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Women’s fitness: exercises-supersets for buttocks

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Women’s fitness: exercises-supersets for buttocks
The contents

  • The benefits and rules of the superseries
  • Recommendations for exercise
  • An example of a complex of exercises for glutes at the gym
  • Contraindications to the fitness exercises for buttocks

Superset (or super series) is a set of two exercises that are performed one after another without a break and aimed at the elaboration of muscles-antagonists. The super series is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the exercise by increasing the contractility of muscle tissue. Athletes practice these exercises to shock the Central nervous system and the muscles – so they are faster to adapt to stress.

The performance of different isolation exercises for buttocks without pause allows you to achieve maximum pumping blood into the muscles. During operation of one of the adjacent muscles, the second receives more oxygen and nutrients, due to intense hyperemia. As a result, in study area there is growth and a significant increase in muscle tissue.

The benefits and rules of the superseries

Doing butt exercises without a pause, the girls get serious advantages:

  • Quick recovery of muscle tissue.

While you work one muscle, its antagonist receives a stimulating pulse, and recovers quickly. This helps muscle tissues in a shorter time to prepare for the next set and in consequence to increase their number.

  • Getting the muscles more nutrients.

After completing any of the exercises the blood from muscles fades, and with it the nutrients. During a superset, when one muscle receives an intense workload, the second (antagonist) is resting, but it gets a little stimulating effect. Due to this, the blood circulation does not stop, and he continues to actively diet.

Those who decided to diversify the standard complex of exercises of the superset, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of its compilation:

  • basic exercises must be combined with a base and isolated – isolated;
  • the superset is impossible to combine exercises for the muscles located far from each other.

Recommendations for exercise

Rules training with supersets:

  • In advance, prepare the equipment and other sports equipment (if required) to the exercise.
  • Master the technique of performing elements and operate in accordance with it.
  • Be sure to do warm-up and stretching.
  • Adjust the food. If you have body fat, you should go on a diet and lose some weight, and to combine the selected complex of exercises with cardio. In the absence of excess weight and lean physique you need to increase caloric intake at the expense of animal protein, cereals, fruits and vegetables.
  • Only perform 1 superset for 1 training.
  • Reduce weight of the weights to run the super series.
  • Don’t concentrate on any one series. It is recommended to alternate different supersets, which involve the execution of movements not only vertically but also horizontally. For example, if today performed the classic squats and bench, then the next workout you need to make a superset of lunges-curtsy and lunges to the side. This will help to involve and work through all 3 gluteal muscles.
  • An example of a complex of exercises for glutes at the gym

    This training will allow you to work the muscle fibers of the buttocks as deeply as possible.

    The first super series. Number of sets – 5-6 repetitions – 8-12. Rest between sets is 30-45 seconds.

    • Deep squats in the Smith rack.

    To set the fretboard on the projectile so that it was located slightly below the level of the shoulder girdle. To approach and abut the back of the neck, grab his hands, palms directed forward. Step 20 cm forward, feet on the width of the shoulder girdle. They should not be in the same plane with the fretboard. To move weight on your heels and outer part of the foot. To remove a ballast with end stops. Keeping your back straight and breathe in, do squat to thighs parallel with the floor. Avoid knees over toes. Exhale and rise, leaving the knees at the top slightly bent.

    • The bench legs in the simulator.

    Put the back of the shell under an inclination in 45 degrees. To sit in the simulator, press the lower back to the back of the seat. To put the foot on the upper part of the movable platform on the width of the shoulder girdle. Hands to take the handle. Remove the platform from the supports. Inhale, bend your legs to a right angle at the knees. Straining the muscles of the buttocks and legs, squeeze the platform up.

    The second superset. The number of sets of 4-5 repetitions – 7-9. Rest between sets is 30-45 seconds.

    • The Romanian deadlift.

    To approach the projectile so that it was above the ankle. Feet put on width apart, toes breed in hand. To take up the fingerboard palms toward you, hands slightly wider than shoulders. Keep your back straight, shoulder blades together, gradually straighten the housing. Pelvis slightly forward, to best align the spinal column. Straining muscles of the buttocks and the back of the thighs to move the pelvis back and lower the body. To bring the bar to mid-Shin. Without jerking, pushing with the feet, to reverse the thrust.

    • The leg curl on the bench from a lying position.

    Lie on the bench so that her kink was at waist level, and moving the rollers rested on the lower part of the tibia. Grab the handle. Inhale, hold breath, bend legs in knee joints and lift rollers. When they touch the thighs, to get a lock for 2-3 seconds, exhale and straighten legs.

    The third set of exercises. Number of sets – 3 repetitions – 20. Rest between sets is 30-45 seconds.

    • Squats sumo.

    To be straight, put your feet wider than shoulder belt, socks to expand outwards at an angle of 45. Hands with weighting positioned at the groin level in front of him. On the inhale sit down to thighs parallel with the floor. The pelvis back, knees over the toes do not show. Exhale to rise.

    • Squat-curtsy.

    Become directly, feet put slightly wider shoulder, toes to expand outward. The hands with weighting material to hold the at chest level or lower down. On the exhale, shift the weight to the right foot, and left to take a step back and to the side, bringing the left foot over the right level and at the same time sit down until the right thigh parallel with the floor. To return to the starting position, do repeat this exercise on the other leg.

    Contraindications to the fitness exercises for buttocks

    Performing butt exercises, girl gets a big load on the legs, spine, urinary and reproductive systems. Therefore, getting a fitness training, you should consider the following contraindications:

    • chronic diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems;
    • curvature of the spine;
    • the presence of herniated discs;
    • varicose veins;
    • malignant neoplasms;
    • inflammatory diseases of the spine;
    • deformation of the vertebrae;
    • a protrusion.

    In these diseases a heavy load is not recommended, as any physical activity requires prior medical consultation.

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