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Women’s fitness: a workout for body type

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Women’s fitness: a workout for body type
The contents

  • Features fitness programs for beginners
  • The main objectives of fitness
  • The complex of exercises for beginners
  • Tips for effective training

Fitness classes is a great way to change your body, make it stronger and more resilient. Better if the venue of training is a gym with all necessary equipment. The first challenge can be faced by the beginner is the personal training program. Many trust it to the professional trainers, but those who want to understand the rules of the selection circuits independently, it is necessary to study the types, objectives and forms of strength training.

Features fitness programs for beginners

Each fitness program is constructed based on certain parameters, such as the selection and order of exercises, the duration of the break between them, the progression of the load. When mapping activities for beginners it should be noted that under the newcomer understood and the man who first came to the gym, and working continuously from 1 to 6 months. The hallmarks of the newcomers is the low level neural signal between brain and muscle, as well as weak capacity to recover after stress. They have the following principles for establishing fitness programs:

  • the number of sessions per week — 2-3 times;
  • the exercises are selected so that worked all major muscle groups per session;
  • all elements of the program should have basic character, that is, to work several muscle groups in one movement.
  • the insulating elements are either completely absent or are very small percentage;
  • no shock methods of influencing the muscles;
  • use smooth and gradual increase of load.

Beginner athletes should not immediately take up large weight; first class most of the exercises performed with minimal weights. It is necessary to establish a correct technique of movements and fixation.

The main objectives of fitness

Most beginners come to the training with specific goals. It can be a muscle building for guys, or weight reduction for girls. A natural result of both goals is getting healthy and beautiful body. For beginners it is recommended to set goal in some other way — seek to improve yourself from lesson to lesson, without setting a specific destination image.

It should be remembered that many people choose a particular image of a famous athlete trying to use his programs to get the same result. It is completely forget about the peculiarities of the structure of bodies, the parameters of the muscle response. Even with precise adherence to the professional program in the end it may be a completely different result. Ultimately, it may disappoint the man and force him to quit sports. Therefore, when setting goals for fitness, it is recommended to resort to the following formulations:

  • the program should be aimed at improving the overall physical fitness, strength and endurance;
  • the process must be created and strengthened neural connections between the muscles and brain;
  • at each session you should increase muscle coordination and to hone the correct technique of movements.

These principles should be the main guide sessions; other goals, such as reducing fat or building mass should be perceived as a side effect.

The complex of exercises for beginners

Beginners can use various forms of fitness workouts, because the main objective in the first months is mastering the technique and gain the basic endurance of the body. The following set of exercises is a strength training that you want to run 3 times a week. The program is based on two training, conventionally labeled “A” and “B”. Scheme two weeks looks like this:

  • first week: Monday — workout “A” Wednesday — B, Friday — “A”;
  • second week: Monday — B, Wednesday — A, Friday — B.

This pattern is repeated for 10-12 weeks; the program is based on basic exercises, sometimes supplemented by insulating elements.

Workout “A” looks like this:

  • squats with weights in the form of rod — 3 sets of 10, rest between sets — 2 min.;
  • bench press in the lying position — 3 for 10, rest 2 min;
  • pull rod in an inclined position — 3 for 10, rest 2 min;
  • bench press to work the triceps in the block simulator — 1 at 12, rest 1 min;
  • lifting on socks in the simulator or with a barbell on the shoulders — 2 for 12, rest 1 min

Workout B looks like this:

  • deadlifts — 3 at 10, rest 2 min;
  • classic pull — UPS- 3 for 8, rest 2 min;
  • bench press in the lying position — 3 for 10, rest 2 min;
  • bending hands with a barbell — 1 at 12, rest 1 min;
  • strap — 2 at 60 sec, rest 1 min

Some sportsmen may not be suitable for selected exercises in connection with the condition. So, squats can be replaced by a bench of the platform legs, the pullups on the bar on the gravitron, deadlift Romanian, and the bench-press — dumbbell bench press.

Tips for effective training

To improve the efficiency of fitness training, it is necessary to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The first couple of weeks should be spent on the fit program for themselves. The athlete experimenting with weights, selecting them for their physical ability; puts the correct technique, achieves confidence motions. After mastering these tasks, you can begin to gradually increase the weights.
  • Power fitness program involves a gradual progression of weight. For example, if the athlete squats with 40 kg 3 sets of 10 reps, then squat with 41 kg in the same pattern will progress. If I sit with 41 kg obtained only in the first two sets, it signals the unwillingness of the body to the load. Go to a permanent job with the new weight only if you work in all the established approaches.
  • Beginners are recommended to follow the plan and do experiments, adding a program of its own exercise. This will help to maintain a consistent building scale and to endure proper recovery time.
  • Power fitness classes for beginners can be supplemented with short cardiotomy, before and after training. Their duration is 20-30 minutes.

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