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Women’s fitness exercises with expander

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Women’s fitness exercises with expander
The contents

  • Exercises with expander and muscle work
  • Fitness training for all muscle groups with expanders
  • The nuances of fitness training with chest expander

The expander is a sports equipment, characterized by species diversity. Universal type expanders are considered to be shock-absorbing rubber ribbon having a different stiffness, and therefore the force of resistance, so it can be used by beginners and advanced fitness people performing various physical exercises for all muscle groups.

Exercises with expander and muscle work

In contrast to the power of the shells, such as dumbbells or barbells, which affect the muscles due to gravity, the mechanics of the provision of physical exertion during fitness training with the use of an expander is based on the maximum tension and maximum contraction of muscle fibers. When working with a band expander muscles are in constant tension, do not relax fully even when you return to the starting position.

Another advantage of the use of the expander during fitness activities is the exclusion of inertia, while for other shells there is a force of inertia, as, for example, when giving momentum to the rod (the so-called flipping) or when returning the dumbbells to the starting position not at the expense of the muscle and under the influence of its own weight.

Fitness training for all muscle groups with expanders

Women wanting during fitness workouts to strengthen the muscles of the lower limbs and to stimulate the effective weight loss most troubled areas in the lower torso can perform the following training complex with a ribbon-expander.

  • Attacks.

Stand up straight, stepping one foot on the middle shock-absorbing tape and taking the ends of the expander in each hand. Further, the exercise should take one lower limb back and bend both knees at a right angle, lowering your pelvis. Pausing in this position for a few seconds, you need, holding the ends with rubber bands and focusing on the heel of the supporting leg, straighten up and repeat the lunge, allocating back the other lower limb. During one of the fitness classes you need to perform each leg 2 sets of 15 times.

  • The Romanian deadlift.

Standing on the band with both feet, take each end in your hands. Next you need to tilt your body forward, after pushing the pelvis back. To stay in the slope for 2 seconds and stress in the gluteal muscles to stand up straight, returning to the starting upright position throughout the exercise. Repeat Romanian deadlifts 2-3 sets of 10-15 times each, remembering that the lower limbs, while in the incline, to bend the impossible.

  • Bending the legs with the expander.

For this exercise you need to fix one end of the shock-absorbing tape, such as under the leg of a wardrobe and the other to lock on the ankle. Next, you should lie on your stomach, lean on your forearms and press your pelvis to the floor, and then inhale and a sharp movement to bring the heel of the grip to the buttocks. Pause and slowly lower the leg, returning the lower extremity to the starting position. To repeat the item fitness workout 15-20 times for each leg in each of the 2 approaches.

  • Mahi lower limbs.

To take a horizontal position, leaning on hands and knees. Press the palm of one end of the ribbon and the other mounted on the foot, then slowly withdraw the lower limb back and up, straightening the knee in Mahe. Repeat the exercise 15 times for each leg. The recommended number of approaches 2-4.

To use the chest expander to work the muscles of the back and chest muscles, you need fitness training to include a training complex, performed with a shock-absorbing tape:

  • The thrust of the expander to the stomach.

Sit on the floor, pull the lower limb forward, hooking the rubber band over the foot and taking the ends in his hands. Keeping your back straight, you should then take your elbows back, bringing the blades together and pulling the ends of the tape to itself. Stay in the pose for 2 seconds and slowly return to the starting position. To repeat the item fitness 3 sets of 12-15 times.

  • Pull the shock-absorbing tape through sides.

To throw the bar through the bar and take hold of the ends of the tape: right hand over left and left over right. Inhale and pull the bar down, directing the ends of the rubber band to the side. This element of the fitness training you need to perform 2 sets of 15 times. If there is no bar, then the expander can be fixed under the leg of the rack and pull the ends of the shock-absorbing tape to the sides up.

  • The mixing of the upper extremities with an expander in front of him.

Stand up straight, to start the expander behind your back, take it back and raise the upper limbs to the sides. Then in exercise you have to inhale and bring together the ends of the expander at arm’s length in front of chest, possibly crossing arms. Repeat mixing 2-3 sets of 15-20 times each.

For the study of the shoulder girdle and upper extremities during fitness exercises with expander you must complete the following training dynamics:

  • Vertical press.

To sit in the middle of the chest expander, holding it at the ends as when performing bench press with dumbbells — lifting her arms and bending your elbows. Then on the inhale you need to squeeze the ends of the tape-absorber upwards, straightening the upper limbs. This exercise 40 times in 2 sets.

  • The breeding of the upper limbs.

Stand up straight, stepping to the middle of the expander and fixing its right end in the left hand and the left to the right respectively. Next, you need to inhale to raise upper limb, leading them through one side to the horizontal with the floor. In the top position your elbows need to keep a slightly bent, to neutralize the negative pressure exerted on the joints. Repeat the exercise 2 sets of 20.

  • Flexion.

Standing on the expander and holding on to the end, you need to inhale to bend the elbow and on the exhale straighten the upper limb. Repeat, working with each hand 2 sets of 20.

The nuances of fitness training with chest expander

Each fitness training with chest expander will be most effective if its organization and the conduct to consider the following nuances:

  • before working with a shock-absorbing tape be sure to stretch;
  • you need to engage regularly, 2-3 sessions per week;
  • in a fitness program do not have to include all of the training movements of the above complex. It is sufficient to focus on the problem area and to add a few exercises for the muscles of other body parts.

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