligaments.

In addition to the hands should be about shoulder girdle. After all, beautiful shoulders so tempting to look at the open-air outfits.

Initial position — legs slightly bent, the body is parallel to the floor surface. During inhalation the hands are lowered vertically downwards, and on a deep exhale maximally go back and fixed for 5-10 seconds. This exercise gives a great load to strengthen the shoulder girdle and ligaments.

Given the complex are those effective exercises that will allow by yourself in the home swap hands to their aesthetic status. The main thing is to gradually increase the load and perform the training regularly and with pleasure.

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