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Women’s fitness: best lower back exercises at home

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Women’s fitness: best lower back exercises at home

The contents

  • The nuances of the training of the back for women
  • Top 10 home exercises for back
  • How to diversify fitness training

It is believed that the development of the back — men destiny, however, this view is mistaken. The development of this region are active important muscles that make your posture straight, her gait is beautiful, the shoulders squared, and spine is strong. Girls it is important to perform different exercises on the back so no slouch: incorrect position of the vertebrae causes not only diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also negatively affects the abdominal muscles, weakening them.

Women do not have access to the fitness centre and engage in grueling training with heavy shells. To develop high quality back even at home and help in this complex of top 10 exercises for strengthening target areas and development of beautiful terrain.

The nuances of the training of the back for women

Women’s fitness workout for the back are slightly different from men’s variations. For men, as a rule, it is important to increase strength and increase muscle volume. For women, a priority goal is to strengthen the spine and correcting posture.

To get the maximum benefit, women’s training is conducted in compliance with the following rules:

  • start a fitness workout with warm-up (squats, Jogging, jumping rope);
  • finish with stretching of muscles using base load for stretching (bending, rotational movements, lunges, splits);
  • for a set of muscle mass women are encouraged to perform up to 4-5 sets of 12 repetitions for weight loss 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions with an average weight of inventory;
  • the optimum weight dumbbells for beginner athletes — 2-3 kg;
  • home workouts should be combined with the loads on the biceps and chest, in this case, the muscles will develop evenly;
  • women at home should train no more than 4 times a week with a mandatory rest between days of training;
  • when you run a complex load should be increased slowly and gradually to avoid injury and overexertion.

Top 10 home exercises for back

The best exercises for the back include 10 basic physical activity. They are ideal for basic programs for improving the relief of the rear part of the body and increase endurance. Each load uses certain muscles, therefore, during the regular fitness workouts of the spin develops as uniformly as possible.

To maintain women’s health is considered to be optimal regime of three sessions per week. Training is held from 10 to 12 repetitions in 2-3 sets. If necessary, make the workload more intensive, it is recommended to increase what number of approaches.

To perform some of the exercises require additional equipment: dumbbells (you can substitute weights or homemade weights), exercise ball, fitness Mat, horizontal bar (Swedish wall).

  • Dead lift.

Stand up straight, straighten your spine, straighten and lower the shoulders. Tighten your muscles and press grab dumbbells. The shells in the lowered hands should touch the hips. Slightly bend your legs in knee joints, take hip back until small natural curve in their lower back. Lower pair the shells up to the point until the spine reaches a parallel plane with the floor. Try to keep your back straight, voltage, carry on the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle. This training not only actively studying the latissimus dorsi and trapezius, but also actively engages the gluteal muscles. Girls to perform dead traction is recommended to use a dumbbell with a small weight of 3-5 kg.

  • Lifting legs in vis on the crossbar.

You grab the bar medium grip, bend your knees in front of him and run the vis. Avoid backbends in the lumbar spine, follow the flatness of the posture. Straighten your legs on the exhalation, lift the breath. This exercise most uses serrated lower back muscles, the broadest muscles and the muscles of the press. Additionally, the load reduces stress in the muscular tissues and strengthens the core.

  • Breeding dumbbells in an inclined position.

Stand up straight, grab a dumbbell. Follow the slope of the hull not more than 45 degrees from the starting point. Hands in front of you bend at the elbows. On the inhale, spread the shells in different directions and move your arms back until you feel that the blades are moved toward each other to the limit. On the exhale, return the equipment to its original position. During the execution of the exercise keep the back straight, shoulders straighten. This element relieves the extra tension from the spine, develops a trapezoid, deltas and adductor muscles of the shoulder blades, and also strengthens the rhomboid muscles.

  • Stand on the blades.

Despite its simplicity, familiar to all Berezka effectively strengthens the back muscles and further develops coordination. Lie on a fitness Mat, raise your legs to the highest position. Hand fold and place under the blades so as to form a solid support for the stand. Pull the legs up, holding them perpendicular to the floor. Hold static position for 3-4 seconds, then return to starting position and repeat the load.

  • The gluteal bridge.

Traditionally, the training of the gluteal bridge are included in either the yoga program or programs to strengthen the buttocks. This exercise is working fine gluteal muscles, abs and thighs, but it is well affects the lower back. Regular fulfilling gluteal bridge will correct your posture and strengthen the broadest and dentate muscles of the back. Especially this physical activity effective with the use of additional weights (rubber bands, weight cuffs on the legs). Lie on the floor, hands extend along the body, legs slightly bend your knees. On the inhale lift hip joint from the surface to the maximum height before the formation of the bend in the belt. The hands use as a prop. Softservices static for a few seconds and take the starting position.

  • Base plate.

Strap included software fitness workout to strengthen back and abdominal muscles, so women will be especially useful. Take the emphasis lying, as in the standard push-UPS. Extend hands in front of him so that the hands located under the shoulders. The spine, legs and glutes need to line up in a straight line. On the inhale, down on the forearm, at the same time straining the muscles of the abdominals, buttocks. Hang on to the bar from 15 to 30 seconds. Gradually increase the time static.

  • “The swimmer”.

Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs. On the inhale vignette the spine and simultaneously lift from the floor-left leg and right arm. Softservices for 2-3 seconds, then return to starting position and repeat the same movement with the left hand and right leg. Load strengthens the muscles of the back and transverse muscles of the press.

  • Hyperextension on an exercise ball, with divorced hands.

One of the best physical activity for strengthening the back and correcting posture. Lie with your stomach on the fitball, legs rest against the floor for adequate support. On the inhale lift the upper body to the limit, prognuv the lower back. Keep your hands behind your head or pull up. On the exhale return to the initial position.

  • “Superman.”

Lie on a fitness Mat stomach, lift head. Extend hands forward. On the inhale simultaneously lift your arms and legs, arching the spine up to the maximum position. Softservices at the peak voltage for 3-4 seconds and return to original position. Physical exercise strengthens the latissimus dorsi, the subscapularis muscle area, and belt muscle of the head and a rear gear of the muscles.

  • “Hunting dog”.

Effective load, traditionally included in the complexes yoga. Running on all fours. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders. Simultaneously stretch your right arm and pull back the left leg so as to form a smooth line torso. Go back to the original position and repeat with the other arm and leg. The movement has a relaxing and restorative effect on the muscles of the back and waist.

How to diversify fitness training

Home training for your back can be successfully diversify additional equipment. Women can use variations of the following shells:

  • rubber resistance bands with different degree of resistance;
  • elastic tape;
  • fitness bands to increase intensity of the exercise;
  • exercise balls of different configurations (large, small, massage);
  • rubber loops for fixing the position of the body;
  • mini-rod.

Effective program fitness workouts for the back will help women at home to strengthen the spine, correct posture and get rid of excessive tension in the muscle and increase overall stamina.

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