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Women’s fitness: exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest

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Women’s fitness: exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest
The contents

  • Improving the beauty of the breast through exercise
  • Features fitness workouts for chest muscles
  • Effective exercises for strengthening chest muscles

High elastic chest at all times considered an indicator of women’s beauty. Modern fitness has special training methods that allows you to strengthen the muscles that visually enlarge the volume and improve the shape of the female breast.

Improving the beauty of the breast through exercise

Formed female breast consists of glandular, connective and fatty tissue. The number of glandular substances is due to heredity and remains unchanged throughout a woman’s life. Adipose tissue surrounds the mammary glands, determines the form and size of the female breast. Significant fluctuations in weight decrease or increase of adipose tissue. This affects the shape of the breast and change its size.

Regular fitness training, exercises for the corresponding muscles do not affect the change in the volume of the bust. In the process of training is increased muscle tone, increased blood flow in the soft tissues, indurations of connective substances. It helps to improve forms, increase the elasticity of the skin, but not increase breast.

Through intense physical exertion in some cases, can be achieved only breast reduction due to the overall slimming of the body and burning fat.

A sober approach to the problem of breast enlargement using physical activity to help avoid unnecessary disappointments. Breast sizes are not such an important factor. Beauty bust is not determined by the size and shape, smooth and elastic skin.

Features fitness workouts for chest muscles

A fitness program for the study of the muscles of the breast include a variety of power elements. Exercises with weights for the muscles of the thoracic does not entail excessive growth of muscles. If not to disturb the hormonal balance, such training will only strengthen and tighten the chest.

Novice fans of fitness, it is desirable to study the chest in the conditions of the gym. Exercises with weights are very traumatic. Need exact observance of all requirements concerning equipment of a particular force element. Beginners should perform this movement under the guidance of a professional trainer. Modern equipment of the gym, a lot of simulators that direction will make a variety of process exercises will help you to effectively influence the desired muscle groups.

The girls working in the hall, it is recommended to learn the following exercises for chest muscles:

  • Squeezing the barbell from a lying position.
  • Squeezing the barbell on an inclined surface.
  • The reduction of arms in grosolana trainer “Crossover”.
  • Press the lever in the simulator like “hammer”.
  • Squeezing the dumbbells up, breeding them in hand.
  • Exercising with an expander of the type “Butterfly”.
  • Pushups in different forms.
  • Various modifications of the element pullover.
  • Pullups on the bars.

The volume of loadings, number of approaches, the initial weight of the weights will help you to choose the coach based on the individual characteristics and physical fitness newbie.

It is recommended to conduct such fitness workout 2-3 times a week, alternating between different elements. The upper part of the chest worked out effectively squeezing the dumbbells or barbell from a lying position on the surface with a slope of 45 degrees. The Central part of the thoracic trained by dilution of dumbbells and using the simulator “Butterfly”. The lower part of the chest muscles becomes stronger with push UPS on the bars.

For the harmonious development of all parts of the chest muscles it is advisable to practice different types of exercises. One training session can be devoted to wringing rods, breeding hands with dumbbells, exercises in “Crossover”. The other squeezing the dumbbells on a flat bench, exercise in the Hummer, with the simulator “Butterfly”. The third is to make time for pull-UPS on bars, pullover with a dumbbell.

Workout of the chest muscles it is recommended to combine with pumping and shoulder press.

Effective exercises for strengthening chest muscles

If you cannot visit the gym fitness classes can be arranged at home. The lack of strength training can be compensated by performing a variety of items with dumbbells. Before the training you should study the special literature and view videos of similar exercises, to analyze the peculiarities of the implementation of all movements.

At independent home, we recommend the following exercises for chest muscles:

  • Pushups from a vertical support.
  • Push-UPS on an inclined support.
  • Push-UPS with bent legs.
  • Push UPS from the floor surface.
  • Pull on the bar.
  • Reduction of the hands to overcome the resistance of the expander.
  • Squeezing the dumbbells up from a prone position on an incline.
  • Exercise pullover with a dumbbell.
  • Raise straight arms with dumbbells in hand.

To achieve the planned results fitness training should be performed regularly, gradually increasing the load. Acquiring the necessary experience, you can intensify the effect on the muscles using weights.

The beauty of the female breast wins in the strengthening of the top muscles. Athletes should pay special attention to the training elements of the respective orientation. Meticulous care of the chest area, the use of special cosmetic products to enhance the result, will make the skin more smooth and elastic.

With regular physical activity, the body must be complete and balanced nutrition. You need to minimize the consumption of unhealthy fats, eliminate from the diet foods containing fast carbohydrates, to increase the share of protein in daily menu. Proper nutrition will not only speed up the process of working out the chest muscles, but will positively affect the General health.

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