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Women’s fitness: effective exercises to work out the forearms

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Women’s fitness: effective exercises to work out the forearms
The contents

  • Features of the anatomical structure of the forearm
  • Useful tips on the exercises
  • Limitations to the implementation of the elements of a fitness program
  • Selection rules for sporting equipment
  • A set of exercises to the forearm without dumbbells
  • Effective fitness training with dumbbells to work out the forearms
  • Proper nutrition as an important aspect of a successful outcome

The area of the forearm is one of the most problematic on the woman’s body. You can have a thin waist, tight stomach and slender legs, but flabby arms with sagging skin significantly spoil the impression. Without swapped hands with a slight relief is difficult to imagine a beautiful, athletic female figure. For qualitative examination of the forearm and strengthen the muscle fibers of the hands are best exercises with dumbbells. They give the necessary amount of weight training to bring the muscles in tone.

Features of the anatomical structure of the forearm

The arm consists of 3 main parts: hand, forearm and shoulder. The muscles of the anterior side of the arm are responsible for the process of folding, the function of the extension lies on the muscle fibers back surface. The front group of muscles is formed by the biceps (biceps muscle), and back — triceps (triceps muscle). With biceps can easily bend the arm at the elbow, and the triceps assists in extension of the hand, taking her back and bringing the torso. Together the muscular system forms the forearm.

Useful tips on the exercises

To start gym you must warm-up the warm-up and complete a few stretching exercises. Exercise should be performed 3-4 times a week. The average length of sessions: 30-40 minutes.

Start training better with minimal weight. The more muscle fibers the load can be gradually increased by adding weight. The latest iteration in the approach is to bring the burning sensation in the target muscles.

It is important to strictly observe the execution of each item of fitness. Violations are fraught with injury or strain, and offset the load on other muscle groups.

Training should benefit the body. In acute pain, you must reconsider their own technique, to reduce pace or replace the exercise with other, more simple in execution element.

Limitations to the implementation of the elements of a fitness program

Exercises with weights have a significant power load on the body, so restricting this physical activity should people suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, and pregnant women. For injuries of musculoskeletal system any classes should be conducted with the permission and under the supervision of a physician.

Selection rules for sporting equipment

The weight of the equipment is selected depending on the purpose of the exercise. For weight loss it is recommended to take dumbbells weighing no more than 1kg that will allow you to make more repetitions in an intense pace. This also applies to exercises for improving the shape of women’s hands and strengthening the forearms.

If you want to build muscle, the gym you need to choose significantly more severe: from 3 to 5 lbs. When choosing the projectile should also pay attention to the shape of the handle. It should be ergonomic enough that it was convenient to hold in hands. The projectile must not slip out of your hands or to exert excessive pressure on the brush.

A set of exercises to the forearm without dumbbells

There are many exercises for strengthening the shoulder girdle and forearms at home. Especially to work out biceps and triceps effective push-UPS performed in different variations.

  • Reverse push UPS from a chair.

For the element will need additional equipment: a firm chair or stool. To get back to the selected inventory. Draw it on the palms of both hands, bringing them behind his back. The legs joined together and slightly prosohnut knees. Perform a deep squat, bending your elbows at right angles, the pelvis almost touching the floor. Due to the work of the hands, straighten elbows, return to starting position. The exercise involved the biceps and triceps of both arms.

  • Pushups from knees.

Effective fitness element to eliminate flabby and non-elastic areas on the hands. Lightweight modification of the classic push-UPS. Is similar to the standard version except instead of focusing on the toes, it will be necessary to rely on the knees. Hands are placed at shoulder width and bend to a right angle at the elbow joint.

  • Pushups from the wall.

The most simple variant. Stand near the wall at a distance of several steps. To rest your palms on the wall. Hands are placed at the level of the shoulder girdle. The gaze is directed in front of him. To perform push-UPS, bending and straightening the elbows.

Effective fitness training with dumbbells to work out the forearms

Exercises with dumbbells provides the necessary load on the muscles of the forearms, strengthen the shoulder girdle, strengthen the grip. Regular performance training complex will allow to bring the muscles in tone and to make them more defined forms.

  • Breeding hands with dumbbells.

Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells are lowered along a trunk, legs are located on the width of the shoulder girdle. Extend hands forward, parallel to the floor, and gradually to dissolve in the parties. The sports element is aimed at strengthening the triceps brachii.

A more complex version of the exercise: breeding hands with dumbbells from an inclined position.

  • Flexion of the dumbbells.

The starting position is similar to the previous exercise. On the exhale, it is necessary to bend the arms with dumbbells to shoulder girdle. The elbows remain stationary.

  • Pull the dumbbells to the chin.

Exercises to strengthen the triceps and shoulder girdle. Performed from a standing position, legs shoulder width apart. Hands with dumbbells with your palms turned towards yourself. Exhale to lift the dumbbells to the chin. The palm should always stay below the level of the elbows.

  • Lunges vertical dumbbell bench press.

In addition to the hands, the exercise engages the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Make a lunge back with the right foot. My hands bent at the elbows, the dumbbells are located at the level of the head. Straightening up, simultaneously lift up your right leg bent at the knee, and arms with dumbbells. To perform the same movement for the opposite side.

Each program element is performed in 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each. The fitness training takes place in a relaxed pace, with short intervals for rest between sets.

Proper nutrition as an important aspect of a successful outcome

To get the desired effect, only by combining fitness training with a balanced diet. The diet should be varied and consist of wholesome food, rich in protein, fiber and slow carbs. Protein is the main building material for the formation of muscle fibers. It can be obtained from meat, fish and dairy products. Carbohydrates give the essential for the normal functioning of the body energy. The proportion of fat should not exceed 15% of all consumed products.

During exercise the body actively burns fat and through sweating brings water. Therefore, it is important to remember to replenish the water balance. Be sure to drink at least 1.5 litres of still water a day.

In any case, do not force your body to starve. Otherwise it will start to take nutrients from muscle fibers, gradually destroying them. Also avoid overeating. Try to eat often but in small portions. Per day valid up to 6 meals.

On a full stomach to work harder. Besides, it negatively affects the functioning of the organism as a whole. The last meal should be 2 hours before a fitness workout and no sooner than an hour after her.

As mentioned previously, and performing the complex exercises, you can quickly get rid of problem areas in the forearm.

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