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Women’s fitness: effective exercises for the biceps

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Women’s fitness: effective exercises for the biceps

The contents

  • Exercise for biceps with dumbbells
  • Exercises with a barbell
  • Effective exercises without shells
  • Recommendations for fitness workouts

To develop the biceps muscles of the shoulders is important not only men but also girls. Worked out biceps do hands toned, aesthetic and attractive. This is especially important in the warm season, when it comes time to wear clothes without sleeves. Flabby skin on the hands can spoil the whole look, but special exercises for the biceps will be able to return to the female hand shape. Just 30 minutes of training a day will strengthen the biceps muscles of the arms like in the gym and at home.

Exercise for biceps with dumbbells

The most effective exercises for biceps for girls — it is a complex physical exercise with dumbbells. This simple shell is able in a short time to tone the muscles of the arms, work biceps and back limbs tightened sports form.

Fitness workout for biceps with dumbbells shoulders have a wide variety of items. All because physical activity can be performed in different variations.

The most effective include the following female load for pumping the biceps:

  • the basic thrust of the dumbbells in the standing position;
  • dumbbell bench press lying on the bench (direct or adjustable pitch) ;
  • breeding hands in different directions in slope from a standing position;
  • lifting dumbbells from the shoulders upwards;
  • the lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps by a reverse grab with rotation of the hands.

To mentioned exercise made of strong biceps and toned muscles, it is necessary correctly to pick up the weight of the shells.

Properly designed load will avoid injuries and will not cause the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness after intense fitness workouts. The optimal initial weight equipment for girls — 2 kg. Gradually the weight of the dumbbells should be increased to more significant results.

During the execution of loads with dumbbells women need to breathe rhythmically and methodically. The breaths should be done on rises of shells and exhale when lowering. Hold your breath impossible. Also not allowed to shake the body and rounding your upper back. When flexion of the hand the voltage should wrap to the biceps muscles of the hands, not of the hand and the joints of the limbs.

Exercises with a barbell

For pumping biceps rod is used as actively as dumbbells. The perfect shell fretboard will be for those women who already have a small sports experience and want to move to a more powerful load. In addition to the biceps, barbell allows you to develop shoulders, chest muscles, and triceps, and thereby the whole upper body becomes strong and attractive.

Effective exercises with a barbell on the biceps include the following kinds of items:

  • flexion-extension hand stamped from a sit position;
  • a press of a bar from lying position;
  • press the neck lying on a flat bench;
  • broach with the rod;
  • basic press of a bar standing with a wide hand positioning.

To switch the voltage on the biceps during the fitness exercise with a barbell the neck should be kept spinaround grip — palms up. When carrying loads, your back should be upright, avoiding rounding and deflections. On the peaks of the voltage recommended to stay for 2-3 seconds in a static position to better strengthen the biceps muscles of the shoulders.

Before proceeding to the exercises with a barbell, you need to choose the correct weight — as with loads, with a pair of shells. Women only entered the complex with a barbell, it is better to use a fretboard without the extra weight to begin to master the technique movements. Gradually the weight can be increased. Maximum weight rods with weights is strictly individual and depends on the athletes goals: strengthening the biceps, getting rid of fatty deposits in the arms, build muscle or increase endurance.

Effective exercises without shells

Quality to develop biceps girls can help not only fiznagruzki with additional weights. A range of effective bodyweight exercises will help to make the hands look beautiful, even in the absence of sports equipment. The best loads with my weight include:

  • the base of vis on the crossbar or on the Swedish side;
  • pull the base grip (or prepodavaniya for novice athletes);
  • push UPS from a wall;
  • pushups from the knees with a narrow formulation of the hands;
  • pull the rubber expander to the biceps;
  • plank on forearms;
  • side plank, drawing on the forearm.

Recommendations for fitness workouts

In order to qualitatively study the biceps, the girls do not need to engage as intensively as men. When you include fitness workouts for the biceps in the General power complex enough 1 lesson a week. If the load for the biceps are performed in isolation from the other loads, in week 2 of training.

It’s recommended to do round Robin. Circular or cyclical mode involves a selection of 5-6 of the most comfortable exercises for the target area that must be executed one after another within 1 minute each. The number of cycles of repetition varies from 3 to 10 depending on the overall training of the worker.

Beginners are recommended to practice according to the classical scheme, when the load commits by the number of sets and repetitions. The optimal training mode for beginners — 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions.

It should also be remembered that all exercises should be progressive. After 2-3 weeks from the start of the training load needs to diversify, increasing their intensity or adding to the complex new movements. This is necessary to achieve athletic and external progress.

Since the arm muscles are highly adaptive characteristics of the muscle fibers in this area will quickly adapt to a constant voltage. If in time not to change, the power of effective exercises will drop, which will cause training stagnation — the so-called plateau.

In the combined power training the load on the biceps should be combined with exercises for triceps, chest or spinal muscles.

Compliance with the useful tips the correct weight of the shells, the implementation of loads on an individual regime and proper rest will help to quickly bring the muscles of the arms in the desired tone.

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