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Women’s fitness: crossfit at home

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Women’s fitness: crossfit at home
The contents

  • Equipment for crossfit
  • Fitness at home: sample set of exercises
  • Equipment of performance of exercises
  • Important rules female fitness
  • Fitness program for beginners

Women’s fitness is a little different from men’s in terms of development and organization of the training process. The difference lies only in the formulation of the goal pursued by athletes. If for men — muscle building, giving muscles the relief and increase in their strength, women fitness want to make your figure more graceful and to lose weight.

Today popular to lead a healthy lifestyle. Many people individually choose the most affordable and effective methods of physical training. Crossfit is a special place. Among its positive qualities are:

  • the possibility of organizing training in the home;
  • no age restrictions;
  • the absence of contraindications.

Anyone who has decided to do fitness, including crossfit, can make a workout plan that will meet his physical preparation and characteristics of the organism. However, theoretically untrained athlete will make it difficult. Therefore, we recommend you refer to the sample training plans drawn up by professionals. In this article we will give recommendations of professional athletes, specializing in crossfit, on the organization of the training process. Their advice will be useful to girls and women, for whom the home is the only way to begin to fully engage in their figure.

Equipment for crossfit

If you decide to do fitness at home, you will first need to prepare a minimum set of required equipment. For crossfit does not need any complex equipment. It is enough to have:

  • a gym Mat.

He will need to perform different exercises. For example, on a press;

  • dumbbells.

They can additionally load the muscles, which will increase the efficiency of fitness training. If there is no dumbbell, you can use sandbags, water bottles, and other available means. Importantly, they were comfortable to grip the hand;

  • jump rope.

This simple inventory will allow to diversify the physical exercises.

It is also desirable to have a fitball (exercise ball), decline bench, a small yet sturdy Cabinet that you can jump and the horizontal bar.

Fitness at home: sample set of exercises

Consider the selection of exercises for fitness at home. Girls and women can perform them independently and combined according to preference. For convenience, all the elements are divided into two groups: inventory and without it.

Exercises with equipment:

  • burpee;
  • sit-up;
  • push-UPS;
  • area;
  • squats;
  • abdominal exercises;
  • attacks.

Fitness exercises without equipment:

  • jumping on the hill;
  • squats with weights;
  • jumping rope;
  • lunges with weights;
  • hyperextension on an exercise ball;
  • the pull-UPS.

Thus, knowing the simplest exercises and having a minimum of tools, you can organize an interesting and useful exercise.

Equipment of performance of exercises

  • Burpee.

Is performed in several stages. Starting position — standing with hands raised. At the expense of time taken my burpees, two — hand on the ground, on the count of three my burpees, and on the count of four return to its original position.

  • Sit-up.

Effective exercise of women’s fitness to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Starting position — lying on an exercise Mat with arms outstretched and feet. Simultaneously raise arms and legs, trying to touch hands feet. The item promotes the burning of excess fat in the press and hips.

  • A push-up.

This exercise all know from childhood is still with the physical education lessons. But many still perform it correctly. Correct option: the push-up position have your palms at shoulder width apart with fingers forward. Arms are straightened fully. The shoulders, buttocks and legs should be straight. Then the arms bent and the body should touch the breast sex. This exercise allows you to load the triceps and pectoral muscles.

  • Squatting with the weights.

In female fitness hardly used large weight. Therefore, the squat is best done with dumbbells weighing up to 5 kg. the Rules of performance squat: feet shoulder width, dumbbells in the lowered hands, back straight. Bend legs and squat so that your thighs have fallen below my knees. Hand with a dumbbell bend and hold in front of him. Then straighten up and take a starting position. It is important during exercise always keep your back straight, and heels of the feet off the floor.

  • Strap.

Very effective fitness exercise. Its apparent simplicity is deceptive. To make the position of the strap, you need to get down on the floor, stretch the feet and toes with his elbows on its surface. The line of the back, buttocks and legs should be straight. So you need to stand for about 60 seconds. Beginners can start mastering the element for 20-30 seconds.

  • Lunges with dumbbells.

Feet together, hands with dumbbells are lowered. Right leg lunges forward, the left almost takes a half-bent position. The back remains straight. It is important that the knee of the right leg did not go beyond the toe of the foot. When you return to the starting position of the element is the other limb.

Important rules female fitness

Before doing crossfit, you should be familiar with the rules of the training. Women’s fitness is not something special. So it is characterized by General requirements to the training process:

  • the frequency of the classes. Not less than 2 times a week. After adaptation to physical loads will be optimal three schedule;
  • the selection of exercises depending on their fitness. It is not necessary to be a burden on the muscles. The goal needs to be gradual, proportionate to its potential;
  • warm-up and hitch. Don’t forget that before you perform basic compound exercises you must warm up your muscles and ligaments. Within 5-10 minutes of follow swings, tilts, thrusts, spins. Finishing the exercise, do the hitch the same way;
  • pay attention to all muscle groups. In crossfit need to work out one workout all the muscles. Only in this case it is possible to get rid of excess weight and make the shape of relief and beautiful;
  • follow the diet. Fitness is inextricably linked with proper nutrition. Eliminate from your diet any fast food. Eat at least 3 times a day, and ideally it is better to arrange five meals a day. Before exercise eat at least 1-1. 5 hours prior to the lesson. In the diet include foods rich in carbohydrates. After a workout, choose dishes that have a lot of protein.

If all the organization’s requirements, training can achieve good results in a short time.

Fitness program for beginners

As example, we provide the easiest workout plan, designed to complete the inventory. One class period — 25 to 30 minutes at three times a day schedule.

  • Monday.

Burpees, squats, pushups, crunches with twists. This is one set. Every element necessary to carry 5-15 times depending on health. Between exercises should not rest more than 10 seconds. The total number of sets is not regulated — how much time per workout.

  • Environment.

Squats, burpees, squats with a jump, lunges. Repeat each element 10 times. The number of sets as on the first day of the week. At the end of the class do the exercise “Plank”: 4 repeat: 1 minute at intervals of 20 seconds.

  • Friday.

Squats, pushups, crunches with twists. 8 sets of 10 repetitions of each element of fitness.

The agenda for the following weeks can be changed in terms of diversity of exercises. But most importantly do not forget that the load should be you and be applied uniformly to all muscle groups.

Home fitness in crossfit — it is an effective and affordable program for beginners. Its organization does not need a large cash investment. The main thing — the desire and a little time. Set a realistic goal, then playing sports will be fun and useful.

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