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Women’s fitness: butt exercises in the gym

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Women’s fitness: butt exercises in the gym

The contents

  • The complex of exercises for glutes at the gym
  • Squats in different variations
  • The rules of physical loads
  • Nutrition during fitness training

Many women dream about a beautiful and textured buttocks. To achieve great results and for a long time to fix the result, it is necessary to perform special exercises with the use of additional equipment.

In modern gyms contains the best shells for pumping various areas of the body, including the gluteal muscles. In addition to equipment the fitness club, you can seek help from a professional trainer who will help you to master the technique of execution of required elements and podkorrektirovatj typical mistakes made by beginners in fitness training.

The complex of exercises for glutes at the gym

Why is it important to develop the gluteal muscles? The buttocks is one of the most attractive parts of the female body, but also an important part of our daily activities. The maximum developed and firm buttocks help:

  • to maintain the correct position of the hip joint;
  • to keep the lumbar muscles, followed by posture;
  • to do the walk nice and straight;
  • to take and rotate your hips;
  • straighten the body after squats.

To develop the glutes effectively and quickly help a special set of exercises in the gym. Part physical exertion for the pumping of large and small gluteal muscles belongs to the class base, and some among the isolated.

This combination is the most correct, because it allows you to pump at the same time and the transverse and longitudinal muscles of the buttocks, as well as to use of muscles other areas (e.g., hips, lumbar, bark).

Do not have to perform the fitness workout pumping intense physical activity. Enough to use 7-8 standard movements, periodically changing their sequence.

Squats in different variations

This exercise is one of the most effective. It is included in all basic packages for leveling the gluteal muscles. Feature load that different types of squats involve different bundles of gluteal muscles.

Squats-plie with a broad statement of the stop carry the load on the upper beams of the small gluteal muscles and hips, and squats with the standard setting of stop switch the focus on the large gluteal muscles.

In terms of gym squats to work out the buttocks of women to perform better with additional weighting: barbell, dumbbells, weights. Also welcome Bulgarian squats with the neck and squats-sumo.

  • Deadlifts.

This physical activity is one of the most effective for pumping buttocks. To perform with dumbbells and with a barbell. Lower the shell should be smooth from the rack just below knee level. Tilt is performed with a straight back and a limit of retraction of the buttocks — in an extreme point assume small deflection in the lower back. When lowering the equipment necessary to stretch the gluteal muscles.

  • Lunges with weights.

Effective physical exercise to work out the buttocks and thigh areas. In terms of gym is better to perform it with weights: kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells of various modifications. To offset the load on the buttocks, you should do a wide lunge, keeping your posture straight. The angle between the Shin and the thigh of the leading leg should be 90 degrees.

  • Kicks in the crossover.

An excellent exercise for development of muscles-the flexors and gluteus Maximus muscles. You must draw hands on the bar of the simulator, to choose the optimal weight to fix the cuff with rope at the ankle. On the inhale you to perform the movement of feet, overcoming the resistance of the cable, on the inhale to return to starting position.

  • Bench platform legs.

Effective fiznagruzki for leveling and firming the buttocks, thighs and shins at the same time. The main advantage of this exercise is that the destructive load on the spine is excluded because it involved only the lower part of the body. The main condition — not to tear off the loin from the back of the simulator and perform the bench press platform just the entire foot.

  • The legs in the simulator.

Pumping of the deep gluteal muscles by overcoming resistance, which further activates the inner thighs. Great for study of muscles-extensors and the adductor muscles.

The rules of physical loads

The complex of exercises should be performed according to certain rules. Women-beginners on first lessons, it is recommended to seek the assistance of fitness instructors to avoid the common mistakes.

Basic rules for fitness training in the gym:

  • when working at the gym in a standing position keep your back straight so that the shoulders and chest was expanded;
  • the center of gravity must move on the lower half of the body, because when making the effort to stretch glutes and hips. In this case, would be activated all the bundles of gluteal muscles, even the most sedentary;
  • when the foot abduction-adduction and extension-flexion should be at the expense of the muscles, not the joints that the muscle fibers have received the ultimate load;
  • all movements must be performed slowly, but rhythmically. In this case, will increase the volume of buttocks and pumped them relief;
  • between repeats in the same cycle of exercises should not be pauses between sets should pause no more than 30 seconds.

For a thorough pumping of large and small gluteal muscles and related muscles-extensors should be performed at least 3-4 approach. The optimal number of repetitions for beginner athletes — 6-10 (depending on the level of physical preparation).

Nutrition during fitness training

In addition to performing compound exercises in the workouts for the buttocks it is important to follow the principles of sports nutrition. Contrary to popular belief, diet affects not only weight loss but also in weight and relief of the body. Women, inclined to obesity, should make up their daily menu as the buttocks, thighs and belly fat in the first place.

To fiznagruzki on buttocks proved to be most effective, it is necessary to follow the principles of healthy nutrition in the process of fitness workouts:

  • eat fractional: 5-6 times a day in small portions;
  • follow calories: avoid excess calories, a calorie deficit should be small (100-200 units less than normal);
  • observe the water balance, drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day: the liquid runs all the metabolism, a positive effect on the quality of muscles and makes the skin elastic;
  • eat at the same time make clear the power mode;
  • the last meal before training should be 2 hours before classes and the first meal after training is not less than 40-50 minutes. An exception can be made only for women, gaining weight (including the buttocks). In this case, after exercise should drink a protein shake or eat something protein;
  • the main emphasis in the diet should be protein, fiber and healthy fats: fast carbs should be deleted, you must also limit your intake of slow carbs, salt and sugar.

Women to develop muscles harder than men. All because the majority of the fair sex is important, not an impressive amount, and the silhouette of the buttocks and sturdy muscle tissue. To achieve the desired results even in a short time — if we turn to the set of exercises with basic exercise equipment. With their help, an impressive effect can be achieved even without subsequent drying of the muscles.

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