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Women’s fitness: body fitness for the correction

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Women’s fitness: body fitness for the correction
The contents

  • Fitness and proper nutrition
  • Features female fitness
  • The body fitness — fitness slimming
  • Competition

The body fitness is a type of fitness that has become popular in the last century, and he is something of a cross between bodybuilding and fitness. He has no purpose to create a powerful hypertrophied muscle with the highest muscle tone. The main result of the bodyfitness harmoniously developed body that looks sporty and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. This is a purely women’s fitness, which helps to acquire a beautiful figure, giving it expressive forms.

If we talk about competition, they are a demonstration of the harmonious proportions developed body. You don’t use some original elements of acrobatics or gymnastics. The exhibition takes place as is customary in competitions such as “Miss Olympia”: the emphasis is on aesthetics of movements and the beauty of the body, which should look strong, athletic and without the slightest hint of excess weight.

In practice, most women do not strive to win in the competition — they just use the body fitness, fitness for weight loss, strengthen muscles, correct posture and overall health.

Fitness and proper nutrition

In any sport to achieve positive results, you must combine physical activity and proper nutrition. The body fitness is no exception. Moreover, this kind of fitness nutrition special attitude: to make the body beautiful without changing daily menu will fail.

Those who chose body fitness recommend multiple meals. Daily ration is divided into 5-6 parts, getting a little single serving. No sugar and sugary foods. Only the most well-balanced meal consisting of a specific set of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

To prepare a full menu will be very problematic. On the subject of proper nutrition it is best to consult with your trainer or fitness instructor. Mentoring in the body fitness in General is a very important point. No experienced coach will find it difficult to get involved in classes and understand what, how and in what sequence should do. Proper nutrition is only a first step towards improving your body.

Features female fitness

Training should start with General developmental exercises for abs, legs, arms, back. For a start, it is recommended to use dumbbells weighing up to 3 kilograms. The load increases gradually from workout to workout. A number of approaches to each exercise, the coach determines individually, depending on your physical condition at the moment.

Every week 2-3 exercises. If you perceive the body fitness, fitness for weight loss, the number of classes can be increased. But since overload can be traumatic for the body, every workout should be planned very carefully.

One class can perform the whole set of exercises or split them in groups of muscles and on certain days of the week. For example, on Monday to work out abs and lower back Wednesday to swing the legs and arms, Friday to pay attention to the chest and upper back.

After a workout food it is recommended to take only 2 hours. Protein shakes are like taking bodybuilders, body fitness rarely used. Usually turn to them only if you have conducted many hours of training and the need to support the body, providing it with new “building blocks”. Uncontrolled drinking protein shakes can encourage fat deposits and the appearance of kidney problems.

Women’s fitness can dramatically transform the body. Some enthusiastic newcomers, inspired by the results of their training, continue to improve and gradually fall into the category of professionals. In the future the main purpose of these athletes to become involved in relevant competitions. So a fitness routine can lead to big-time sports.

The body fitness — fitness slimming

This sport is ideal for healthy weight loss. With the help of the body fitness you can quickly get rid of excess weight, and tighten up the figure. The first effect will be noticeable turn 2-3 weeks of targeted training. Interestingly, all lose weight faster fat people. But those who have percentage of body fat small, will have to work hard to get rid of it.

Fitness, aimed at weight loss, requires a large consumption of oxygen to provide energy for metabolic processes. So, first of all, you need to learn how to breathe correctly using abdominal. In this case, the lungs are filled with air almost 100%, while normal breathing involves the lungs only 25%.


Starting to do body fitness, many people usually do not suspect how much this will delay their sport. From fitness for weight loss it can turn into a main hobby, who will be given all the free time. In this case, the competition … it’s only a matter of time. To adequately prepare for the event, you should know some features of their conduct which are not typical for the average female fitness.

At competitions, all athletes are divided into 4 groups, depending on growth. The first category to 158 cm, the fourth category — a 168 cm Girl should be able not only to show gained muscle, but also aesthetically pleasing to present the beauty of his body. Professional judges will evaluate the participants of the competition on such factors as topography and separation of the muscles, and the thoroughness of their study, the proportions of the figure and many others.

Each competition takes place in 3 stages:

  • qualifying round;
  • display in a closed swimsuit;
  • posing in an open bathing suit.

Remember, however, that professional sports can do not every woman. At least because in bodyfitness a standard is a raised body with a V-shaped torso that is not achievable for each female figure. So most uses of fitness for the correction of volumes, strengthening muscles and overall health.

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