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Women’s fitness: exercises with the basic load on the buttocks

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Women’s fitness: exercises with the basic load on the buttocks
The contents

  • Fitness training with a basic load on the buttocks
  • Additional exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles
  • Instructions for amplification efficiency fitness

Firm buttocks rounded look attractive and are undoubtedly the spectacular dignity of the female figure. Fortunately women who can not boast of toned shape of your bum, to make this part of the body as close to the ideal can be quite fast, regularly doing exercises to increase the mass and volume of the gluteal and femoral muscles.

Fitness training with a basic load on the buttocks

Basic fitness classes, as a result of regular the gluteal muscles become more elastic and strong, and also significantly increase in volume, based on the training of such movements:

  • Squat.

The traditional version of this exercise is: stand up straight, spreading his feet to a distance equal to the width of the shoulders, forward pelvis back a little, and then down, lower it parallel to the floor. Being in this position for 1-2 seconds, you need to maintain a flat back position and check that the patella is not advocated for the toes and went straight ahead. Exhaling at the peak of the load, push your heels into the floor and force the muscles to straighten up. The number of repetitions in the fitness training depends on the initial level of physical training. The effectiveness of the squat is affected by the compliance with all technical nuances, not the number of repetitions, especially if they are carried out with violations.

  • Attacks.

Theoretically, this exercise can be considered a variation of squats. To run it you need to take the same starting position: flat rack with fixed waist with his hands and conveniently placed foot. Next, you need to put a single lower limb ahead distance of a wide step and slowly lower pelvis by bending the knees. Cower before the formation of the angles in the knee bends. Reaching the required level, to record the received position and lightly pushed with the heel of the supporting leg, straighten up. In order not to lose your balance when performing this element of fitness training, you need to keep the press in a strong tension. You should perform an equal number of lunges for each lower limb.

  • Side lunges.

The technique of this type of attacks is not too different from the above classical version. Need, standing straight, take a step to the side and Crouch as low as possible, trying not to tilt your body forward or backward. Feeling the tension in the groin area and in the muscles located on your inner thigh, straighten the knee of the supporting leg and straighten up. Repeat the exercise, making a lunge in the other direction.

  • Mahi ago.

Standing exactly together the stops and holding on for support, we need to get straight the lower limb back to pick it up, taking a sock from the floor as high as possible and the maximum strain the muscles of the legs, abdomen and back. If the exercise is done correctly, the work of these muscles will obviously be felt.

  • Mahi aside.

Stand up straight, keep feet together and put hands on the waist. Being in a predetermined starting position, gently take one leg out to the side, raising it to the maximum height at which the knee joint is not bent spontaneously due to lack of stretching. Slowly lower the lower limb and repeat the exercise, working first one leg and then the other.

  • The rise and the diversion of the bent leg back.

To take a horizontal position, fixed at floor brushes, which should be under the shoulder joints, and knees. Breath, take one lower limb back, pointing the foot up and your knee. In the upper position of the thigh should be horizontal with the floor, and the Shin is perpendicular to it. Smoothly down the leg, repeat the exercise.

  • Polymastic.

Lie on your back, put your feet on the floor close to the pelvis, the brush to put under the sacrum or on the floor back side up. Breathing in, slowly raise the hips to form a diagonal line between your knees and chest. Gently lower the buttocks and repeat the exercise. To enhance the load at the time when hips are in the upper position, breed them in hand.

Additional exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles

To enhance basic fitness training, and further develop the gluteal muscle, it is possible to include in the plan of carrying out of training a few elements of the following complex:

  • Sit on the floor, pulling forward the lower limb and the upper to bend and press against hull. Clench and perform them a few marching movements. A “walk” on the buttocks during fitness classes to perform in for several minutes, moving back and forth.
  • Lying on your back, put your feet on the floor, lift your pelvis and simultaneously pulling the lower extremity upwards. Next, in exercise need to be lowered and to understand the pelvis predetermined number of times, keeping the foot on the weight in a vertical position. Perform an equal number of repetitions of each lower extremity.
  • Stand up straight, stretch press, and lift straight leg back at the same time as her abduction by tilting the body forward. Finding the balance point at the position at which the back and lower extremity formed a horizontal, parallel to the floor, make a short pause and slowly straighten up. Perform the exercise several times, changing the supporting leg through a certain number of repetitions.
  • Instructions for amplification efficiency fitness

    Fitness classes for increasing gluteal muscle will be most efficient regardless of their location, if you follow the following tips:

    • each session you want to start with a warm up consisting of light cardio and joint exercises for the lower limbs, and to finish stretching to reduce tension in the muscles after fitness training;
    • the number of repeats in each of the 2-3 approaches depends on the initial degree of development of muscles. First, the number of iterations in impeccable technique, may be minimal, but the load gradually in each subsequent fitness training should be enhanced;
    • for more intense muscle growth you must use weights, which can perform as the special sports equipment and improvised with heavy objects.

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