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Women’s fitness: exercises with dumbbells at home

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Women’s fitness: exercises with dumbbells at home
The contents

  • Rules for the selection of shells for home fitness
  • The benefits of training with dumbbells
  • The complex of exercises for women

Dumbbells are the most convenient exercise equipment, because with them you can train people of any gender and physique, as well as at any place. They are quite compact and affordable, and the number of exercises using dumbbells virtually unlimited.

Rules for the selection of shells for home fitness

Choose dumbbells should be based on your physical capabilities, objectives, training and physical fitness. By design, they come in solid and patterned, the first have a specific weight, and the second can be adjusted depending on your needs. If you seriously intend to do fitness at home and improve your progress, then one pair of solid dumbbells you obviously will soon become not enough, because your level of training will increase, and, therefore, will need to increase the weight of the weights. Thus, you will need to buy several pairs of dumbbells of different weight, and this is costly and such a set of weights requires more space for storage.

Patterned dumbbell is like a small vulture with a small pancakes around, removing and adding that to achieve the desired weight of the projectile. There is the opportunity to buy pancakes of different weight separately, making the range of possible weight very broad. Pick a convenient for you the length of the fretboard, but the diameter is better to choose a standard, which fits most pancakes. For convenience, the fitness training can be purchased vultures with a rubberized surface, and for a more accurate load distribution it is important to know their weight.

The benefits of training with dumbbells

Deciding to do fitness in the home, better equipment than weights, are hard to find. Girls love to train with them is absolutely certain reasons:

  • Exercises with weights are great, not only to strengthen muscles but also to lose weight. When using dumbbells consumes a large amount of energy, and the effect of weight loss is achieved much faster than when training with own weight.
  • One of the problem areas most women are hands, and when working with dumbbells, they are constantly under load, which allows you to create beautiful shapes and to get rid of excess fat.
  • Very convenient that the dumbbell weight can be changed from exercise to exercise depending on your fitness level, complexity of movements and goals.
  • A variety of shells on the severity allows equally comfortable to train with them children, adults and the elderly, picking up and weight, and a set of exercises according to your taste.
  • The relative availability and ease of storage make this equipment even more attractive for home use.
  • The complex of exercises for women

    Getting to the gym with dumbbells, it is important to follow recommendations which can make training more comfortable, safe and productive:

    • Initially, identify your problem areas, it will be necessary to focus the load.
    • To start each session should warm up, thanks to which reduces the risk of injuries, increases the effectiveness of the exercises, all the movements are easier. In the warm-up can enter easy cardio (running, jumping), the Mahi and the rotation of the arms and legs, sit-UPS and push-UPS.
    • The optimal frequency of the fitness training three times a week at the same place at least one day in between for rest and recovery.
    • During the class, be sure to drink water in small SIPS, but often. So you can avoid dehydration and make training more productive and easy.

    Immediately after a workout is recommended to do some basic exercises with burdenings:

    • Lie back on a gym Mat holding a dumbbell. Hovering above the floor and spread bent legs and arms with weights lift straight up. Exhale and slowly lower your straight arms to the sides so that the palms look up. At the same pace return arms to starting position and repeat the exercise 8 to 10 times.
    • Stand up straight and raise your hands with dumbbells up vertically. Not changing position of hands, perform deep inclinations in the parties in the amount of 10 repetitions.

    Followed by isolation exercises for different body parts, to work the muscles you need, from the top downwards.

    The complex of exercises for muscles of hands:

    • Holding hands with dumbbells palms up, press your elbows to your body and do lifts to touch his shoulders.
    • Being in the same starting position, perform smooth hand lifts on the sides to horizontal level.

    Back and shoulders should be explored through these exercises:

    • Slightly bend your knees and tilt your body parallel to the floor, slightly bent arms with dumbbells lower down freely. Not swaying and keeping the whole body still, slowly raise your arms out to the sides.
    • Being in the same position, bend your arms and pull the dumbbells to your waist.
    • Stand straight with dumbbells on your shoulders and slowly squeeze them up, connecting the maximum point.
    • Stand up straight, freely having lowered hands with weights down. Do sharp lifting of the dumbbells to the side or in front of him.

    Regular performance of exercises on your triceps will help women to tighten the skin and muscles of the hands, get rid of fat on the back surface of the shoulders:

    • Stand still, take in your hands one dumbbell and lift it over your head. Press the elbows to the head and follow the bending of the hands in the elbow joints back, leaving the shoulders stationary.
    • Do the same exercise in a sitting position — so reducing the load on the spine.
    • The same bending of the hands can be carried out alternately by loading the triceps harder.

    A set of exercises for chest muscles:

    • Lie on your back, arms with weights, place behind head, holding them horizontally. Simultaneously bend both arms while moving the dumbbells toward the head.
    • Stand up straight, stretch your arms with dumbbells in front of you and follow the breeding of shells in hand.
    • Tilt your torso horizontally to the floor and perform the movement as in the previous exercise.

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