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Women’s fitness: cross-training with dumbbells

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Women’s fitness: cross-training with dumbbells

The contents

  • Features fitness workouts
  • Exercises to work out the arms and shoulder girdle
  • Exercises with dumbbells for major muscle groups

Using additional weights, it is possible to qualitatively study the shape and topography of the muscles. If you wish exercises with heavy projectiles will help women to build muscle volume and increase strength endurance.

Features fitness workouts

Fitness training with dumbbells can be performed not only for pumping hands. This equipment is widely used to weight in the base load on the legs or abs. Choosing a projectile, you should look for a current sports problem, or a multi-patterned dumbbell – with the expectation of the future need to increase load.

Exercises to work out the arms and shoulder girdle

All executable elements require compliance with precise movement techniques to prevent injury of the joints.

  • Dumbbell bench press to biceps.

A popular exercise for a strong involvement of the biceps muscles in the arms. When you press to rapidly begins the process of fat burning, allowing you to get rid of the sagging in the area of the hands and strengthen the biceps.

Traditionally deadlifts dumbbells for biceps is performed with the seizure of shells, palm up. To increase the intensity of the particular exercises for women with dumbbells by changing the position of the hands. The lifting equipment must be turned brush the back of her hand to him. In this case, the load becomes more powerful, and both beams are the biceps being worked more evenly.

  • Press dumbbells from the shoulders.

Fitness training with the inclusion of bench press paired shells from the shoulders is widely used in training programs for pumping the upper body. In addition to being actively working the biceps and triceps, the work of connecting the deltoid muscles and the upper beams pectoralis minor muscles. For women who want to tighten the chest, this burden should be one of the leading.

  • Distributing of hands with dumbbells.

Effective load, allowing to intensify the work of the triceps muscles in the arms and chest muscles and abdominal muscles. To vary the intensity of exercises by changing torso. In a standing position included in the work the triceps muscles and minor pectoral muscles. When the enclosure is tilted forward 30-40 degrees the focus is shifted to the large chest muscles, the straight and transverse muscles of the press. Additionally, strengthening the muscles-extensors and stabilizers.

  • Pullover with a dumbbell from behind the head.

A powerful exercise for women with dumbbells, which helps to load the triceps and back. It is especially important to perform this load women who want to get rid of sagging skin on the hands and the fatty deposits under the shoulder blades.

Performing a fitness workout, it is important to straighten the arms at full amplitude, and lower the dumbbell should be not below the level of the shoulder blades. You should also keep one trajectory of movements, not shaking hands and having a projectile just above the head.

  • The military press dumbbell from chest.

One of the best variations of exercises with dumbbells, allowing simultaneously to strengthen the muscles of the arms (both biceps and triceps) and chest muscles. Can be performed on the horizontal bar (then the load involves mainly chest) and on an inclined support (in this case, the voltage moves to the hand). The lower the angle of the bench, the harder the exercise. It is important to squeeze the dumbbells up to full rectification of the limbs at the elbow joints.

Exercises with dumbbells for major muscle groups

The proposed elements help to efficiently load the entire body. For the main program, it is sufficient to choose 3-4 exercises for women are best suited to solve the basic sports tasks.

  • Abduction dumbbell back in the slope.

Great women weight for the involvement of the widest back muscles and small muscles of the subscapular area. Allows you to get rid of cushions of fat on the back and strengthen the muscle corset cortex. The movement of an arm with a dumbbell in the slope is carried out on any convenient support (bench, chair, curb). Free leg and arm should be placed on the support, and the second leg put on the floor the entire foot. The elbow of the hand with the dumbbell should be given clearly before the displacement of the scapula to the spine. At the peak voltage should be delayed until you feel contraction in the muscles.

  • Deadlifts with dumbbells.

One of the most popular exercises with dumbbells, which allows to use a wide range of muscles. Most active during the deadlift, with a pair of shells are the gluteal muscles, the broadest muscles of the back rhomboid muscles and part of the trapezium and hamstrings.

Additionally, strengthening the muscles-extensors and hamstring. The female variation of this physical activity involves the use of light weight dumbbells initially. Gradually the load can be increased to maintain the above-mentioned areas in good shape.

  • Abduction legs back with the dumbbell.

By using dumbbells you can work out not only the hands, abdomen or the back. Dumbbells are widely used as weights for exercise for the legs.

In the position on all fours, hold a dumbbell between your Shin and knee. On the inhale lift the leg until it stops, on the exhale return to the starting posture. Using this physical exertion can improve the relief of the buttocks and to get rid of cellulite. Leg muscles are stressed to the max due to the permanent tension of the muscle fibers controlled by the lifting legs.

  • Basic crunches with dumbbells.

As the weights of a dumbbell can be used in the base twisting on a press. If you place a dumbbell on the chest and fixed her with crossed hands, it is possible to strengthen abdominal muscles and achieve aesthetically pleasing cubes. Abdominal muscles maximum tense up due to the increase in resistance, which the trunk of the body overcomes on the rise. The main rule is to tear off the body from the floor not more than 30-40 degrees.

  • Push-UPS on dumbbells.

This kind of exercise can be included in training programs for both beginners and experienced athletes. Load focuses on the press and on the hands due to the fact that shifting the center of gravity. Additionally, this type of exercise develops agility, coordination and strength endurance.

  • Lunges with dumbbells.

Perfect fiznagruzki for the hips and buttocks. Additional weights allows the use of all bundles of the gluteus muscles and the biceps and quadriceps of the thigh. The higher mass of the pair of shells, the better considering the target zone. Lunges with dumbbells, you can perform both forward and backward. The main condition of successful fitness training – right angle between the Shin and the thigh of the supporting leg, and the tension in the hamstring loose limbs.

  • Squats with dumbbells.

One of the basic exercises for strengthening and improvement of the relief of the buttocks. Additionally it allows to get rid of fat on the hips. Variations of squats with weights you can alternate between: squats-plie squats with a narrow place stop, deep squats. The higher when you execute the load rise the dumbbells, the more loaded the target muscles.

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